Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A Great Episode!

Wow! I loved this challenge! What a great show - I take back every complaint I had last week. I loved watching the reconstructions. The suspense was killing me - the drama of the underdog team with only 4 members against 5! Jessica getting sick - Felix deserting his team and then acting like a jerk at Sundance... What will happen? How would it end? Which team had better sales? Jeff continues to survive, despite his abrasive, obnoxious personality. What a great show.

Oh, and Shauna is growing on me...despite the minivan comment. She is pretty shrewd. I love the way she chose Jeff as a "sacrificial lamb." He has nothing to contribute - she only chose him in case her team lost - he would be the obvious one to leave!

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woof nanny said...

Oh my gosh, totally forgot about the Wednesday slot AGAIN. I was all prepared to watch tonight. Crap. No matter what Shauna does, I can't get over someone who wears fur. End of story for me. Sigh, I'll have to catch up online again...