Sunday, April 30, 2006

An Interview With Chris Rogers of Project Designer

This design was submitted by Jennlee05.  It was the winner of the Lemon Meringue Challenge Note: hold your mouse over each picture for details!

Hi Chris, tell us a little bit about yourself and "Project Designer."

Okay, I'm a student from Baton Rouge. I have wanted to be a designer since I was in the fourth grade. I was drawing clothing for my cartoon characters, and my friends noticed and said you should do this for a living. So I continued, and my designing skills improved along the way!

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Kara Janx On The Red Carpet

Hey, there's Gina Tognoni from Guiding Light on the Red Carpet at the Daytime Emmys!

Nice dress, Gina.

Hmmmm......that dress looks awfully familiar......haven't we seen that somewhere before?

Congratulations on your Emmy...

There she is again winning the Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama. Congratulations Gina, you look fabulous!

...and on your excellent taste!

And don't you think some congratulations are in order for Kara Janx as well? My mind is getting a bit fuzzy, who had the decoy collection again??
Thanks Silvana, Simran and Beth!

Congratulations, Kara!

Friday, April 28, 2006

From The Chicago Bureau

BPR's ace field reporter pc gives us more from her visit with DV in the Windy City last week:
pc didn't need to use her back up plan
None of us knew that Daniel V was going to be in Chicago till the morning. When my friend from work, (as I said before, there's a small but strong army of us ladies who are major fans of Project Runway at my firm) emailed me about it, my response was, "I'll go if you want to go. If the line gets to long, we can just go to Sephora." That's me, always with a back up plan.

Daniel V was scheduled to show up at the signing at the Westfield Mall at 2. We initially didn't have high hopes of meeting him as 1) we had no idea before hand where in the mall he was going to be nor the set up and 2) we were extremely busy at work that day and so didn't leave the office until about 1:40. On the way there, we came up with the scheme of buying Daniel V a 40 so he would also have the relief of liquor while he was fulfilling his duties. When we arrived at the entrance to the mall on Michigan Ave., we saw the little table about 15 feet back from the entrance and the line that had already formed. There were only about 15 to 20 people in line at that time so my friend quickly took off to buy a paper camera and a 40 from the Walgreens down the street while I saved our place in line.

Right around 2, Daniel V showed up, like magic out of nowhere. As I reported before, he looked so cute in person, even cuter than he was on TV. And yes, fabulous hair in tow. He was very friendly with everyone and dutifully took photos. By the time we got to the front of the line however, the publicists started to limit 1 photo and 1 autographed picture per person. Sorry BPR - I really wanted to get an autographed photo for you.

What we said when we met Daniel V, my friend nor me can remember, except that I had mentioned that that BPR says a big hello. We just remember being ecstatic and completely charmed by his friendliness and cuteness (did I mention he was sooo adorable in person?). Our brief encounter over, we went merrily on our way with the gigglies and the autographed picture in hand, and yes, to Sephora. We wished we could've gotten him a 40, but nothing's perfect in life. I overheard the girls behind us contemplating getting him some chocolate but I don't know if they made that happen. I also don't know how many people total showed up, but there was definitely a long line after us.

Now, I just have to meet Chloe.

pc tells us that his hair is hypnotic

Thanks pc!

Latest Tim Video - Casting Season 3

Tim tells what he is looking for in the Season 3 contestants in the latest video on the Bravo site here. Mac users can click on the arrow above to watch the clip.

Click Here for an Feature About Emmett McCarthy

BPR loves Emmett!

Don't miss the slideshow!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Click Here For A Great Article About Austin Scarlett

Photo by Braganti for NEWSDon't miss this little gem: But what pleases Gunn most is that Scarlett's new gig as a bridal bigwig proves "Project Runway" is about talent. Gunn has just finished casting Season 3 (which will hit screens this summer). "When they audition, people are really confident of this being a good thing for them," says Gunn.
Thanks Precious!

BPR Contest Reminder! - Click for Details

First Prize, Personalized by Nick!Remember we have a contest going on. We've got some great entries! Really great. But do we have yours yet? We know the profile of BPR readers and we know you are a creative bunch with such a sense of humor. You're witty! Maybe you haven't considered dressing models as deer, but you are still visionaries with a distinct point-of-view. Oh, and you have such a memory for all the Project Runway details. That's why you come here. We feed your PR muse.

Well, it is time to unleash some of that creativity. You will not win immunity but you could win that coveted, sold-out, Nick Verreos My Scene Barbie, personalized for you by Nick himself! This is a shrine-worthy award. I don't have anything like this in my personal PR shrine (er, not that I have one or anything ... well, not much of one).

The deadline of midnight, May 1st is fast approaching! Send in your entries. Don't worry about threading the overlock! You don't need four-way-stretch. You don't even have to be concerned about Shetangi. Overcome your time-management issues and send your entries to us ASAP!

Dear Designers,

One of the joys of Project Runway is getting to watch all of the amazing, creative designers at work. It was striking for us to see at the auditions last month how many more dedicated, talented designers are out there that may not get the lucky chance for exposure that a reality TV show can provide. We would like to give you a little love too.

We are planning some small changes in the look of BPR for Season Three and if you are a new designer looking to find your way in the field of fashion we would love to add a link to your website or blog. We will consider you a "friend of BPR." If you are having a fashion show or an event of any type we would be happy to promote it. Just let us know.

Our community is a creative and positive place and we are keenly interested in the future of fashion in America. So, if you would like to be a part of it, don't be shy, send us your link. You can e-mail us here or just leave a comment. Thanks.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

From The Mailbox

Click here, and here for more about Santino's trip to Seattle. Thanks Wendie, Derek & Frances.

Heidi and Seal - Sexiest Couple

Heidi and Seal
Click here for an article from USA Today on the Victoria's Secret list of sexy things/people, featuring Heidi and Seal as the sexiest couple. Apparently the criteria included 'self-confidence, humor, presence, achievements.'

Hmmmmm .... does that sound like anyone else we know? Sign the petition here!


With the news that Bravo has confirmed Season 3 to "return this summer", probably on July 12, the transition to two seasons of Project Runway per year appears to be in motion. But what about Season 4?

Assuming that filming remains at Parsons, Season 3 will most likely shoot in June with the Final 3 showing at OFW in September. There is a small
window of opportunity in the Parsons academic calendar to shoot Season 4 in August for a Final 3 OFW show in February 2007. (Season 1 was filmed at Parsons in August 2004). This would allow Season 4 to premiere in December 2006.

But that begs a few questions: Will the S3 Final 3 have enough energy left to complete 13 looks in 2 months? Will Bravo hold additional auditions for S4 this summer while S3 is still being broadcast? Or will they pull the S4 cast from the latest round of auditions?


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Latest...

Click here for another article confirming the summer debut of Season Three!

Laura K's Recap - Part Four

I'll bet you forgot all about my recaps. Did you think I was done? I keep waiting for a slow day and I finally have to admit that there is never going to be a slow day so I had better post this before I forget!

The rest of us headed back to our hotel. Tbone, Scarlett, and I and our guests gathered in the lounge. I had invited Tim to join us, I was hoping he would, but it seemed like a longshot. After a long day of auditions, would he really want to join us? The kids ordered food, but I was too excited to eat. It was great to talk with Tbone and Scarlett. Understand that we had never ever seen each other before that day and even though we e-mail frequently and we feel like we "know" each other - this was our first chance to finally sit down and discuss the future of Blogging Project Runway! My cell phone was Tim!!!! He was coming! : )
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From The Mailbox

BPR friend James from Santa Clara, CA had quite a weekend. He met both Chloe and Diana! Read all about his experience here.

He also sends along this report from The Mercury News on Chloe's appearance at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles. News flash: she still hasn't received her cash or car! Thanks James!

And here's a great article from the Seattle Times today on Santino's visit to the Emerald City that contains this little nugget: "On Season 3, premiering this summer..." More fuel for the Season 3 fire! Thanks Florrie!

News on Season 3?

Buy it through BPR and support a Parsons Scholarship
BPR reader Brian noticed that the Season 2 DVD box artwork has finally been released at and that it comes with this very interesting little tidbit:

...including an exclusive look at the casting call for Season 3 (which begins airing on Bravo just a couple of weeks after the Season 2 DVD release)

The Season 2 DVD is scheduled for release on June 27 (pre-order hereto benefit the BPR Scholarship Fund), so if this note is correct, Season 3 will begin airing in July! Still no official word from Bravo, but this would coincide with a Finale near the Spring 2007 OFW in September and also support earlier rumors about Project Runway moving to twice a year.

Wow - Season 3 might be right around the corner!

Diana's Black Box Nation Fashion Show

at the Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA 4.22.06
- a report by areback, guest BPR journalist
Diana Eng and Emily AlbinskiClick here for a slideshow of areback's photos from the event.

The event, billed as the "Black Box Nation Fashion Show," joined Diana's technology-inspired fashion with her partner Emily Albinski's technology component-based jewelry and accessories.

The show was held at the Maker Faire, an energetic gathering of eclectic tinkerers, crafters, adults, and kids displaying their creations, playing with home-built projects, riding self-balancing unicycles, and shooting explosive fireballs into the air. Think Burning Man with modern sensibilities, less desert and more urban, technology focused, and family friendly. Despite being the final event of a long day, the fashion show still drew an enthusiastic audience of several hundred people.

Biomimetic ClothingThe show opened with "Biomimetic Clothing," based on living, biological creatures, and in this instance consisting of clothing that transformed as the wearer required. While conceptually intriguing, the actual clothing transformation was quite subtle. A moved skirt or reversed blouse yielded a different cut or revealed a different material [see pics for the models transforming the clothes on the runway].

Eye-catching colors and patterns and mathematical jest excited the audience as part of "Mathematic Knits," shown previously on Diana's website. Diana's bright yellow scarf and royal blue dress were knit in patterns based on the mathematical Fibonacci numbers.

Two very cool concepts, the PCB Radio and Heartbeat Hoodie kept the technologically and mathematically-savvy audience intrigued. A wearable radio with components distributed across the wearer's body, the PCB radio included speaker earrings, a tuner necklace, and jokingly a whimsical "old school" metal antenna that pulled out of the model's head. With a webcam tucked into the hood of the sweatshirt, the Heartbeat Hoodie promised to take pictures at an increasing rate as the wearer's heartbeat increased, ensuring that folks watching from home could keep track of the athlete's progress over the course of a run.

Diana then showed her Mobius Strip Bag, possibly the first clothing accessory ever to have only a single side. This accessory was another of Diana's convertible products, and this time the model seemed to struggle a bit with what seemed like a stuck zipper. As with the convertible outfits, the concept may have outshone the execution -- or the impact may have been lost with the brief runway demonstration.

Inflatable DressThe grand finale of the show, the Inflatable Dress, certainly drew gazes from across the Faire. A grand white dress with exposed mechanical parts consisting of a pump and tubes protruding from the wearer's back, the Inflatable Dress appeared unwieldy, although the model did an admirable job making it look comfortable. Diana explained that the inflatable dress could transform a sleek casual dress into a gallant ball gown. Unfortunately a slow pump required several minutes to inflate the dress so the impact of the inflation was not obvious. More significantly, the dress looked like a science experiment with the pump appearing to inflate plastic bags which seemed to substitute for dress material. That may have been the point at the Maker Faire, but far more effective would to have put an elegant finish over the inflatable bladders to better convey the designer's vision for the piece.

All-in-all Diana put on a fun show and the audience remained thoroughly enthused throughout the presentation. Her exploration of technology-infused fashion is at the same time intriguing and ponderous. Does Diana really believe that technology should be integrated with fashion, and if so, can her designs move beyond technology explorations? Hopefully by her next show Diana will have brought more of her fashion sense to her technology sense so she'll show products that are not only high-tech, but also beautiful, wearable garments.

Thanks, areback, for sharing your story with the Blogging Project Runway readers. Great photos, by the way!

Edited to add: BPR reader Kim shares her Maker Faire story here. Thanks Kim!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Tim Gunn - Sexiest Man Alive

Much better than Jude LawOkay, that's not a real magazine cover ... but in my imagination, it is. A girl can dream, right?

BPR friend Scubaotter has suggested we try to make this a reality, and who are we to argue? We've started an online petition to the editors of People Magazine to consider Tim for their annual honor. Here's how it reads:

We the undersigned believe that Tim Gunn, Chair of the Fashion Design Department at Parsons School of Design and über-mentor to contestants on Project Runway, should be named People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive. Not only is Tim Gunn handsome, he is articulate, intelligent, witty, impeccably-dressed, charismatic and very, very sexy.

Don't you agree? Click here to sign the petition!

Video For Mac Users - Daniel Vosovic Update

(Click on the arrow to view.)

We offer this video of Daniel Vosovic that was made at the Season 3 casting session in New York. We know that there are Daniel V. fans out there that were unable to view this on the official site.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Video For Mac Users - Tim on Season 3 Contestants

(Click on the arrow to view.)

This is the most recent clip from Bravo of Tim in which he discusses the talent pool of potential Season 3 designers. As always we offer this up because it is our understanding that Mac users are presently unable to view the video on the official site.

Video For Mac Users - Chloe's Elle Interview

(Click on the arrow to view.)
We know that the Mac users have been unable to see this on the official site. This is the interview that happened right after the Elle photo session. Doesn't Chloe look beautiful?

Saturday, April 22, 2006

More on Immunity

When we spoke to Tim Gunn back in March, the issue of immunity came up. He mentioned that he believed immunity gave the designers the incentive to move away from, 'just good enough.' This discussion stemmed from the assertion of some (I know you've read it in comments here and on message boards) that the Season One designers were more talented than Season Two. I had thought that good designers should produce good designs and that they wouldn't need motivation to take risks.

Prior to hearing Tim Gunn's take on immunity, I was altogether against it. I had thought that designers from Season One had advanced further than they should because of immunity. But, it is important to remember that Wendy, for example, never had immunity. She won the Banana Republic challenge and the Nancy O'Dell challenge ... both of them being reward challenges ... and she was thrilled to have done that. It is also important to remember that Jay failed to win a single challenge and thus never had immunity and yet was able to win Season One.

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Video For Mac Users - Tim's Video Blog 10

(Click on the arrow to view.)
With this edition we are all caught up with Tim's video blog. Of course we provide this service only because Mac users are unable to view these clips on the official site.

Friday, April 21, 2006

How Do You Feel About Immunity?

Admittedly, I didn't watch Season One until late in the game (Postal Challenge). I finally watched that entire season on a snowy weekend in the middle of Season Two. Looking back, I found myself intrigued by the use of immunity so often in the competition that first season and so very little this year. I've got my own ideas how immunity could be used (and Team BPR spoke to Tim Gunn about immunity at 'The Blog Producers' Meeting'). But I want to know what you think about immunity ... is it a good thing or a bad? Do you see ways to use immunity to make the competition better? Do tell us!

You share your ideas and I'll share mine.

Daniel Vosovic In Chicago Today!

This is very late notice, but if you are in or around the Magnificent Mile this afternoon you can meet Daniel Vosovic! He will also be appearing at the FAME fashion show this evening at 8:00 p.m. BPR Field Reporters, you know the drill. Photos and reports would be most appreciated! Thanks pc!

From The Mailbox

Click here for an interview with Daniel Vosovic in the Daily Pennsylvanian. Thanks Simran!

And here is the Time Out New York article featuring EMC2.

Season Three Hopefuls - Keep the Faith!

I continue to receive e-mails and comments from the hopefuls who are still waiting to hear whether they have made it onto the show. As the days go by, I'm sure it is very dificult to be wondering ... wondering ... wondering....

So, let's offer some more suggestions and encouragement to the designers "in limbo" to cheer them up and to make sure they are well-prepared - just in case they get that call!

Here are a few to get us started:

1. Review our original list of "Advice for Season 3 Hopefuls."

2. Familiarize yourself with the layout of Mood - you can find a diagram here. (Click on the 'store tour' button at the top.)

Click here to continue.

Video for Mac Users - Tim's Video Blog Part 11

(Click on the arrow to view.)

We're playing catch-up with the video for Mac users. Well, and it gives us another chance/excuse to look and listen to Tim. Is anyone else suffering from Tim withdrawal? It can't be just me.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

An Interview With Wendy Pepper

She looks stunning!
1. First of all, Wendy, you look fabulous! What is your secret?

I went on a special diet known only to a lucky few: the reality TV shock and awe diet!

2. What was the inspiration for your new line? How long have you been working on it?

I have been thinking about my line since appearing on the show. I took my time and made sure that it was exactly what I wanted to present. This was a particularly special experience for me to show in my hometown with all my friends and fellow Washingtonians in attendance.

3. How are things going at your boutique? How is Finley?

Finley appeared on the runway with me at the close of the show and I consider us the designing powerhouse duo. She is plenty old enough to give her unvarnished opinion - which she more often than not DOES!

4. Did you watch Season Two of Project Runway? What did you think?

I do not own a TV - but I was very pleased with the outcome.

5. We spotted you at Austin's show of course, do you keep in touch with any of the other PR#1 designers?

I have not seen them since the show.

6. What is next for Wendy Pepper?

I am planning for my next show of course! And I have a line of lollie pops called lollie peppers that come in such diverse flavors as champagne ("gold digger") spearmint ("trophy wife") and pomegranate("trouble"). Seventeen flavors in all - they are as yummy as they are fashionable as they are in the shape of dress forms! We are selling accompanying t-shirts with the tag line "eye candy" as well. They can be purchased through my site:

Look out Seattle!

Santino's coming to town Saturday night and he wants to party...

All Seattle-based BPR Field Reporters are hereby notified to report for duty. We want a full report and photos after you recover!

From Today's NYT

Parsons and Tim Gunn are featured in this interesting article from today's New York Times. Project Runway is having a big impact on Parsons admissions - everyone wants to be a fashion designer! Thanks Diana and pc!

Video for Mac Users - Tim Casting Season 3

(Click on the arrow to view.)

Once again we are offering up this service to our readers that have Mac computers and have been otherwise unable to view them. We apologize for the delay in presenting the videos but we hope to be all caught up soon!

Please, Mac users, let us know if at any time you are able to watch the clips on the official site. We want to celebrate this with you!

My Favorite Posts

All of this reminiscing this week has got me, well, reminiscing. Scrolling through the BPR archives searching for my first comment on this blog was surprising. I had already forgotten some of the crazy things we were doing during Season 2! In honor of our recent surpassing of the 1 million hit mark, I present to you my favorite BPR posts from Season 2:

Click here to see the list!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

From The Mailbox

First, I received a note from Emmett this morning with some fabulous news:

Dear Laura:

...Yesterday a stylist from O magazine stopped in and chose a few items for an upcoming spread for Oprah's Magazine for summer reading on the beach. I say this with cautious optimism as often stylists pull quite a number of outfits for editorial pieces and quite a lot never gets out of the garment bags!

Our summer halter dresses are such a hit that we made more of them in jade green, coral, brown and lilac in sizes 0-12.

I have shipped Chloe at Lot 8 halter dresses in white, coral, jade green and lavender as we are having a designer swap. So, Kara, Diana and Chloe can be purchased in the EMC2 boutique.

Kara's kimono dresses fly out the door and with upcoming Time Out New York coverage I am sure Project Runway fans will come to seek out our "Make it Work in the Real World" designs....

More later, running to open up shop!

We will all be on the lookout for Emmett's designs in O magazine. Congratulations, Emmett. Even to be considered for inclusion in the lifestyle magazine from "the most influential woman in the world" is remarkable.

Next here is a new article about Chloe from Metroactive. (Thanks Wendie!)

Also, be sure to check out Nick's blog for two new interviews. (Thanks for the link, Bonnie!)

At Blogging Project Runway we aim to be a true clearinghouse of information about the show and the designers. We rely upon our readers to send in these links and stories - we can't find them all ourselves! So, thanks to all who continue to send us news - we REALLY appreciate it!

Click Here For a Link To Wendy Pepper's 2006 Collection

Wendy Rocks!

Have I ever mentioned that I think Wendy rocks? You go girl!

Thanks to Chris Rogers for this link.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Transcript of Daniel Vosovic's Interview on Bravo

Thanks Janthedanfan for the transcript of this video. We know our mac users really appreciate it!

New Bravo Interview with Daniel Vosovic

Interviewer: Having lived through this whole casting process yourself, what would you advise and can you tell us a little bit about the experience?

Daniel: I'd have to say one of my biggest concerns with the people coming in is their lack of knowing who they are. And that's the thing, is that I guess I realized who I was kind of without knowing it. In the beginning my designs kind of spoke for themselves and I think Tim recognized that right off the bat. It's amazing how many people cannot articulate though what it is they want to say. Who they are? Who they design for? So I think it's interesting being on the other side of the table and really being able to drill and say, "What is it that you want to say? Everyone can design beautiful clothing. What's special about you?"

Click here to continue.

When Did You Find Blogging Project Runway?

And when were you hooked?

I'll go first! Personally, I found this site when Manolo the Shoeblogger first mentioned it (here). I was a huge fan of Project Runway but had no one with which to discuss my interest in the show. I checked in here sporadically and very much liked what I saw. Then I noticed the speculation about the walk-off here, and, well, I was a goner. I liked the theories. I liked the people that had the theories. And I found myself drawn into the show even more. Suddenly instead of watching Project Runway on just the first airing, I was watching it each time an episode, any episode was shown. I was looking for the clever things that I had missed that others had pointed out here at BPR.

So now between seasons it is a little slow; we have time to stop and reflect. So, tell us (especially you shy lurkers ... we know you're out there!) how you found us and what got you hooked on BPR.

Help Diana, Get Free Stuff!

Last week, we mentioned Diana Eng's upcoming appearance at the Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA this weekend. Diana will be appearing with Emily Albinski (co-designer of the inflatable dress) as they unveil their new "Black Box Nation" brand of clothing and jewelry. Now, there is an added bonus to attend:

We love Diana!WANTED: As you know, we will be having a Black Box Nation fashion show at Maker Faire. In addition, we will have a booth to sell our fashion and technology wears/wares. We are looking for folks to help us manage our booth while we are preparing for the show. In exchange we will give our helpers jewelry or a signed fashion sketch and possibly free passes to the fair. If you will be in the San Mateo CA area Sat/Sun April 22-23 and would be interested in helping please contact us at Include your name, number, website (if you have one), times when you could help out, and tell us a bit about yourself. PLEASE HELP US!

Sounds like a great opportunity for our Bay Area friends to meet Miss Diana and score some unique keepsakes. Don't forget to send us pictures!

Click Here For The Latest Video Interview With Daniel Vosovic

Is there a generous BPR reader who will transcribe this for our mac users?

Sunday, April 16, 2006

What to Wear? EMC2!

You look fabulous, Emmett!

Here is the latest news from Emmett:

Dear Laura:

...Last Monday, "What Not To Wear" was filmed here at EMC2!
The boutique was professionally photographed as it will be featured in 28 April issue of Time Out New York. I featured Kara Janx's wrap dress in the window for that photo shoot. After the New York Times article ran, a fan of Miss Diana came in and bought a pair of her earrings.

Click here to continue.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Click Here For An Interview With Nick has a new interview up with PR2 designer Nick Verreos. Incredibly he says, "I'm the type of person who dislikes seeing himself on camera...". Are you kidding me? No one looks better on camera than Uncle Nick!

He also mentions the possibility of doing more television in the future. I think its safe to say that we would all love to see that.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

In the Mood For Mood?

Cut and Cry Blogger and BPR reader Terri M is on a mission. Will she find any of the Project Runway fabrics? Check it out!

Enter the BPR Contest Now - Click here for details

We know you're not busy on Wednesday nights these days. We know you miss Project Runway. And we know that you are creative, talented and have a keen sense of humor. Yes, my friends, that is the BPR reader profile in April. We also suspect that you would like to win a Nick Verreos Barbie that has been personalized by Nick himself as explained here. If all of that is true for you (and seriously, if I wasn't ineligible for winning I would be all over the Nick Barbie situation), why haven't you entered yet?

Anyway, First Prize will be the personalized Nick Verreos Barbie. This is a priceless, one-of-a-kind item that will deserve a place of honor, a shrine if you will (and seriously, if I had this Barbie, oh, there would be such a shrine).

You don't have to go to Mood to get your materials. You probably have enough whickety-whack right there in your home. Show us your point of view, your vision. Check here for the rules. The deadline of May 1st is fast approaching and you must ENTER!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Zulema Showing Her New "Matador" Collection at BK Fashion Week(end) on May 5th!

Here is a link to the Fashion Week(end) website. Project Runway's own Zulema Griffin will be showing her latest collection there and BPR's own Ace Field Reporter Dianne (of the mustard coat) will be there for the scoop.

Emmett will be there as well - what fun!

Thank you Zulema for your generous invitations. We are very anxious to see the new collection!

Tbone's BPR Tour Recap - Part 6

This is the final installment (I promise) of my BPR Tour recap. BPR groupies and other maladjusted souls can click here to relive the series from its inception.

Put yourself in Laura Kluvo's shoes for a moment. This is, admittedly, a fairly frightening prospect. Somehow in the span of a few short months you have gone from starting a small blog from scratch to becoming the primary source of information for one of cable TV's biggest hits. Lets imagine, if you will, that the breakaway star of this show sends you an e-mail one day saying he would like to meet you. What would you do? (The pant-piddling is automatically assumed in this scenario)

Many would jump at that opportunity and just keep the experience to themselves. But not Mom. By now, you know how big her heart is. She was gracious enough to allow Scarlett and me (and our companions) to tag along on a pre-arranged meeting with Tim Gunn himself. This now legendary gathering has become known inside the BPR sweatshop as "The Blog Producers Meeting".

Let's rewind a bit. When we parted ways at Emmett McCarthy's EMC2 boutique, several people were done for the day and headed for home. A small contingent led by JantheDanFan and Milton were on their way for their own fateful meeting with Tim and Daniel V at Macy's. Earlier, we had hoped to get a quick visit with both for everyone on the tour, but it did not pan out. It was very difficult knowing that we might get the opportunity to meet Tim later in the evening and not say anything about it to our new friends. This was supposed to be Laura's meeting with Tim. I just felt fortunate to have been included.
Tim and Tbone

To continue reading Part 6 of Tbone's BPR Tour recap, click here!

Click Here For a Link to the Getty Images of the GLAAD Awards.

There are nine pages - I see Debra Messing, Tim Gunn, Santino(who looks great, by the way)Andrae and Nick.

Santino looks absolutely fabulous!ETA: The GLAAD Award show will be broadcast on the Logo Channel and VH1 beginning this weekend! We hear that Tim Gunn is co-hosting a backstage interview lounge with the award recipients. The show will premiere on Logo Saturday, April 15 at 9:00 p.m. and on VH1 Sunday, April 16 at 11:00 p.m. Click here for more.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

June 27th Release Date For PR Season Two DVD

Click here to pre-order Season Two from Amazon!Pre-order from Amazon

We're just fans, honest!

Every once in a while I get a comment or an e-mail that seems to suggest that we work for Bravo or somehow have an "in" with Project Runway. This is definitely not the case. We are in suspense regarding Season Three just like you are. I'll tell you everything I know:

1) There was an announcement here that seemed to suggest that the Season Three Finale would be at the September Fashion Week. This has not been confirmed by Bravo, but of course it would make us very, very happy.

2) Extrapolating from this we can assume that the show would begin airing sometime in July and probably begin filming in May. Just guessing here, folks. Since it is already April, we can assume that the producers are well on their way to narrowing down the field of potential contestants.

3) If you are a designer "in limbo" we can only suggest that you remain patient. It shouldn't be much longer! If you provided references in your application perhaps you could check with those folks to see if anyone from Bravo has called. Just a suggestion - I have no idea if Bravo even follows up on these things.

4) We know that over a hundred designers were asked to send videos. We have not heard from ANY designers who have been confirmed for Season Three. We know that in the past the designers have had as little as one day's notice to pack and head for NYC so there is still plenty of time and certainly letting us know may not be a top priority : )

5) We have not heard from any designer who received his or her video back or gotten a letter, e-mail or phone call or in any way has been notified that they definitely will NOT be on the show. As far as I can tell, everyone is still waiting. I'm sure it must be hard.

6) All of you wonderful talented patient designers who are waiting to hear, please know that we sympathize with you! We are rooting for each and every one of you - We can't wait to "meet" you. And we are in just as much suspense as you are. Basically, we know nothing!

Dear BPR Readers,

We are developing a mailing list for "Special Announcements." Right now, we can't imagine what they might be, but you never know! If you would like to be added to our mailing list please send an e-mail to us here and we will add you to the list. Of course we will never send you any spam or sell the list to anyone - cross my heart. Thanks - this is going to be fun!

Daniel Vosovic's Winning Design in the Banana Republic Window

Click here for more photos of ALL of the season two winning designs!

Click Here For the Scoop.

"Michael Kors will not be available for the first four tapings of the third season of Project Runway due to prior commitments to production on his clothing line..."

Do you realize what this means? It means TPTB have DETERMINED a taping schedule!

Thanks Casey!

Monday, April 10, 2006

From The Mailbox

Diana is appearing with Emily Albinski at the Maker Faire in San Mateo California on April 22nd. Could we recruit a BPR Field Reporter?

Also, here is a link to a fabulous CNN story about Chloe.

Thanks Janet and Juliet!

Andy at the GLAAD Awards

Andy Cohen from Bravo seems to have the best job in the world. Reading his blog, it sounds like non-stop partying with the stars, 7 days a week. Most jealous are we of the fun he gets to have with the Project Runway designers. Don't miss his report from the GLAAD awards in LA on Saturday night and the after party where he went dancing with Andrae, Nick and Santino. Pure envy.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Click Here to Read About Trent's Evening With Nick, Andrae, Santino and Tim!

Scroll down a little - it's there I promise. Thanks Christine!

Laura K's Recap - Part Three

Lunch took longer than we expected. Note to self: Allow more time for lunch next tour. I had kind of arranged a couple of "surprises" for 2:15 which I now knew would not be happening. Should we head straight for Kara's? I wasn't sure.... The next part is a blur.... We went to Macy's... I called ahead to Kara and to Emmett to let them know that we were running late.We somehow all got on a subway... I figured this would be a good time to let everyone know that Zulema might be at Emmett's.... We were STUNNED by the crowds on the street in Chinatown - how would we all stay together...? "Where's Dan?" I repeatedly checked behind me as we hurried along. I worried that we had lost a few... HOW MANY ARE ON THIS TOUR AGAIN? Who left at lunch? How many new ones showed up? As a mom I always feel responsible for everyone. I checked my watch - I called Kara... "We're almost there... I think... Please come out and find us!" AND THERE SHE WAS!

Click Here To Continue.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Time To Get An Agent, Tim.

Another Season Three Hopeful

This is Elier Aubret, a designer from Puerto Rico, and his lovely model, Thebyam Carrion. Hi Elier! Please send us your story. BPR supports all of the designers who auditioned for Project Runway. Whether you make it or not, we would be glad to add a link to your website and feature your designs as well as your story. Please let us know!

From The Mailbox

First, this press release from James:

From the San Jose Mercury News (4/7/06):

RUNWAY' GUEST: Fashion designer Chloe Dao, the winner of Bravo's "Project Runway'' this season, will get another star turn at the reception on April 23 for an exhibition on Vietnamese ao dai opening at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles.

"Ao Dai: A Modern Design Coming of Age,'' examining the history and diversity of the beautiful Vietnamese garment, is being co-produced by the quilts museum and the Association for Viet Arts and runs April 18 to July 9. Get details at

According to the SJ Quilt Museum, see press release found here,
Chloe will be there from 2:00 to 4:00 PM on April 23.

Do we have a reader in San Jose who would like to be an "Official BPR Field Reporter?"

Next, BPR Faithful and Minnesota Viking fan, Allen, spotted this mention in The Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

Making the Vikings look more striking
With the hometown team about to undergo the first big uniform change in 46 years, we asked experts for design inspiration.

Sara Glassman, Star Tribune

As fashion goes, the parameters are rough: Include tight pants, enormous shoulder pads, and use purple and bright marigold. Being stain-resistant and fetching on super-size athletes is a bonus.

Since the Vikings say it's time for new uniforms as well as a new coach, we're on the case. The team won't comment on the biggest uniform change in its 46-year history, beyond saying the ensemble might include purple pants.

The major question is: Can a new look lead to a winning season? We asked experts in fashion and football for their take. There was only a smidge of sadness about leaving the old look behind -- and plenty of ideas about how to spruce up the hometown team's style.

• • •

While some might see the team colors as a hindrance, one option is to embrace them.

"The colors are so fantastic, so I really wanted to highlight them. I wanted to make them more like little warriors going to war, who can tear the other team apart. More like rrrrrrrrrrr. I'm not the biggest football person in the world. I wanted to add horns, but I didn't because it probably wouldn't be allowed."

Kara Janx, a contestant on Bravo's "Project Runway"

"I'm all for new uniforms. Hopefully they have a big 'S' like Superman. They have to keep the purple -- it's purple pride."

For more about the Vikings click here.

Friday, April 07, 2006

TBone's BPR Tour Recap - Part 5

This is Part 5 of my recap on the BPR Tour held March 25, 2006. Those brave enough to start at the beginning may click here.

Once we had our fill of cheesy biscuits and fish food, it was time to hit the road again. We had reached the "flexible" part of Laura's agenda. We had options. Should we hit Toys-R-Us for a group photo in front of the Barbie house? We already had plenty of group photos. Maybe run over to Bryant Park to frolic on the lawn? Too cold, no tents, no go.

Laura proposed a long-shot. We would march over to Macy's en masse and demand an audience with Tim Gunn and Daniel Vosovic. How could we be denied? Thirty of the most sincere, loving, slightly deranged fans would simply walk in on the auditions and sing "Happy Birthday" to Daniel. Brilliant!
Photo by Moi
BPR fashion-beat writer and super sleuth extraordinaire Jessie had scoped the scene in advance for us. She knew the designers were being shuttled to the 8th floor for their auditions and had located their entry point near the women's swimwear department. Laura turned on her charm gun and delivered our request to a harried looking production assistant just as he was escorting a small group of nervous looking auditionees into Tim's grill room.

He said he'd go check. Joy! JantheDanFan was in serious panty piddling danger. Would this be the moment she had waited for?

To continue reading Part 5 of TBone's BPR Tour Recap, click here!

Click Here For Tim's New York Casting Call Video

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Tim's Take On The Season 3 Auditions

Tim Gunn has posted a detailed report on the Season 3 auditions, and guess what? He recounts the story about the martinis ordered for he and Nick at the Chicago auditions by BPR reader pc! Click here to read her original report on this incident featured right here at BPR.

Congratulations pc, it sounds like you and your friends left a lasting impression on Tim!

Click Here For A New York Times Article About Emmett McCarthy

BPR loves Emmett!
Photo by Marilyn K. Yee/NYTimesINSIDE Emmett McCarthy's new store at 240 Elizabeth Street in NoLIta, a customer will find a white cotton halter like Marilyn's, a little black brocade dress with Audrey's name on it, and a tailored silk coat painted with red roses and black shadows à la Jackie O. They are perfectly nice, but they look hurried, like the result of a reality show challenge.

This is understandable, as Mr. McCarthy, 43, a castoff from the second season of "Project Runway," is now in a race to establish himself as a serious designer before his 15 minutes run out.

"I always thought that having a store would be the best way to establish my own collection," he said. "I felt like I was at a point in my career where I could pull this off. I had the exposure, and money saved in the bank."

Mr. McCarthy was characterized on "Project Runway" as an experienced men's wear designer, referring to his preshow role as a design director for Ron Chereskin. In fact he began his career in bridal design and has considerable background in women's wear. His first solo effort is called EMc2 — think of it as a theory of reality TV, not relativity — and it may surprise viewers who thought his taste was a tad vanilla.

Beyond the thoroughbreds, Mr. McCarthy has designed geometric print jersey dresses, a frolicsome blue flower print coat and some great brocade handbags trimmed with metallic leather.

The prices are sensible, about $325 to $415 for a dress and $525 for a coat, and his fall sketches look promising, in particular one for a sculptural gray flannel skirt.

Mr. McCarthy has also invited several of his cast mates to sell their wares at the store. These include earrings made of dangling electrical fuses from Diana Eng, a slinky gray jersey kimono dress from sleeper contestant Kara Janx, and promised deliveries from Chloe Dao and Nick Verreos.

The show seems to have given Mr. McCarthy an affinity for the sound bite and sympathy for designers dealing with creative deadlines.

"Trying to get clothes out of Kara," he said, "is like trying to get money from small business loans."

- Eric Wilson/The New York Times

Nick on Reality Chat

Click on the arrow to watch.
Nick added this video yesterday. Since I don't watch the TV Guide Channel, I had managed to miss this when it had originally aired. Yes, he is adorable.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

TBone's BPR Tour Recap - Part 4

This is the 4th Part of what appears to be a never-ending recollection of the BPR Tour of NYC. To start at the very beginning, which is a very good place to start, click here!

"I can't believe we're really here!" was the general consensus amongst the BPR Tour crowd as we excitedly prowled the confines of Parsons. This is where the magic occurred. This is where these amazing designers would take a few yards of fabric and create something beautiful. We knew these rooms so well that we'd be able to recognize them immediately, right?


Those more astute than I (which I am fairly certain included just about everyone with us) would have realized that Parsons has more than one workroom! And do you know what that sneaky Pasquale did? He took us into a workroom that looked like the workroom our beloved PR designers toiled in, but no. He played a little trick on us he did. The real PR workroom was still to come.

There were a couple of students here that were doing their best to ignore our roving band of lunatics. And as we left, it was too much to resist for some of us not to leave them with a few of our Timpressions: "Designers, Carry On!" Project Runway dorks? Yes. But proud dorks were we, maintaining only the highest standards of reality fan show dorkiness.

To continue reading Part 4 of TBone's BPR Tour recap, click here!

Keeping Up With Miss Diana

Diana is in Today's Boingboing...

A new web-based show encourages young women to tune in and associate DIY less with bread making and more with breadboard wiring.

Created by Alison Lewis, a web designer and instructor at Parsons School of Design, Switch is a free online show connects young women with technology by guiding them through fashion and design projects.

Lewis said she hopes "to inspire people with design and to get young girls
thinking about how electronics are approachable and not so scary."

Photo: Alison Lewis and
Diana Eng (of Project Runway fame) show viewers how to
make a talking picture frame in the first Switch
episode. (courtesy Alison Lewis)

From This article in Wired magazine.

Thank you, Rebecca!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Click Here For A New Video Interview With Chloe

Click Here For a Link To Kenneth Fron's Feature About Kara Janx

BPR Reader and friend, Kenneth Fron is a talented and generous jewelry designer. Kara looks gorgeous in one of his necklaces at the GLAAD Awards Show.

More Chloe Love - A Lot 8 Party Report

This report of last Friday's party at Chloe's Lot 8 boutique in Houston came in from BPR reader pleightx. He writes:

I didn’t make it to Lot 8 until 9:00, so I didn’t get a chance to meet up with fellow BPRer, Marianne (who, by the way, did a wonderful job re-capping the evening). Here’s my take on the evening:

A steady crowd streamed in and out of the store on this balmy night in Houston. They had a DJ spinning records, a monitor on the wall showing the finale episodes of PR2, trays of vegetables and other little munchies, and a bar serving up cocktails. The dresses from Chloe’s runway collection, draped on silver-colored mannequins, were interspersed between the crowds of onlookers.

It took me a while to spot my hometown gal, Chloe. I finally found her seated in the middle of the store. She had her doting boyfriend by her side as she greeted her admirers with a wide grin, posing for pictures and signing autographs.

What impressed me most was how beautiful the dresses looked in person. Regardless of what people may think about the choice of color and fabric, the dresses were a sight to behold. Every seam was in place and not a loose thread in sight. What the judges said was definitely true: the craftsmanship was just impeccable!

The other thing I took away from the evening (besides an autograph) was that Chloe seemed to be a very genuine person. She had a radiant smile on her face all evening long. As soon as I mentioned that Tbone and The Scarlett wanted me to say that I was … she hopped out of her chair, jumped up and down screaming like a little girl “Blogging Project Runway!” Then she gave me a big ol’ hug.

I wasn’t able to make it to the after-party. I think I had more than enough excitement for one evening. Congratulations again Chloe!

What a great report pleightx! Thank you so much for sharing this event with us. Chloe seems like such a beautiful person both inside and out!

Monday, April 03, 2006

News From Nick!

Hi Laura!
So good to hear from you! I have been so busy as of late, it's overwhelming. As you and your readers know, I had been in Italy for two weeks covering the Olympic Ladies Figure Skating and then had to return to finish the quarter off at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. I also just returned from Chicago, where I helped Tim Gunn out in the Casting for next season's show. I am currently working on orders to several stores, preparing to return to teaching as well as other projects which I will keep you "in the loop" on.

I am still surprised by the reaction I get in my travels(hotels, airports) from the fans as well as just walking down the street!

Can you believe all the continued excitement over Project Runway?! I assume you can, since you have been the #1 fan all along. How wonderful that your blog has become so popular. You are the leading source for all things Project Runway, and that is not only because of the content you provide but because of your approach to the show. You, Scarlett and TBone are informative while always staying so positive and upbeat!

I, for one, appreciate it. Thanks to you and all the BPR readers who have been so wonderful throughout this whole experience. It is because of people like you that the entire process was worth it!

I saw that the prize for your contest was a My Scene Barbie! How great is that! I'm honored. If you would like, as an added incentive, I will autograph the Barbie. You can decide whether you would want it personalized to the winner or just my signature. If you think this would be a fun idea, let me know and we can work out the details.
All my best,

Okay folks, make us proud and send in your entries to the first BPR Contest! The stakes are raised now - the prize will be a My Scene Barbie autographed by Nick Verreos! He will even personalize the inscription if you'd prefer. Also, be sure to visit Nick's blog to watch a video of his commentary on Olympic Ice!

Thanks Nick!

Tbone's BPR Tour Recap - Part 3

To start at the beginning of this enthralling tale, click here. Those who suffered through Part 1 but missed the last episode can click here to catch up.

Arriving fashionably late, Scarlett and I make our dramatic entry into the Atlas. In the lobby were assembled a sizable throng of fabulous people. "Is this the BPR crew?", I asked (as if the Atlas lobby had seen this many people assembled in it since "On Thin Ice" was filmed there). "TBone and Scarlett are here!"

This announcement was met with a smattering of disappointed murmurs. Everyone knows Laura K is the "star" of Blogging Project Runway. These good people did not travel all this way to be led by the B-listers. "Where's Laura?", they all demanded to know. "Oh, she's right behind us", we replied, not knowing that she had no clue where she was when we made that statement.

Before the crowd revolted, Scarlett wisely broke out the freebies. She had designed the most fantastic nametags, using the BPR banner as a backround and with the words "BPR Tour 2006 NYC" above the name space. (have any of these popped up on e-bay yet?) We quickly decided that the best plan was for everyone to put both their real names and their screen names to assist us in figuring out who was who. And right then we made a startling discovery...

To continue reading Part 3 of TBone's BPR Tour Recap (and really, how can you resist), click here!
BPR Tour 2006 in front of the Atlas Apartments

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Chloe's Lot 8 Party - A Reader Reports

BPR reader Marianne was on hand as an official BPR reporter for the celebration at Chloe's Houston boutique, Lot 8, last Friday. Here's her account of the evening:

I entered Lot 8 shortly after 8 p.m. and it was already starting to get crowded. There were people of all ages there. One of Chloe's nephews, who seemed about three years old, was wearing a cute Lot 8 shirt that said "Chloe's my aunt" on the back. I didn't see her at first, so I looked around, and the clothes were really fabulous. Some of the more stunning details in the dresses I couldn't see at all from the TV screen, or the pictures online.

Finally I saw Chloe, who was mobbed the whole time. Everyone, including my friend and I, was trying to get photos taken with her. She must have noticed that we had been lingering around for a while, and graciously took us in. :) I told her to expect my photos on BPR and she laughed. My friend asked how tall Chloe was. She answered promptly, "4-11 and three quarters!"...

...Unfortunately, I didn't have time to stay for any of the more interesting stuff. I poked my head in the new Lot 8 salon, where some ladies were getting prettied-up, and the stylists said they were getting ready to model. I wish I'd gotten to find out what they were modeling for.

Thanks for the report and the great photos, Marianne! Sounds like a great event!

Enter BPR's First Contest - Click Here For Details

You have one month remaining to recreate your favorite scene from Project Runway. If you've ever wanted to tell Andrae to, "Lighten Up, It's Just Fashion" or if you've secretly longed to pronounce an outfit to resemble 'Barefoot Appalachian Lil' Abner Barbie,' look no further than this contest. Designers, get out your whickety whack and start showing your creativity. And, to make matters more interesting (for some of you that have been holding back entries) we have our top prize:
Yes, it is the
Sold Out
Nick Verreos
My Scene Barbie!
First Prize!

Enter often but enter by midnight, May 1st. Enter here. Just, ENTER!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Click Here For A New Video Interview With Daniel V

Also, here is something interesting from the Defamer....

And Queerty has a cute photo-essay on DV's "follicular superiority"...

Heidi Klum Auf!

Heidi Klum bids Auf Wiedersehen to Project Runway
Klum to be replaced by Tommy Hilfiger

It was announced today that Heidi Klum has stepped down from her role as co-producer of Bravo's hit show Project Runway. Klum cited 'creative differences' that arose late in the season between herself and Miramax executives Harvey and Bob Weinstein. Harvey Weinstein has been quoted saying that Klum was never their top choice as host but her interest in producing the show led to her role as an on-camera personality.

This change may not bode well for mentor Tim Gunn maintaining his affiliation with the show. Because of some previous bad blood between Gunn and Hilfiger, a clause was written in Gunn's contract stating that Hilfiger was never to serve as a guest judge. Apparently it was not anticipated that Hilfiger could function as the show's host. When contacted for this article, Gunn declined to comment.

For more of the story, click here.

Nick's Smashbox Fashion Week Show

Click on the arrow to watch.

Found this on Nick's blog and knew you would enjoy seeing the Nikolaki Fall 2003 Collection on the runway.