Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Collections Without Watermarks

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The designers each showed a collection of thirteen garments.

Any thoughts now?

Anyone want to make a film without the watermarks?


Katey said...

I'm just concerned for Daniel based on his collection. Why would he not take risks, when he's done so with great success before? It just kind of seems like he wasn't trying.

JRT said...

I think someone else pointed this out earlier, but after look again at all the collections. Daniel, Chloe, and Santino's models are all their last model down the runway, and they are all wearing evening gown style dresses. And Kara's model is not the last down the runway and is not wearing an evening gown. Could it be true that Kara is out, and the models are wearing the designs from Episode 11 in the runway (being as it is named 'Whats Your Line?'

I always thought that title would be too straight forward for Bravo and PR, if it really was for them to launch their runway designs from. Anyway, hope that makes sense and I didn't blabber on too much.

Elaine said...

I've looked again at Jay's collection from last year, and I want to ask all the people who are accusing Kara of knocking off Jay: huh? Do you just mean because the man wears that style knit hat with the tassled earflaps? BEcause her runway doesn'tlook like a rip off of his runway, not to me anyway.

Bettie Bloodshed said...

I am actually a lot more impressed with Daniel's collection close up.

I think there is a lot more work into it than we can tell...I love that plum dress!

Honestly, can Santino make ANYTHING that isnt babydoll/empire waisted? I see a few things...but everything else is so....blah.

I love that last dress Kara used.
And franly, thank goodness for the color! Though it does look like someone raided the Urban Outfitter's store at times.

I do love the peacock colors of Chloe's. Very sheek.

Deb R said...

I can't believe I'm saying this considering that I've never been a Santino fan (not even the outfits he made the weeks he won) but I LOVE his collection! There's only one outfit I didn't like and several pieces I thought were just fabulous!! His line is by far my favorite of the four.

Chloe's is a mixed bag to me, ranging from some that are just exquisite to a few total dogs. When the heck did she develop a satin fetish? And WHY??

Daniel's collection was attractive and elegant and totally boring. It looked like stuff you can buy off-the-rack at any decent department store. I expected more from him. used color. Kara used a LOT of color. And ruffles. And one of the more bizarre hat collections I've ever seen. Did Kara perhaps get into the psychedelic drug cabinet before beginning her designs?? Geeeeeeze.

JRT said...

hey can we post what dress we liked best from each collection, here are mine:

Chloe-the blue and green ameoba dress(with those huge blue satin sleeves that no one likes)

Kara--I love her first white, fuschia, and red top with red leggings.

Daniel-- I like 5 or 6 of his designs, but my favorite would be the white pleated skirt design (or maybe the white dress-coat or black lace dress).

Santino-- I loved his red dress, with the red satin on the bottom and red leather on the bust.

Anyway, maybe some others can say what they liked best.

AJ said...

jrt, I had the same theory! Are we sharing a brain??

I thought that the last piece in each collection (being an evening gown and in 3 out 4 cases on their main model) might be the evening gown from the last episode and a jumping off point for the entire collection. Hence the name of the episode. I guess we'll see though.

And elaine, I agree about Kara! Just because they both had knitted hats does not mean it's a copy cat collection. The streetwear tendency aside, their styles are VERY different.

And I've officially dubbed Daniel V's collection "Sexy Secretary". I loved how each designers collection was so personal to them and individual in style.

AJ said...

Good idea jrt...

Santino- Agreed on the red dress! I loved it!

Chloe- The structured navy dress w/ long sleeves and a cut out back is stunning.

Daniel- I have to agree on the white pleated skirt outfit too, but I also REALLY liked the white coat and the white sweater/skinny pant combo with the sexy buttons on the leg. Also, I loved the long sleeved dark dress w/ the buttons all down the front. Am I allowed to have 4 favorites?

Kara- By and large my favorite was the turqoise and copper dress, closely followed by the blue and purple long sleeved gown.

christopher.john said...

Thinking on the collectinos...Chloe and Daniel maybe shouldn't have been in the final 3...just my reaction.

KG said...

I think Daniel's line was great. A "real" woman could wear any of his clothes. His line was classy and refined. Granted Paris Hilton probably wouldn't wear his clothes, but I could see Debra Messing wearing them. Not enough skin showing for Paris. My favorites: 1. Dan 2.Chloe 3. Santino (I to am shocked) 4. Kara
I also liked the fact that he did pants. Did any of the others do that?

Diva Delux said...

concerning evening gowns

Usually when a designer presents their collection, the first pieces sent down the runway are Sportswear or more casual looks. The garments used to close their show are almost always Evening Gowns or outfits that are considered "Showstoppers". You always want to end on a high note.

Tbone said...

Great idea, jrt! I think I'll start a new thread to see what people liked the best.

Unknown said...

Here's what I'm seeing for the final results...

Decoy: Kara. Here outfits were just... They were very "wtf?" worthy, I'll leave it at that.

3rd place: Daniel. I'd been rooting for him to come in 2nd (behind Nick, of course, so he became my 1st place pick). A lot of his stuff was very blase... I wasn't crazy about it.

2nd place: Chloe. I've liked Chloe since the start, and I think she had some really nice designs on the runway at Fashion Week.

Surprisingly, I'm giving Santino first place. His stuff was incredible. Not Santino at all, but I love it. He clamed his style down a bit, and made some very elegant pieces.

not me said...

Why Santino why???

I do concur with most that I think Kara is the decoy, which may explain why I think she experimented with color, layers, and more color and more layers. It just seems to me that if she was in the top 3 then she would tone it down a bit for the PR judges. So then, if that is truly the case, then I'm afraid Santino may have a good shot at the title. Daniel's was disappointing for what we've seen from Daniel. Chloe was much better but it seemed to lack a "collection" feel as I didn't sense a cohesiveness, but maybe that was intentional. As for Santino's, I will give him credit for toning it down A LOT because he surely had full range and time to fluff things up. So if the judges key in on the fact that he's honed it down and incorporated their advice, then that may push him over Chloe for the title. In the name of Versace, please don't let that happen though. :)

teacher417 said...

I am a HUGE Santino fan, but I'm no fool and I truly believed that Daniel would blow the rest completely out of the water~so whatthe??? what happened with these collections? Daniel's contain classics, but none of the panache that we saw on the show. Chloe's looks like she's inherited Santino's penchant for empire dresses? Kara's? well, she's covering up so-so clothing w/ a lot of accessories & then we have Santino who literally is a new word in our slang dictionaries, presenting a beautiful, subdued collection....heck, I was wanting to see some of his over the top "Santinoed" touches~

Robin said...

In my analysis of Chloe's collection--I almost can't believe I'm saying that I analyzed Chloe's collection, maybe I need to get a hobby--oh, yeah...PR IS my hobby. Anyway--Chloe's collection did have recurring themes and patterns. The puffy sleeves, the shrugs and bolero jackets, the dropped waists, boxed pleats, and the sheath dresses with double seaming down the front. I can see where she started from a couple of ideas and created around them. Same with Daniel V. I don't get that feel from Kara or Santino. What I'm wondering is--do the rules require the designers to chose a finite number of fabrics and colors? Or is that just what the designers do as part of their inspiration process? Here I harken back to the Michael Kors Inspiration lecture where he created the board of Doris Duke beatnik/beach deal.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

I think people's opinions regarding Daniel's collection are going to change once we've seen these on the show with a more clear close-up look.
However, it's cracking me up how diverse all the opinions are here. It just shows that we need them all to succeed to satisfy our different tastes.

Lusty L'Heureux said...

Oh gosh, I totally loved Chloe throughout the show, but of the four in this final, I felt hers was the worst!

What's with all the freaking silk charmeuse (or whatever that satiny fabric is)? I mean, yes--its a lovely fabric, but not when it vomits all over an entire collection! And worse, the fabric looks so stiff! Like they were recycled curtains of some by-gone era. The curtain-offense was particularly egregious on the short gold dress with puffed sleeves jacket and pleated trim. I mean, doesnt that pleated trim remind you even MORE of curtains???

Even when the collection veers away from satin, those floral fabrics with the satin trim were also crying. I like mixing textures and all, but somehow these 2 fabrics just rubbed me the wrong way. One was screaming loose and easy going hippy-chick and the other was screaming strict-matron. I don't get it.

Lastly, the puffed sleeves. Speaking of which, those puffed sleeves are another story all together. Perhaps she is ahead of curve as far as her fashion-foresight is concerned, but I certainly hope to god that puffed sleeves are not the next big thing.

All told, this collection was so matronly it made me SO SAD. I only hate this extensively in this comment here because I ADORE CHLOE! I wanted her to win, but I can't say--with that collection--that she deserves to! I don't know what happened.. :((

Well, I've only seen photos so far. Maybe live and up close these designs look far nicer... I can only hope. SIGH

Anonymous said...

i just took a look at the video of ralph lauren's collection from FW - a lot of clean lines, classic, understated elegance and wearability (for lack of a better term). nothing in his collection jumped off the runway and grabbed me by the throat; yet, it was/is a sophisticated and beautiful line.

then i looked again at daniel's collection - i have to say it struck me much in the same way. nothing "grabs" you in a "wowsa" kind of way, but the technical aspects as well as the sophistication - the look on a woman's body - all that is there. it just looks chic and understated, but classy and well made.

i think he will grab the gold ring after all.

Anonymous said...

I liked Santino's collection the best - but - I think Daniel will win - not that he should win - but that he will

Chloe's collection really took things from the show - those puffy sleeves - or whatever they were on a couple garments - look, IMO, a lot like Santino's jacket from the clothes off your back garment or even Emmett's jeans used on clothes off your back - one of her gold dresses looks like it has the very same top as Santino's muslin challenge dress -

Don't like Kara at all - garish, clownlike -

This is nuts that I spend this much time thinking/analyzing a TV show -

JRT said...

so by santino's description tonight, people who don't take risks should not win. and since he did not take any risks on his fw collection, he should win? or maybe it is just my disliking of the 'omarosa' of project runway.

MNchic said...

if santino wins i am going to vomit all over my parents' leather sofas to show how absolutely repulsed i am. ew. personally, i think that santino is an ass, and the only reason he's made it so far is because he gives the show's ratings a boost.

chloe's was my favorite. i don't care what anyone else says: i thought her collection was very sheek, sophisticated, and fashion-forward.