Thursday, December 08, 2005


At last! A very satisfying premiere to say the least! The show didn't even start until 11:00 pm here so I set the vcr and watched it this morning.

I still stand by Santino. It's so refreshing to hear his deep resonant voice. I think he's completely entertaining. More later!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely do not. Santino is self-absorbed and crude. He is also stunningly unattractive. His designs did show promise, but if he's an asshole, he's on the outs with me. Him, and Zulema. Awful!

Laura K said...

YAY! Thanks for your comment - please visit often!

Anonymous said...

haha! you're welcome. i syndicate your blog, so i've been reading it for a couple of months. now that the show's getting into full swing, though, expect a lot more ;)

i may as well register with blogger... expect a lot of comments and spirited discussion. ;)

oh, yeah, and GO DIANA!