Friday, March 10, 2006

Season 3 Applicants: Do You Have What It Takes?

The official Project Runway application for Season 3 is 20 pages long. Among other things, producers want to know if you can sew, cut, sketch and make patterns.

But haven't we learned after two seasons that there is much more involved? For instance:

Can you cry and cut? Can you sing? Do impressions? Dish the dirt on your competitors in private interviews? Are you expressive? REALLY expressive? Willing to wear a humiliating uniform or costume? Can you hold your liquor?

Okay PR fans, what other "qualifications" should Bravo be looking for?


Shawn said...

Do cool accents?

Have multiple personalities?

Get people from hating you to loving you within one episode?

Upstate NY PR fan said...

The strangest part of this application is the question about relationships with the cast and previous finalists of the show - it lists the three finalists, then Andrae and Nick, but not Kara Janx from this season! From season 1 it lists the three finalists including Austin. What's up with that?

You have to be serious to complete this application! Good luck to everyone!

manda said...

I was JUST going to say that. I wonder why their names are on there (Nick, Andrae) but Kara isn't. And if Nick and Andrae are on there, why isn't anyone else?

AlexG said...

Perhaps Andre and Nick will be among the "interviewers" at the casting like Kara Saun and Jay were this season. The producers probably want to be aware any of relationship the applicant may have with anyone having some sort of influence on who is cast for the show. If this is the case, then if Kara is not one of the interviewers, any relationship with her would be irrelevant. I don't know.. it's just a guess.

Upstate NY PR fan said...

Good guess, Alex G - the geography fits. Daniel V will be in NY (so Kara might now be needed), Chloe in Florida (south), and we can look forward to Nick, Andrae and Santino in California? Or are Nick and Andrae headed to London? That would be more fun - they have to cover that location and Nick is perfect for the European scene. Andrae has the accents!

sarahlad said...

More of what it takes:

Exiting revolving glass doors with grace and finesse.

Work and sing, sew and sing, sketch and sing, drape and sing, cut and sing (and cry)!

Be prepared for a designer walk-off at any given moment.

Ventriloquism has not been tired!

AlexG said...

It may be useful to be able to use "exotic" materials in designs- plants have been done..but fruits and vegetables are still open for consideration.

Also, you should be able to make a dress different types of professionals... ice skaters, mail carriers are passe, but waiters and water skiers may need your expertise!

Folklore Fanatic said...

You should be willing to endure perpetual embarrassment from disseminated internet video clips highlighting the worst outcomes of your stress on a bad hair day.

Also, you should learn how to use an overlock machine AND how to sew without one. Then you can sabotage the Parsons machines and watch with glee as everyone else squirms.

I don't think I could ever do something that horrible, but when you consider that Zulema repeatedly took the muslin and guarded it under her table...

asiangirl said...

Be ready for the Santinos and Wendy Peppers,

Get lots of sleep and watch all episodes so that you don't use the same materials or make the same mistakes..

sometimes its okay to not finish, but have a good point of view...
sometimes its important to have good contruction and understand the woman's body,

Be nice.. its okay to be nice.

Aunt Gina said...

Must be able to do interpretive dance while using revolving doors.

Must have own charm gun.

Must be able to resist physical violence towards Tim Gunn when told to "Make it Work" for the 53rd time.

Must be able to read disparaging personal attacks on various blogs and somehow maintain dignity and self-worth.

sarahlad said...

Oh- and you must be able to stomach the food at Red Lobster!

And no matter what "Carry On!"

AJ said...

Must be able to resist the whickety-whack!

Must be able to resist following "bliss" anywhere...

Have you ever asked for a walk-off or subsequently felt the need to ask for one?

Do you look good in hot pink skating bloussons? We promise it will have nothing to do with elimination...

Andrae's Chiffon said...

Does your talk match the dress?

Do you have problems with being vulgar?

Do you appear meek and mild but secretly contain an arsenal of scandalous dance moves?

Do you understand that at the end of each challenge one person will be named the winner, and one person will be out? Oh, you don't understand that? Well don't worry. Heidi will say it a million hundred thousand million times.

And the prizes for the winner include a Saturn Sky Roadster, a mentorship with the Banana Republic Design Team, and $100,000 courtesy of Saturn to start your own line. If you forget all that, too, it's okay. We'll remind you. You can count on that.

Moi ;) said...

Do you have obnoxious tendencies?

Do you mind models that have Gumby legs? Think you can dress one?

Would you stab your friend in the back to get his/her model?

Do you smoke weed? Do you get loopy? lol If so can you sew while stoned?

InsultComicDog said...

Must know how to glue clothes onto models...

echoe311 said...

Be memorable, but not in a Pepper or Rice way.

ScubaOtter said...

OMFG. I stopped reading when I got to the question about the Rx meds. You have to disclose that you take Allegra-D? WHATever.

I understand asking if you have any medical conditions (epilepsy/diabetes/anaphylaxis) that might be relevant to accommodating those with special medical needs, but full disclosure for a FASHION REALITY show is outrageous.

Questions that should've been on the application:

How many of the voices in your head talk to you on a regular basis?

Write a 1500 word essay on additional ways we can exploit your weaknesses. Be creative.


p.s. to @: Re: "Must be able to read disparaging personal attacks on various blogs and somehow maintain dignity and self-worth." Indeed. I hear ya on that one! Sheesh.