Saturday, June 25, 2005

Episode Three Re-hash

First of all - I thought Chris S. was great eye candy. I kind of had a little crush on him and kept waiting to see more from him. Unfortunately in this episode we saw and heard more from him and now he is gone.

I thought the disco was great - but I did spot the cds! What were you thinking? There were no cds in the 70's. Also the girl jumping out of the cake...Ummmm... What was all over her? cherry pie filling? Whatever - it was BAD.

But when they entered The Cotton Club I was BLOWN AWAY! Wow - the swing dancers - the menus - the hairstyles - the costumes - the music - the smoke - did I say the menus? With the appropriate fonts, menu items and prices? Now that was attention to detail. It felt like a scene from a really good movie.

The funny thing is that I don't recall seeing any of this stuff discuessed on air. I did record the episode and I'll probably (maybe not...) watch it again - but who came up with this stuff? Who made these decisions. The whole thing was FABULOUS!

Tommy H was definitely right to choose the Cotton Club team as the winner. Hands down, no argument. The disco was not even in the same league.

Now, to the party in the Hamptons..... Jeff has once again proven himself an arrogant jerk. Princess is incredibly trashy and seemingly unaware of the wretched impression she makes. Ugh. She has got to go.

More later!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Before "The Cut" airs tonight....

Well, I did my homework and watched the videos on the official The Cut website. There is a scene of Princess arguing in a car with Jeff and it is quite unflattering. No matter what happens tonight on the show I'd just like to say that Princess is not a very nice person. She just argues and yells and is completely arrogant and self-centered. She thinks she is so cute and she is actually quite ugly. Just my opinion.... We'll see what happens tonight. Maybe she'll redeem herself...

When is the Project Runway site going to update?

Friday, June 17, 2005


Was anyone else as grossed out as I was by Princess's idea to place animal furs on the floor of the car? As if Fabolous's girls were going to remove their shoes and work their pedicured toes into the fox. Really Princess? Do girls do that? Is a dead animal on the floor of the car really "hip?" Who knew? I know I'm not always up on pop culture, but frankly...I've never even heard of Fabolous. I'm so out of touch! long until Project Runway?

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Is Anyone Watching The Cut?

Is anyone interested in this show? I did my homework and watched all of the interviews on the CBS website. Someone ought to tell these contestants that arrogance is never appealing - and neither is promiscuity - sorry Vlada. I'm trying to root for someone, but it seems that the players that are more "featured" are the least appealing. I tend to like Julie - she's a mom like me and a handbag designer - although they never seem to show her bags. I can't like Shauna because she made fun of minivans (I have five children and I drive a minivan - sorry.) Also she wears a lot of furs...definitely not my type. I also like Tommy - although he was sort of clueless regarding the red carpet... At least he has fashion experience. He's also cheerful and fun to watch. More later....

Friday, June 10, 2005

This is Harry Chapin... Posted by Hello

...and this is James. Posted by Hello

Where Are The Clothes?

Okay, I watched "The Cut" last night. It was pretty good - but where were the clothes? We watched two teams design billboards. No fashion. At all. Oh sure, we got a tempting glimpse of a "cutting room." Next week the teams get to "trick out" a car. Will there be any fashion at all on this show?

Oh, and the funniest line of all was, I think, supposed to be serious. When Tommy Hilfiger sent Amy packing he told her "You're out of style." Apparently this is the new "send'em packin'" catch phrase. In my opinion this falls somewhere below "You're fired," and "You're Out," and may be even worse than "Seacrest Out." He also admitted to being "underwhelmed" by the quality of the billboards. Gee, where have I heard that before?

I was distracted the entire episode by the way that James resembles a young Harry Chapin. Anyone else notice this?

When does Project Runway 2 begin?

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Meanwhile... we wait for the return of Project Runway, we can check out The Cut on Thursday night. This one features Tommy Hilfiger in a Donald Trump-type role. Sounds like The Apprentice meets Project Runway. We'll see....

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What's So Great About Project Runway?

For me, the best thing about Project Runway is that it has increased the general interest level in sewing and designing.

Several years ago I called my daughter's high school and offered to volunteer in the "Home Ec" department. "Excuse me....?" the secretary replied. "We don't have Home Ec anymore." "Well, whatever you call the course where you teach sewing," I explained. "Oh, we don't offer sewing classes here... We have a Life Skills class, would you like to help in there?" "Is that where all the sewing machines are?" I asked. By this time the secretary was laughing...LAUGHING! She actually put her hand over the mouthpiece of the receiver and said "There's a lady on the phone who wants to volunteer in the sewing department!" HA HA HA....

Well guess what? Today that same high school offers a course in Fashion Design.

Monday, June 06, 2005

I Miss Project Runway

Okay, this might be a bit obsessive but I miss Project Runway and I want to be totally prepared for next season. I intend to blog away after every episode and I hope others will join me with fascinating comments. In fact...bring on the comments now if you'd like! I'd appreciate any help I can get. Please pass on any PR news or information - thanks.

Also, I'd like to keep this Rated G for ALL audiences - I have five children who enjoy reading my blogs. Thanks for your consideration.