Wednesday, June 21, 2006

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Monday, June 19, 2006


Ladies and Gentlemen:

According to this press release...

The "Project Runway" season three designers are:

Bradley Baumkirchner, 32, Los Angeles, CA
Robert Best, 36, West Hollywood, CA
Laura Bennett, 42, New York, NY
Malan Breton, 32, Long Island City, NY
Bonnie Dominguez, 31, San Diego, CA
Stacey Estrella, 40, San Francisco, CA
Katherine Gerdes, 25, Minneapolis, MN
Kayne Gillaspie, 27, Norman, OK
Ulrike "Uli" Herzner, 35, Miami Beach, FL
Alison Kelly, 25, Brooklyn, NY
Angela Keslar, 33, Amesville, OH
Michael Knight, 28, Atlanta, GA
Vincent Libretti, 49, Santa Monica, CA
Keith Michael, 34, New York, NY
Jeffrey Sebelia, 36, Los Angeles, CA

Okay - I'm off to Google! More later!

ETA: Here are some photos!

From The Mailbox

Sounds like Daniel Vosovic can hold his own against the Hollywood hunks! Josh Lucas thought he had a couple of admirers coming to say hello. Um, not quite so fast there, fella. From today's New York Daily News:

Snark Attack!
Poor Josh Lucas. The "Poseidon" star was partying at the Soho Grand — after Danish supermodel-turned-actress Helena Christensen mesmerized the audience at the Hugo Boss-sponsored Cinema Society screening of her movie, "Allegro" — when two giggling female fans looked shyly in his direction. Finally they strode toward Lucas — and then right past him — straight to "Project Runway" Season 2 runnerup Daniel Vosovic, who kindly consented to a snapshot. So much for the power of "Poseidon."

Thanks Irene!

Click here for other photos from the event.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Look ... A Baby Seal

Okay, so he's really baby Henry.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there ... especially to our very own Tbone!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Another Daniel Vosovic Blog!

Click here for his newest venture featured this time on the Bravo site.

Thanks, SarahChris!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I See London, I See France....

I see someone's underpants!

(Sorry I couldn't resist.)

Something Fun III - Chloe Dao Dress Up

We just can't get enough of i-dressup! We showed you their version of Jay McCarroll's collection here and Kara Janx's collection here. Now they have turned their attention to Season 2 winner Chloe Dao's collection; click here to play. You have to know that more is to come!

Hey, they need an entire Project Runway category, don't you think? We'll be sure to bring you each collection as it becomes available.

Thanks again, Anna!

Attention Detroit!

Haberman Fabrics in Royal Oak is sponsoring a "Make It Work" contest for Michigan designers on August 1. PR2 alumni Kara Janx will be judging a runway show between 10 finalists. At stake: a new $3,400 Bernina sewing machine and a personal portfolio critique by Tim Gunn.

The event is also a fundraiser for the Barbara Ann Karmonos Cancer Institute. The public is invited for a meet and greet with Kara, the runway show and a chance to bid on a very unique auction item: a trip for two to the PR3 OFW finale show at Bryant Park in September! Click here for more details. And, as an added bonus, Tbone will be there! Thanks Jeannie!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I See France

Parsons does have a campus in Paris. Hmmmmmm... could this be the "change in venue?"

Our stealth-like investigations and research are quite awe-inspiring... aren't they?

Breaking News (Do I See London? II)

Bravo issued this press release today. In it we find the following tidbits:

· Sponsor Orbitz will be featured on-air.

· Sponsor Delta Airlines will be featured in "product integrations on-air."

· Macy's will award the winner with a mentorship with I.N.C. International Concepts.

· TRESemm√© will be giving the $100,000 in seed money.

Looks like they are going somewhere. Could it be ...

With 4 Weeks to Go Until Season 3 ...

...we knew you would appreciate a reminder of things to do today.

So, shop BPR to support our Parsons Scholarhip and to insure your things arrive prior to the premiere.

Watch Andrae today at 11:00 am PST (2:00 PM EST).

Call Andrae at (323) 603-6312 between 11:00 am and noon PST (2:00 - 3:00 PM EST).

Enter our contest by Midnight, Eastern tonight.

Plan your Project Runway party: tell us the details!

...oh, and I nearly forgot, watch cricket.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Click Here For Jared's Project Runway Scoop

I received my July Elle yesterday and searched through hoping for Chloe's "spread." Nothing yet, but I did see an ad for PR#3. No contestants, just Tim and Heidi.

Still...the excitement builds!

Call Andrae! Watch Andrae!

Just don't ask, "What happened to Andrae?"

He will be taking calls at Ring My Bell on Wednesday between 11am and noon PST. Dial (323) 603-6312 to speak with the expressive(!) designer from Season 2. If you go to the link and click on the 'Open in QT Player' button, you can watch a live feed of him.

Look out for Andrae. He's our little lamb
Thanks, Tasha.

Latest Tim Video - Click Here

Tim talks about the successes of Season One and Two designers and offers an apology to Jay here.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Have You Entered Our Contest?

Our contest deadline is Midnight, Eastern, June 14th. Don't have time management issues and forget to send us your film! You can find the rules here. We can't wait to see your vision, your point of view. Need an example? Click on the picture. Carry on.

Click Here For A Link To Daniel Vosovic's New Blog

Welcome to blogging, Daniel! Thanks Wendie.

Click Here for an Article in Advertising Age

Banana Republic Leaves 'Runway'
Signature Retail Sponsor Replaced by Macy's
By T.L. Stanley

Published: June 12, 2006

LOS ANGELES ( -- When Bravo's hit reality show "Project Runway" returns for a third season this summer, it will do so without Banana Republic.

The Gap Inc. brand got big play in the popular program over the past two years as the series' signature retail partner. Contestants have worked in Banana Republic-branded workspaces at New York's Parsons The New School for Design and competed during both seasons to design a dress that was sold in several of the retailer's stores.

Banana Republic did not return calls regarding its decision not to re-up, though it's said the retailer felt it had wrung as much exposure as it could from the first two seasons.

And there was plenty of it: The show averaged 1.7 million total viewers during its second outing, up 59% from its first season. The finale in March pulled in 3.4 million viewers, making it the most-watched show in Bravo's history and "Runway" improved its showing from season one by 102% in the coveted 18- to 34-year-old demographic.

Banana Republic will be replaced by Macy's, though other retail partners had been in contention, including H&M, which is in the midst of expanding the number of its outlets on the West Coast.

The other top partners, L'Oreal Paris and TRESemme, however, will be back when the program makes its first summer debut July 12. The pair has served as the show's hair and makeup sponsors since its first season.

A fourth brand had also been in negotiations to hit "Runway," said to be Unilever's All Small and Mighty detergent. But the deal fell through at the last minute, according to an executive at Bravo. The reason: Producers couldn't figure out a creative way to integrate the product without it standing out too much and looking like a commercial.

The series, hosted by supermodel Heidi Klum, pits 15 fashion designers against each other in a series of challenges that have culminated in three finalists facing off at New York's Fall Fashion Week in February. But with the new schedule, finalists will compete at Fashion Week in September.

Once again, fashion designer Michael Kors and Elle magazine fashion director Nina Garcia will serve as "Runway" judges, while Tim Gunn, chair of fashion design at Parsons, will return to guide the contestants through their challenges.

The series has attracted a following online as well, getting 2.2 million unique visitors and 87 million page views on the site, the network said. Mr. Gunn's "Tim's Take" blog generated 9.1 million page views, and his podcasts garnered 600,000 downloads.

Those Web numbers and ratings have helped producers attract more high-profile marketers and broker integration deals, which include not only on-screen exposure but also opportunities for tie-ins online, in store and in print.

Happy Monday!

Here is a link to the "Ask Matt" column in The question is about two editions of PR a year. How can this happen? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, here is a link to Bravo's July programming schedule. There are several marathons of each season during the month. Then, the premiere is a TWO-HOUR event on July 12th with back-to-back shows. First, the casting special (hosted by Tim Gunn) and then the first episode #301. Hmmmm, funny how they haven't "named" the episode yet.... Anyway, don't worry if you miss the premiere because - in true Bravo form - they'll be repeating it about 90 times that week.

The excitement builds....

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hi Designers!

With probably less that two weeks of filming left for Season Three, there must be several "auf'ed" designers out there. Hopefully they are reading BPR. We don't know for sure of course, but we guess that they are sent home and told to be quiet. (Or else pay Bravo $1,000,000 which, as a matter of fact, Bravo could probably use....)

So, dear Season Three designers, please know that just as we promote and feature the designers from Season One and Season Two here - your turn is coming! We can't wait to meet you. We eagerly anticipate your links, websites, blogs, comments and e-mails. Whether you are the first one auf or the grand prize winner, you are important to us!

Readers, let's offer our heartfelt messages to the designers who are home and feeling like they must be ready to burst with the information and the stories and how UNFAIR it was that they were cut! They are probably dying to see how they will be portrayed and which bits of confession booth drama will be shown. It must be so hard to be waiting at home on pins and needles (ha!) until the season begins. Let's encourage them.

Oh, and one more thing... designers, you can safely comment anonymously here. We have absolutely no way of identifying you. And we wouldn't want to. Anonymous is always safe here. We love Anonymous.

From The Mailbox

Click here for recipes and photos from the "Puttin' On The Spritz" event. Jay McCarroll designed some of these outfits.

Here are more images of Nick Verreos at the GLAAD event last night.
Thanks Sue Ellen!

Do I See London?

Click here. Also, remember there is still time to submit your own film to our contest.

Chloe's Finale Dresses Available at

Two of the dresses from Chloe's Finale Collection are available for purchase at If you would like a piece of Project Runway history and a Dao Original, now is your chance. Click here and scroll down a little. The green dress is $2775 and the blue is $2475. There are several wonderful detail shots of each dress. Ah....If only I were rich and thin! Thanks for the link, LC.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

A Note From John Wade

Regular readers know that we are always on the lookout for designer contact information. In our effort to be the most complete source of PR info on the web, we seek out the blogs, websites and myspace accounts for each and every one...if they exist. One that had eluded us was John Wade. After seeing him at the reunion I was more determined that ever to find him. He looked great! Persistence paid off and I received this nice note from John yesterday.

Hi Laura,

It's great to hear that people are so enthusiastic about the show and the contestants! As for me and the "weight issue", I just really worked hard to eat right and exercise (at least five times a week, WHEW!). The results have been extremely gratifying and well received among family and friends. This is important to me, as major changes in appearance can be kind of life changing. My advice to anyone on that subject is to just work hard, and really be ready for the change mentally. You kind of have to hit a wall and want the change in order to really make it happen.

As for designing, I've got a few projects in the works (while I still maintain a full time job), but nothing I'm willing to jinx by talking about.

I unfortunately am not currently blogging, and I am probably the last person on the face of the earth without a myspace account.... I'm not anti, I am just so incredibly busy I couldn't imagine getting sucked into the myspace vortex at this point in my life. I would love to send you updates about my goings on via email if you ever are curious or have any questions...and who knows maybe if any of my projects take off I will be in the market for a vessel to let my fans know about them. Maybe I could talk to you about blogging then? Anyway thanks again for the email and inquires. If you ever need anything or have any questions just shoot me an email, I would be more than happy to reply.

Thanks again,
John Wade

Friday, June 09, 2006

Attn: San Francisco!

Nick Verreos will be among the stars appearing at the 17th annual GLAAD Media Awards event tomorrow night, Saturday June 10th at the San Francisco Marriott. Click here for more details. Tbone, could we get an official BPR Field Reporter on the scene? Have fun, Nick!

Click Here For An Article About Nick and Santino in

This article is called "Life After Project Runway." Hey, that could be the name of this blog lately.

Also, here is a PR#3 article in Fashion Wire Daily. Nothing new here for devoted BeePeRs but still...the excitement builds!

Video - Santino Rice and SuChin Pak

(Click on the arrow to view.)

Jamey posted these fab clips featuring Santino and his darling dress for SuChin Pak, the perky MTV reporter. Watch his design process and then his red carpet appearance at the MTV Movie Awards.
(Click on the arrow to view.)

Thank you Helen!
ETA: Here's an MTV's story about the dress. You can click on SuChin's face (with the words 'Overdrive' underneath) and watch some extended videos as well.
Thank you, Tanya and again, Helen.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Reminder for Fantinos

BPR friend Miss Tanya reminds us of two Santino-related events happening within the next day. The Fantinos should plan to watch the MTV Movie Awards tonight at 9pm EST. You should be able to see SuChin Pak working her Santino original that we reported on here. And tomorrow, June 9th at 11am PST, you can call in to speak to Santino on the Ring My Bell show. Dial (323) 603-6312 and give Santino our best!

Something Fun II - Kara Janx Dress Up

Those clever folks at i-dressup are at at it, again! We've already shown you the Jay McCarroll version. Now they bring us the Kara Janx model. In this edition they feature her stunning decoy collection as well as several of her signature items from her site.

Rest assured we have requested all of the finale collections from Season 1 and Season 2 to be given the i-dressup treatment; we'll keep you informed as they become available. Make it work!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Rihanna Wears a Kara Janx Design on Carson Daly

An alert BeePeR spotted this dress on Rihanna during Tuesday night's "Last Call With Carson Daly" show. She thought it looked like a Kara Janx design, but I thought I should confirm. Here is the note from Kara:

This is in fact a Kara Janx, I was as shocked as you! Apparently it is the super hip hop star Rihanna. A stylist had picked it up at my PR firm and voila.

Thank you Sophie, and thank you Kara. It's adorable!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More Model Drama?

Click here for a shining example of what your BPR Team wonders about during the off-season.

Also, there is one week left to submit your entry into our DFilm contest. We have lots of great entries, but there is still plenty of time. Don't be shy, it's a lot of fun. The winner can select any fabulous Kenneth Fron necklace like the one you see at the right.

A Night Out From Season 3 Filming

It appears that, during filming of Season 3, time was taken out for the luminous Heidi Klum, the lovely Nina Garcia and the fiercely tan bronzed Michael Kors to attend the CFDA Awards last night.

Monday, June 05, 2006

From The Mailbox - A Tim Gunn Sighting!

Alert BPR reader, Shana spotted Tim on Saturday!
Not really news but a Tim Gunn sighting - with picture to boot!
When: Saturday, June 3rd, 10:30p.
Where: Greenwich Village

I pretty much accosted him on the street but he couldn't have been nicer and he actually seemed amused if not flattered!

I was too flustered to ask for juicy tidbits but he did say that they were filming the next season "right noooow" (with distinct Tim Gunn inflection accompanied by an absolutely perfect head nod) He really does talk like that!


Thanks for sharing, Shana!

Jay McCarroll - Puttin' on the Spritz

BRP reader Christian passes on this event involving Season One winner Jay McCarroll. Jay was channeling all his 'Innovation' energy along with costume designer Chris March at this runway event that benefited America' Second Harvest and hosted by fitness guru Richard Simmons.

You can see an assortment of photos from the June 2nd event here. And, according to this source, there will be a 'behind-the-scenes look' available after June 9th! I only wish we had known about this ahead of time; can you imagine how fun it would have been to be a BPR reporter covering salad couture?

Thanks, Christian!
New meaning to the phrase 'dressing up'

Change Of Venue?

Thanks to BPR reader Kathryn for passing on this bit of Season 3 intrigue from TV

The third season of Bravo's Project Runway, premiering July 12, will in large part stick to the contest's proven formula, save for a nip or tuck here and there. Asked to preview the next round, executive producer Jane Lipsitz, who also is bringing Treasure Hunters to NBC this summer, tells TV, "I'm trying to think what I can say without giving it away....Project Runway Season 3 is going to have the same spirit as the last two seasons, and the cast is probably our strongest group of designers yet. But there's been one change of venue. I think I can say that." Are any Santino types looming this season?" Every year we get one or two characters who stand out in their own special way," says Lipsitz." We have people this year are equally as compelling, but aren’t exactly the same type of character."

Change of venue? What could she mean by that? Parsons, Mood, the Atlas?......Hmmmmmm.........Macy's?

Sunday, June 04, 2006

ChrisMac Receives Her Sketch From Jay!

Our own ChrisMac was lucky enough to win one of the sketches that Jay McCarroll offered on eBay. It didn't take long for her to receive the sketch, have it framed and send us a report! Thanks very much Chris - you look so happy!

Hi BPR Team!

I received my sketch in the mail on Tuesday in a beautiful turquoise envelope with the sketch wrapped up in a holder with a black ribbon.

Thank you Jay!!! I love it! Jay had sent me a really nice email after I won, saying that he enjoyed the ebay process and was working hard on putting all the elements of his business together while working on his collection to show in the fall. I had told him that I worked at a food cooperative and he said he likes earthy crunchy people! Here are the pictures with great Project Runway fans from work; Ali, Alex, my daughter Celeste, myself and April.

We love Project Runway and BPR!


From the Mailbox

BPR reader Helen alerts us that an article here reports that Santino Rice designed a dress for SuChin Pak of MTV News that she wore to the MTV Movie Awards. MTV will broadcast their award show on June 8th at 9:00 p.m. Eastern.

Thanks so much, Helen! I'm sure all the devoted Fantinos will be watching!

You can find more images of SuChin at the event here as well as Santino on the 'red carpet' here.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Attn: New Yorkers!

Remember our star field reporter Pleightx? Well, he will be in NYC Monday 6/19 evening thru Thursday 6/22 morning. Who would like to get together for a mini BPR tour? Visit Emmett's store? Mood? Maybe lunch at Red Lobster? I would if I lived there Pleightx! Seriously, drop us a note if you are interested - we want photos!

Who Would Have Guessed?

Michael Kors sells a sunless tanning product!

Just keeping things fun here, BeePeRs!

A Note From Nick

Hi Nick, What's the latest?

...I am currently finishing an article that I have been asked to write for a Los Angeles gay-themed magazine called Frontiers. (They have hired me to write a "fashion and style" column). I will also be in San Francisco on June 20th to present a special award at the SF GLAAD Gala, which I am very honored to do. I am also prepping for next month's Learning Annex shows that I am doing by myself in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco--I asked the organizers if they wanted me to join Andrae and Daniel F. but they insisted I do it ALONE(daunting task--I hope someone shows up, otherwise I will cry!)

I'll keep you updated, of course, on all the other upcoming projects, especially the ones I am taking a part of for the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (I will be a "special guest" at the Graduation Ceremony on June 17th plus a "Three Day Fashion Bootcamp the week after) as well as a possible "Trunk Show" with the lovely Emmett and Chloe in the East Coast.

All my best to you, Scarlett and T-bone!

WOW! Nick sure is busy. Be sure to check out his totally awesome and always-updated blog for even more Nick News!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Project Runway - The Musical

Sing to the tune of "Ode To Joy" by Beethoven (Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee.)

Project Runway, Project Runway, when will season three begin?
I’m so bored on Wednesday nights. I need my weekly dose of Tim.
New designers, what will they think of? What in the heck will Nina say?
Project Runway, Project Runway, only forty days away!

Project Runway, Project Runway, Season Three Designers, Whoo!
We would love to see your photos and to read your bios too.
Every day I check Bravo’s website, dying to see a page that’s new.
Every day I’m disappointed, what the heck does their staff do?

Please feel free to add your own stanzas!

More Season Three News

is an article in RealityTVWorld about the premiere of season three. I love this quote: Rather than Klum, Gunn -- the show's true breakout star -- will host the special. :)

Here is the news from the FutonCritic. Basically they are just reporting the info from the Press Release, but hey - we need to drum up as much publicity as possible for our favorite show! Please continue to spread the news!

FINALLY Bravo Announces Season 3

Click here for the official statement which includes several choice bits of news:

· We learn that Season 3 offers 15 designers.

· We learn of a one-hour special focusing on casting at 9:00, July 12 hosted by Tim Gunn. This is prior to the premiere at 10:00 that same night.

· It is confirmed that Nina Garcia and Michael Kors will judge. They fail to mention how often.

· And they state that the fifteen finalists will be whittled down to only 3 by New York Fashion Week in September.

Hmmm, fifteen designers, whittled to three, 10 weeks of episodes before the Project Runway showing at New York Fashion Week, presumed to be held September 15th ....

Dancing Heidi courtesy of FourFour.

TWO New Tim Videos

Click here to see Tim discuss young designers. And, click here to see Tim talk about red carpet events.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

BPR DFilm Contest Rules

Hey, this would make a great gift if you didn't win it!We have several entries already in our new DFilm contest - thank you! These films are really easy and fun to make, so why not give it a try? At stake is an original handmade, beaded necklace from designer and BPR friend Kenneth Fron! Here are the rules:

1. Create a short film with a Project Runway theme using the D.FILM Moviemaker here.
2. Be creative! You can re-create a scene from Project Runway, or develop an original story using characters based on Project Runway designers and/or personalities.
3. As with all things here at BPR, keep it clean! Please, no profanity.
4. E-mail your entries to Team BPR
here.An example of a Kenneth Fron necklace you could select.
5. You may enter as many times as you wish. Deadline for entries is Midnight June 14, 2006 (EST).
6. Laura K., The Scarlett, Tbone and Kenneth Fron will judge the entries and choose the winner.
7. The winner will receive his or her choice of any necklace from Kenneth Fron's online catalog!
8. Most importantly, have fun!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

More from our International Readers

(Click on the image for a larger view.)
Thanks, Kestrel!In addition to the countries mentioned here I have noted readers from Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Norway, Macao, Barbados, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Argentina as well. Project Runway is truly international!

Best of all, we are hearing from more of these "International BeePeRs." First, Kestrel from Singapore sent us this article about Jay McCarroll. Season Two is just starting there. Also, Yuki from Japan sends us this scan of a newspaper article featuring interviews with Daniel Vosovic and Tim Gunn. I asked Daniel if he knew about this and he was like "Thanks for the headsup Laura, but yes I was aware - I had to do the interview!" Oh...yeah...

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Marcia Receives Her Prize From Nick!

This doll's next job will be a spokesmodel

The Grand Prize Winner in BPR's very first contest has received her prize. Nick Verreos graciously volunteered to autograph this Barbie for Marcia. An avid doll collector, Marcia is thrilled.

I just wanted to let you know that the Project Runway Barbie has arrived safely, and I'm so happy to have her! I was delighted to see that Nick included his congratulations along with his autograph - what a nice thing to do!

Thank you Nick, and thanks again Marcia and to ALL of our talented designers for your fabulous entries.

Hmmmm... maybe it's time for another contest. Any ideas?