Saturday, December 31, 2005

Another Articulate Recap of the Lingerie Episode

WHAT? Not Everyone is a Project Runway Fan?!?!?

During our recent visit to New York I was determined to visit some Project Runway haunts. Of course I wanted to go to Mood Fabrics, Parsons, Atlas Apartments, and Bryant Park. Well, 90% of our trip was occupied with locating an apartment. We found ourselves at about 3:00 PM on the last day of our trip finally ready to do the "PR Tour." I decided to prioritize. Mood was essential. I thought we could walk in and find someone who worked there and ask to see "the striped fabric that Nick used on thhe Barbie challenge" or the "red fabric with the holes that Diana used for her hoodie." I was wrong.

Not one single person who was working at the store had any idea what we were asking for. We could find only one woman who had EVER watched the show. She "missed the episode" that I was asking about. One person remarked that "They film in here." Another - Todd - says he even had to sign a waiver because he was on camera cutting fabric but he STILL has never watched the show. I asked him if it was last season or this season and he said he didn't know. (Is there a gag order? Is he kidding me?)

Well, let me tell you. Mood is incredible. There are two floors of fabulous fabric. A third floor is being added for home decorating fabrics. Anything a designer could ever possibly want and more. I recall Andrae saying once that it was difficult to shop there because it was so overwhelming. I can understand. I didn't buy anything simply because I couldn't choose. We made nuisances of ourselves and left after about an hour. I could have stayed all day.

The photo is of me, Kaitlin and Todd.

An Interview With Nick Verreos

Who Knew?

Here is an interesting article about Guadalupe Vidal. Apparently Lupe used parts of her shoes for the shoulders of this garment - and even her underwear elastic - which I can't quite identify. Her boyfriend placed the winning bid for her outfit. That's true love.

Edited to add: Okay I know the link requires a registration or something - sorry - here is a quote from the article:

Vidal packed two bags and flew to New York for the taping. For her first task, she had to turn the blah muslin into an ensemble that best represented her. The second challenge required contestants to take the clothes off their backs and create an outfit.

"I was jumping up and down. I thought it was genius," Vidal said. "Everyone was moaning about their lucky pants, heirloom this and that. But the outfit I had on cost me $15 at the thrift store."

And viewers didn't know this, but Vidal used everything she wore to create what looked like a shredded-ribbon mini dress fit for a Japanese anime character. She cut up her shoes to create the shoulder sleeve caps. She even used her underwear.

"I used the elastic as trim," she said, laughing. Her boyfriend, Nelson, wound up forking over $210 to buy the outfit from the "Project Runway" online auction because he didn't want anyone to have her underwear.

Robin Says it Well

I've read with great interest many blog entries, messages boards, etc. regarding the Lingerie Challenge. Mostly all of us say the same things and have reached the same conclusions. Some say it better than others. Here is an intelligent, well-thought-out article from Robin at Banter Basement. I think she says it particularly well.

"Project Runway-The Lingerie Challenge
Project Runway, while still compelling, was a disappointment this week. At the end of the lingerie challenge one of my favorites was ousted. That the decision to get rid of Daniel Franco seems to have been based on something other than good design seems a betrayal of the show's purpose. Daniel Franco's quiet personality, perfectionistic tendencies and issues with time management just didn't have the vibrance desired for reality television.

I haven't read anywhere that anyone thinks that Santino's hideous and ridiculous heidi-like with ruffles and tasteless adornments (Is that a codpiece on the panties?) designs and models made up to look like deer were anything but the ultimate in bad taste and utterly lacking in aesthetic appeal. Unfortunately, Santino's massively overblown ego and talent for saying catty and incomprehensibly arrogant, snarky remarks about other contestants makes better tv.

I think the producers underestimate what it is that makes the show compelling. I adore the show because I'm fascinated by the way these talented strangers interact with each other. I'm interested in their reaction to the stress of art on a deadline. I'm intrigued by their creative process. I love watching them design and seeing how differently the outcomes can be, based on the inner qualities and artistic vision of each designer. I don't need to see meltdowns every week to keep coming back. I do need to believe that the person who ultimately wins the competition was the most deserving. If the show isn't going to be about talent then I'll stop watching.

My disclaimer: I'm nowhere close to being an expert in fashion--it's way outside my knowledge base. I buy InStyle magazine and I used to watch Elsa Klench on CNN every Saturday years ago--that's it. In spite of those handicaps, I'm certainly aware that Daniel Franco's designs depended upon the same themes--contrasting colors/fabrics in the bodice, tailoring, etc, but so do Santino's! Those ruffles from his dress from episode one were an element in the lingerie and showed up in the Barbie outfit. Frankly, all the designers rely on known techniques and design elements. I've visited their websites and viewed the portfolios and collections some of them have. Nick and Chloe are repetitive too. Is this a bad thing? It need not be. Really, it's almost inevitable that they'd rely on design elements they've used before given the time element of the challenges. I mention this because I've heard Daniel F. criticised for being too samey-samey and I just think that's unfair.

On January 4th, I'll still be watching but perhaps my joy in the show will be tainted with cynicism. After all, Santino was told his designs were ugly and he had no integrity because he blamed Emmett. Daniel was told his designs were too similar although prettier, and that he was ethical for taking the blame. For Daniel to be ousted after that commentary makes you really wonder about the ethics and hypocrisy of the producers."

Thanks everyone!

Well, now that I've had a chance to read through my e-mails and comments I want to thank everyone for keeping my blog going. Frankly, I never heard of Brittny Gastineau. After several of you mentioned her, I figured I'd better find out who she is. She must be REALLY IMPORTANT. The next Paris Hilton - WOW. You all are great. : )

I've received e-mails from Nick Verreos and Daniel Franco as well. Daniel was generous enough to send me some photos which I have permission to feature here. Trust me - these gentlemen are very judicious about what they say. No spoilers or even HINTS about what is to come -just kind and encouraging words. The model in the photo with Daniel and Nina is named Liz from New York Models. She's wearing one of Daniel's looks at the premiere party on December 7th. Thanks Daniel!

Friday, December 30, 2005

Gotta Love That Outcast!

Check out Karen Garrett's latest design challenge. It's reminiscent of the "Get Yourself in the Paper" challenge from last season. In my humble opinion, this is "wit" that doesn't cross over into "ridiculous." Keep it up, Karen - you rock!

Is This a "Socialite?"

here for an E-online article declaring that Brittny Gastineau is "America's Next Paris Hilton." Hmmmmmm.....

Home Again - Now to Catch Up!

I have a lot to catch up on - look forward to a bunch of posts. First is this article about Chloe Dao. I'm worried about the possible implications of this quote..."Dao, owner of Lot 8 Boutique at 6127 Kirby, survived four cuts during the filming and says the experience proved to be a lot harder than she anticipated."

Never mind - Chloe's probably going to be around for quite a while!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Who Will It Be?

Okay, we know that the designers will be dressing a "Socialite" next week. Who will it be? Any opinions?

There's Something About Andrae

Did anyone else think it was surprising that Daniel V chose Andrae?

He could have chosen Nick or Chloe or anyone - he had first pick and he chose Andrae. I went back and had another look at Andrae's video and at his designs. Let examine them:

First - the muslin challenge - any designer who didn't dye the muslin just missed the mark. This outfit is nothing special.

Then, the meltdown outfit. Honestly I think Andrae had the right idea with this. He took the jacket and jeans and attempted to do something really challenging. He claims he intended to make something as different as it could be from how it started. The cheongsam (he called it something else - sorry I've forgotten.) was a good idea. Unfortunately the jacket and jeans that he started with were so shredded that he really didn't have enough solid fabric to properly execute this idea. So - good idea - but not really feasible with the materials at hand.

Then, the Orange Barbie outfit. Definitely not for My Scene Barbie, but look at the top - it's great. The skirt is more "couture" but still well-executed....if you like an orange puff-ball skirt....

Challenge #4 - His pitch to Heidi is "Tie me up, Tie me down." We get a glimpse of his sketch and he is a talented artist. There isn't enough to really see the proposal. Heidi doesn't choose him. So, he works on the winning collection - on a smooth cohesive team - and apparently held his emotions together. It's hard to say what exactly he contributed to the team. I checked to see which design he is credited with and it's the little bra/boy shorts number I have already posted below. Interestingly, it has the lowest bid on the PR auction for week four so far. No too impressive.

To me Andre looks pretty weak - so why did Daniel choose him? Are they just good friends? Does Andre have a lot of skills that we aren't shown? There must be something there. I checked out his video again and his designs - what we see of them in his "Little Studio Boutique" - are quite compelling. (A scarf out of vintage millinery veils - cool!) So will Andrae hit his stride next week? Or is he really not that great and Daniel V chose him out of friendship? Any opinions?

Episode Two Quote Quiz

As I reviewed this episode I was wondering how many times we had to hear about Kirsten's scarf. Can you guess? The scarf is clearly the star of the show. First we hear about the scarf as she gets dressed. Second we hear about it after she learns about the challenge and has to place her clothing in the sack. Later when she is working on the design we hear about it again. Again when she is defending her design on the runway and finally during her exit interview. I doubt there is any other item that gets as much mention as Kirsten's scarf. And you know I'll be keeping track. Obsessed?

Now on to the quiz:

These are not in sequence -

1. "After I heard from Tim, I didn't know what to take care of first."

2. "How can I take this and make it the absolute opposite of what it is now?"

3. "...well, that's kind of nervy..."

4. "Other people didn't take the time element into consideration."

5. "I really felt that I failed."

6. "This is going to be a really tight day"

7. "I know it's very bad...."

8. "It's par for the course for me to be a little nervous."

9. "She's dropped out, which isn't good."

10. "I don't need to hear all this."

11. "It was totally tacky."

12. "We thought that your taste level wasn't there."

13. "I just about peed in my pants."

14. "I want to be like Shakespeare."

15. "Tarah, my little Naomi Campbell, part two."

16. "It's a print of Rasputin, dude."

17. "That's not going to happen."

18. "I was like 'holy crap.'"

19. "At first I put on what was my old prom dress."

20. "We have to do a little makeover for Diana."

21. "I'm going to miss the coat a little bit."

22. "Hopefully there's a sink with soap."

23. "Poor girl, you've got nothing on."

24. "There's no material possession that I have that I wouldn't let go to gain more."

25. "I cut when I'm certain."

26. "Do you have a compass?"

27. "I always make my deadline."

28. "I went for that sort of very urban Oliver Twist hipster look."

29. "Mine doesn't have to be most brilliant. It just needs to be good enough to keep me hangin' in there."

30. "Lemme explain the scarf."

31. "I was bedraggled!"

Answers are in the comments section.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Okay Santino

We've all had a good laugh and we FULLY EXPECT you to redeem yourself - don't let us down.

Project Outcast

Karen Garrett is a fashion designer and artist. She is following along with the challenges on Project Runway. Here is her interpretation of the "six yards of muslin challenge."

Here is her Clothes Off Your Back before:

and after.

Visit Project Outcast to see more of Karen's designs.

What do you think?

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Deers have been done...

The antler look is so 2004.... (Viktor and Rolf)


...I totally need to exercise...

Who's Your Momma?

Momma Klu! That's who! (Inside joke - that's what my students call me...) Anyway - thank you to all who recognized that I predicted Daniel F to be "out" and Daniel V to be "in" this week. I also predicted correctly last week. I have no idea who to pick for the next challenge but I'll be watching carefully for clues. Right now I'm thinking either Emmett or Marla will be out - but I THINK I spotted Marla in a clip from a later challenge. So I'll probably go with Emmett. Even Tim admits in his podcast that Emmett isn't quite the patternmaker or sewer that this program requires.

I checked the PR website and sure enough they have credited me with my points. However I fully expect them to disappear by the next time I check. I'm sure I will once again have to re-register and start over at zero. Maybe I'll take a photo of the screen.... Oh well, it's just for fun anyway, right? It's not like I'm obsessed with the show or anything. Maybe I'll just write to the Bravo people for the fifth time..... : )

Is This The Look You Were Going For, Santino?

It's $125.00 on

Here is a
link. I just can't resist adding a part of the descriptive text:

"This will make you want to go to the Alps and yodel like our Heidi girl. Watch her blow her ram's horn in this suspender-style shorts set, and white cotton shirt with puff sleeves. Yode-lo-le-hi-hoo!"

Wanting To Send A Note To Daniel Franco?

Here is his e-mail address:

More Later!

Professor Gunn's Vocabulary Lesson - Podcast #4

ne plus ultra
1.The highest point, as of excellence or achievement; the ultimate.
2.The most profound degree, as of a condition or quality.

"She's really the ne plus ultra of lingerie models and knows more than anyone."


adj: not having material deleted;

"If I can just give my own unexpurgated view of things..."

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

"Everybody Loves A Train Wreck."

Wow. The Barbie challenge was so great and this one was so bad. Am I watching the same show?

Santino's collection was horrendous! Are you serious? Laughable. "Hey Santino, Gepetto called, he wants his cuckoo clock girls back." I can't believe Santino survived. I posted on one of the boards that I believe the producers kept him for drama.

Remember when Austin made that horrible "wedding gown?" Well, somehow he survived. Of course, because he was a fan favorite and people were tuning in to see him. No matter how bad the dress was, he got a "pass." I think the same thing has happened to Santino. The producers know that he is entertaining and fans are enjoying watching him every week. People have more to say about him than anyone else. It's great to watch a giant unchecked ego. He is completely out of touch with reality.

Now that he has offended just about every contestant, every judge and most of the fans, things should get REALLY interesting. What will happen on January 4th? (Remember, there is no new episode next Wednesday - just reruns - then "Social Scene" on January 4th.)

Santino had better come up with an undisputably winning design. He is in for it. No more "passes."

"Everybody Loves A Train Wreck" Tim Gunn

It's an illness

I'm watching the Project Runway marathon hoping for a new commercial preview. Anyone else suffering from this?

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Thanks for caring, Esq.Lady!

I'm picking Daniel F to go and Daniel V to win. Here is my logic: I kind of started this on the thread below.

1. I don't think Santino's team will win - why would he be arguing if he wins?

2. I don't think Santino's team will lose - Santino and Nick on the same team is just not going to lose.

3. Kara is upset with Daniel F - later Daniel F is upset - They aren't going to win. They might lose.

4. We've seen the Lupe/Diana/Marla design. It's the thong and I don't think it's going to win.

5. So - even though I have no idea what this design looks like, I'm figuring the Andrae/Daniel V/Zulema team to win. I believe Daniel V is the leader because he is standing in the middle. I'm just guessing that the leaders are responsible for the win or the loss - so I'm picking Daniel V.

Now for the loser.

6. I definitely saw Diana in a preview for a later show. Her team won't lose. So Daniel F's team loses and since Daniel F (according to my previous assumptions) is the leader - he will take the fall.

ONLY GUESSING FOLKS - I have no inside knowledge. I just read all of the boards, all of the bios, etc. like anyone else can and try to come up with something.

Now won't it be fun to see how they decide the teams?


When I try to log on to the "Fashion Face-off" game on the Project Runway Website - the site doesn't recognize me! Grrr.... It says I'm not registered. Grrrrr... When I enter my e-mail address and ask for my password I get the message that I am not registered and I am! The last time I checked I was greeted by name and told my score. Grrrr... So I wrote to - no answer so far. Anyone else having this problem?

Finally I just re-registered. I was hoping for the message "You have already registered" - but no... I entered my picks for this week. Anyone interested in my choices?

Monday, December 19, 2005


You would have to believe that the producers of Project Runway will be looking for a designer with CHARACTER this time. They must be disappointed that Jay McCarroll "turned down" his mentorship with Banana Republic. There must be something pretty wild going on behind the scenes if Jay didn't even receive his $100,000 cash. Furthermore, he seems to offend every professional he comes in contact with. He rarely completes a sentence that doesn't have to be bleeped. Even in an interview where he has time to think about it he STIll swears. His attitude seems to be "Okay thanks Bravo, but I don't need you or your bleeping mentorship..."

I know everyone loves Jay. But if you examine his background and his habits, it was clear from the beginning that Jay was not exactly a "gentleman." He never pretended to be. He was perfectly honest from the start that he had worked in porn. This didn't seem to be a problem for the producers - they included it prominently in his bio and interviews. Also his smoking habit was featured in every episode. But all of these things speak to his character. {I haven't noticed any mention of cigarette smoking this season, have you? Maybe when the designers go out to party we'll see them smoking.) Anyway...

I'm not saying they were wrong to choose Jay - his designs at Fashion Week were completely fabulous. I'm just predicting that they will look closely at the character of the designers this season. I don't think they want to be humiliated again. We'll see....

Help! I'm stumped.

Oh, I was just so proud of myself for picking the correct winner and loser last week and now I'm completely stumped. For this week, here are my clues.....

First we have Santino arguing with Nina. This tells me that his team didn't win. We also have Daniel Franco crying and whining - and not in a good way. His team probably didn't win either. Maybe Daniel Franco is out this week. His sobbing in the previews might just be to mislead us though....

Anyway I'm figuring that the winner must be from one of the two remaining teams. That would be the Andrae/Daniel V/Zulema team or the Lupe/Diana/Marla team. Now, the Lupe/Diana/Marla team is the team working on the thong number which IMHO is pretty awful. I don't think this design will win. But what does the Andrae/Daniel V/Zulema team come up with? I don't know! And...apparently Kara has some experience with designing lingerie. Her "boy shorts" are for sale on the PR website. Is Daniel F's little outburst of emotion maybe because his team WINS? Hmmmmm.... I might have to have another look. Somehow I doubt it.

We also see a clip of Zulema asking for a "walk-off." Is this because her team wins this time and she gets first choice of the models next week? I don't think so because there aren't enough models on the catwalk. This must be from a later episode. I think this bit is a red herring. But I'm just guessing.

Well...onto the losers.... I'm pretty sure that if Santino's team loses it will be Emmett who bites the dust. Santino refers to him as "dead weight" after all... If Daniel Franco's team loses then I think it's him who leaves. Chloe is so competent and mature, I'm certain she won't do anything to let the team down. In fact I can't even imagine this team inventing a crappy design. The only problem could be that it isn't finished in time which would be Daniel's fault and Daniel will go.

I'm thinking that "team Zulema" will win. If so, then who will be declared the winner? How will they determine the winner? Will the leader be considered the winner? Is Daniel V the leader? He is standing in the center. Santino is in the center and speaking for his team. Daniel F is in the center and speaking for his team. So, does that mean that Daniel V is the team leader? And what the heck do they design? If you listen to Tim's podcast you'll hear that Zulema insists on working in the sewing room. (Where she can sabotage the machines by putting elastic thread in the bobbins and unthreading Marla's machine - JUST KIDDING OKAY CHILL OUT!)
So, perhaps this team works in the sewing room and this is why we don't have any hints of them in the background of any of the shots. Or do we? I'm going to have to watch this one more time.

Meanwhile...anybody wanna help me out with this? My head hurts!

What did Fourfour think of the Barbie Episode?

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Thin Ice...

Episode #206 is called "On Thin Ice." Will the designers be working on a skating costume? Hmmmm... One designer seems to have talent for this look - will he still be around? We'll see.....

EDIT: I googled this photo of a vintage PJ after reading the comment from Irene Done. She was right!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Only Two Left

I forgot to mention that I did pick up the "Project Runway" magazine at my local Banana Republic on Monday. I didn't see any on display so I asked at the chek-out counter and the salesperson told me that there were only two left.

I was a little disappointed in the publication. It's so thin! There's not too much new information in it either. But there was one feature that I thought was fun. There's a page with quotes from the series and then we are supposed to try to match them up with who said them. Of course, for a die-hard fan like me - they were super-simple.

So for fun - and for your amusement - and because I have GOT to get a life - I thought I'd make up a similar quiz for you!

For instance if I said "It's aesthetically not pleasing...." You'd answer "Nina Garcia." This quote comes from this week's promo. I'm going to start with quotes from the first show "Road to the Runway." These are pretty easy. Ready?

Here we go!

1. "I'm going to do whatever it takes to win."

2. "I like to do stuff with wearable computers."

3. "We are very entranced by you."

4. "I had this aura around me..."

5. "There's a website about my ass..." (note to self: find this!)

6. "I get all nervous, I'm like a spazz...."

7. "Can I hug y'all?"

8. "I have business-plan writers..."

9. "I call this the tornado print."

10. "There's going to be less talk of bliss, that's for sure."

11. "We have to caucus."

12. "Yeah, I got a haircut. I look like Bruce Lee."

13. "It's like, you know, "Smoke gets in your eyes" time..."

14. "I'm actually self-taught."

15. "Who's the mystery person?"

16. "....humbled through humiliation..."

17. "...muslin is unbleached cotton..."

18. "I like this. That'd make your boobs look big."

19. "My whole design thing is like sophisticated funk."

20. "Hours and hours, right?"

21. "I think I still have a little bit of time."

22. "Usually I use a lot of color."

23. "This GLOWING human being...."

24. "....and it has kind of an arty, organic feel..."

25. "How pretty are YOU?"

26. "I loved the way Claudia's hair was doing exactly what it was supposed to do."

27. "Fashion's full of people who kind of bounce in and bounce back."

28. "....this little doily effect in the back...."

29. "I did it in 8 hours."

30. "It doesn't neccessarily TAKE a week."

31. "You could find that dress...I don't know...on the back of a Rit dye box."

32. "I told you, no, I TOLD you...."

33. "There's a plan I know there is and I just gotta have faith and keep on truckin'"

The answers are in the comments. These are in sequence - next time I'll mix them up a little. I know these are too easy - but it's just for fun. Sorry I don't have any prizes!

Click Here...

...for 89 images of Austin Scarlett's Spring Collection. Yeah, I know they're small...

Friday, December 16, 2005

I wonder.....

...if Daniel Franco went back and finished his Barbie dress.... I think I'll ask Tim.

I spotted this...

...on the "Fans of Reality TV" message board:

Originally Posted by pagesix

December 13, 2005 -- 'PROJECT Runway" winner Jay McCarroll says he turned his back on the reality show's $100,000 grand prize.
McCarroll, who beat out 11 other competitors last spring on Bravo's designing reality show, walked away from the dough and the chance to be mentored by Banana Republic designers.

McCarroll told the Washington Post that he couldn't discuss his reasons for shunning the cash — due to strict contractual stipulations — but didn't deny that he thought there were "too many strings" attached to the grand prize.

McCarroll will be the focus of a one-hour Bravo documentary, "Project Jay," which will premiere in February, showing his move to New York and his efforts to launch a clothing line. — Post TV Staff

Nick's Barbie!

You can pre-order Nick's Barbie at the
Project Runway Website!


It's a problem.... This morning I went to the 10-second preview of next week's show and pressed play-pause-play-pause-play-pause to try to figure out what is going on. This is the "Team Lingerie" challenge. The teams are Emmett-Santino-Nick (We hear Santino referring to Emmett as "dead weight" I think....) then Chloe-Daniel F-Kara, then Andrae-Daniel V-Zulema, then Lupe-Diana-Marla.

The Santino team is working on something with a ruffled panty... Ahemm... rather sissy in my humble opinion.... We see another part of the ensemble in a brief glimpse on the mannequin.

The Diana team is working on the strappy thong number referred to in a previous post. They add some floaty-sleeve thing. Tim asks, "Is it I Dream of Jeanie?"

I am looking for more clues so I went back to last week's preview (obsessed?.)

I don't really see anything else that could be from the lingerie challenge so I don't know what the other teams have designed.

Is this the week for the smackdown between Santino and Nina? We hear Santino say "This came organically! I'm not copying anyone!" Does this mean that this team is the loser? Hmmmmm....

I was so proud of myself for correctly choosing last week's loser and winner. I entered my choices on the Bravo site and I see that I now have 60 points. But, this week I'm stumped. How will the loser be determined?

Wouldn't it be great if the LEADER of the losing team was eliminated? That would be the best. Earlier clips showed a whining Daniel Franco - maybe he is going to go. Also Marla is weak. I'm so disappointed in her lack of skills. How does she make her original garments if she doesn't really know how to drape?

Emmett is not getting a lot of airtime - is he just boring? Come on Emmett - you could be the "Dapper Gentlemen's Designer" on the show - please try to be more interesting - give us some fun sound bites! Be snotty. Be anything. But be SOMETHING!

Daniel V is really cute but none of his garments fit! You can almost forgive it in the first challenge - but a really intelligent designer would have taken into consideration the fact that since he didn't know the proportions of his model he shouldn't make a fitted garment and opt for a more "flowing" design..... For the second challenge, he made his jacket into a skirt and it looked like the "fly" was gaping. Very distracting... The purple dress in the third challenge was just meh.... Came on Daniel - you can do better than this...

I'm going to have to do a little more research before I make any predictions....any suggestions?


Thursday, December 15, 2005

Chloe Dao's Site

Be sure to read Chloe's Bio - she has certainly "paid her dues" in this industry!

Another Great Episode!

I love this show! Nick is completely likeable. He is really sweet and talented. I'm sticking with my original choices of Nick, Santino and Chloe for the final three. These early standouts are just so far above the rest of the pack - I don't think any of the others have the combination of skills, talent and personality to make it to the end. Of course...anything is possible...

I loved Nick's dress. One thing that is certain in this season of the show is that the winners - so far - have been pretty obvious. Even in the previews, when I saw Nick's dress, I was like - "Show me more of THAT dress, please!"

Daniel Franco is looking like a one-trick-pony. His stuff is so dark - Dan listen to me - I'll tell you one more time - BRIGHTEN UP! This is Barbie! The bright stuff looks much better on tv anyway.

Does it bother anyone else when Heidi says to the models, "Models, this is also a competition for you as well." Isn't that redundant? Poor grammar? Yet, she says it every week like it's her latest trademarked phrase. "Models, this is also a competition for you" or "Models, this is a competition for you as well" would be better, right?

Speaking of models - Daniel Franco has probably the best model ever. She was holding on to those open waistband seams with beauty and poise and I'm sure that the judges never knew - phew!

Okay - I have a busy day - I'll post more tonight!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My Barbie

I was born in 1959 - exactly the same year as Barbie. My first Barbie actually had a bouffant.... but this is about the clothes.... I was obsessed with Barbie clothes. The real actual manufacured-by-Mattel genuine articles. NOT something your grandma crocheted for your Barbie - not something your mom sewed from a Simplicity pattern either. It had to have the label. And the accessories. And the shoes. And those genuine outfits were expensive!

It was a treat for me to go to downtown Ft. Lauderdale and to shop at Burdine's Department Store. They had a marvelous toy department with loads of Barbie gear. This was before Toys R Us. My mom would shop while I stayed in the Barbie dept. staring and longing for the outifts. Not the dolls. THE OUTFITS.

I would save up my allowance until I had enough. I recall that they were $3.95 each or $4.95 for the evening-type ensembles. You can not imagine how I would sweat over each decision. This was a lot of money for me.

I will never forget my favorite outfit. It's called "All That Jazz." It was glorious in its bright colors - a shot of metallic - a pleated skirt on the mini-dress - a coordinating coat. I paired it with go-go boots but they weren't really part of the original ensemble. I googled these images. And they illustrate this point: Girls don't really have refined taste.

No - girls want their Barbies to have all-out glamour and bright color and lots of details to stare at and enjoy. This isn't something a real person would wear. But Barbie.... Ah Barbie... She's a doll! She can wear ANYTHING!

EDIT - After reading the comment from moi;), I checked to see if I could find this outfit on eBay (and no, I don't want to buy it.) Sure enough - there it is! Buy it now for $225.00. This will probably beat out the final prices on several of the Project Runway designs this week....

Just Guessing of Course....

But after reading through several forums, blogs, websites and pausing and rewinding through the preview of tonight's episode about five times..... I think that maybe tonight's "Fashion Icon" is Barbie. As in Doll. As in "All Dolled Up" which is the title of this episode.

Next - I see a bathing suit in the preview. While I don't actually know if this is one of the designs from tonight episode - Barbie does look nice in a thong... or does she???? Do we really need to see another model's "booty" this week? Will there be side-by-side comparison booty photos tomorrow morning? Wait! That bathing suit looks an awful lot like Jay's bathing suit design from Season One..... Is this what prompts Tim to say something about a "copycat?" Hmmmmm..... We'll see...

Is tonight's challenge a "team" challenge? I see Zulema ordering someone around. Was it Kara? I can't recall.... anyway....why else would she be bossing anyone around? Are Santino and Emmett on the same team? How will they get along? How will they choose these teams? Oh the suspense.....

Also I see a large orange Puffball skirt. Kind of reminds me of a costume from Cirque du Soleil. What sort of challenge would result in this design? Is it even from tonight? Is this for Barbie? Hmmmmmm.... We'll see. Counting down the hours.... Isn't this fun?

Project Runway 2 Fan Art T-Shirts

No - I am not responsible...Thanks to SillyMamma on the Twop Forum! There are more shirts at Cafe Press. Check them out!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Time is running out!

Pursedeals has a Project Runway pool going. Can you pick the final three designers? Visit Pursedeals and scroll down to December 8th to enter your predictions. But hurry - pool closes tomorrow!

Here is a link to Kevin Johnn's Site

Even with my high-speed internet connection, I thought the designs were slow to load. Maybe I'm just impatient : ) His stuff looks great though. What do you think?


Here is a great quote from this news article about Project Runway.

"Somehow, though, Bravo's "Project Runway" has found a way to spark intense interest in the creative process, getting us hyped up over draping and sewing fabric, of all things. Every Wednesday at 10 p.m., the series transforms even the laziest dressers (guilty as charged) into fashion critics."

For the past few years it's been hard to find sewing classes in the schools. The Home Ec labs of the past have been replaced with computer labs. Young girls (and boys) have no idea how to sew. Classes are offered at retail sewing machine and fabric stores, but these are mostly geared to adult women. How does a creative young girl learn to sew? Her mom is too busy and not interested. Her grandmother might teach her how to quilt...or even to knit. She might teach her how to follow a pattern - but these girls want to create their own designs - or maybe to re-create a look they've seen in a magazine. Who is teaching them? Who is inspiring them? Where will they acquire the skills?

I've told this story before but this is what made me realize that it was important to teach sewing:

At my oldest son's high school graduation in 2000 I asked his friend, Jessica, what she was going to do next. She told me she was going to go to "FIDM in CALIFORNIA to become a FASHION DESIGNER!" Well, I was really impressed..... "Jessica! You SEW?!?!?" I asked. "No...." she frowned. It did not occur to her that sewing was a skill she might need in order to "become a fashion designer."

It was a great moment for me. I've been teaching sewing for free out of my house ever since. We start with easy fun projects like necktie skirts, bags and skirts from blue jeans and other "recycled projects" that don't require patterns. Then we move on to pajama pants, and circle skirts and gypsy skirts. You can see photos of my students on my other blog, Rick Rack Ruby.

Anyway, the BEST thing about Project Runway is that it shows the viewers what goes into designing and producing an outfit. These contestants are drafting patterns, draping, pinning, cutting and sewing. There are important skills here. Just "wanting to be a fashion designer" and having "ideas" is not enough.

Thank you Project Runway.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Here... a link to some of Alexandra Vidal's designs. Cute!


The Project Runway Website has a contest where we can choose who be think will win and lose each week. I've chosen Nick to win and Raymundo to be "Out." I'm just guessing that since Nick is super-talented and fun - he is due for a win and I don't see Raymundo in any of the previews of upcoming shows. So, Who do you think will win this week? Who will go? Sadly, I don't see Daniel Franco in any of the previews either.... My January Elle had BETTER arrive today!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Did You Know?

You can bid on the Project Runway fashions. These are the actual clothes featured in the challenges. It has been speculated that the reason that Kirsten didn't want to use her scarf was because she would have to give it up to the auction.

Just for fun I did a search on eBay for "Vintage Hermes Scarf" and there are currently 59 scarves up for auction. I'm sure there would have been a lot more if I had tried different parameters. Then I did a search for "Napoleon Scarf" and there are nine! All Hermes. I don't think it would have been very hard for Kirsten to replace her scarf.

Here is a link to a 2002 GenArt Fashion Show featuring Kirstens's bathing suit designs as well as an interview (about halfway through the clip.) Just click on the little movie camera icon in the window. Trust me, it works.

Click Here for an interview with Tim Gunn

Child Prodigy!

I've listened to Zulema several times and each time, I'm like "What?..." Apparently Zulema has been sewing her own clothes - by hand - since she was five years old!

Yeah, right.

And where oh where is my January Elle? I see it in the stores, but as a subscriber, I'm supposed to get the Project Runway magazine bundled with the issue. Maybe it will arrive today!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Click Here...

..and then scroll down looking for a window on the right. This is a video of a "Today Show" interview with Heidi Klum (whose name apparently rhymes with "plum" according to hostess...) regarding our favorite show. Some fun facts from the interview: The pink cupcake maternity dress worn by Heidi in episode one was designed by Kara Saun. Also, the only new designer that she mentions by name is.....Santino! I think he must be around for a while. Check it out!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

I've Done My Homework...

I've listened to Tim Gunn's podcasts, checked the message boards and watched both episodes. Here are my impressions:

The first show was wonderful. How awesome to finally have a challenge where the designers had an entire week to construct a garment. The results were telling. The labor and thought that went into Nick's garment and Santino's were obvious. Also, Emmitt looked like he put a lot of effort into his, but the fit wasn't right and they dress is altogether unflattering. It's kind of like a reconstruction of a cutwork tablecloth dyed pink. Meanwhile, some of the garments were rather amateurish and It's surprising that these designers even made it to the show.

I like Santino (my hero) and Chloe and Diana. I do not like Zulema. I hope she leaves soon! There's a word for her and it starts with a b - but it's not in my g-rated vocabulary. I was happy to see her humiliated HA HA! I loved Daniel V's video but his designs are not as interesting. Oh, I also like NICK! He's got the combination of great personality and talent that should take him far. Of course I like Marla too - I've got to root for a 51-year-old who's been sewing all of her life and finally got the big break - but her design in the 2nd episode was really really weak. She's got to improve if she wants to stay. We'll see.

My favorite part of the show had to be Andrae's meltdown. It was so awful - and yet kind of fake - I didn't see any actual tears, did you? I loved the way the camera cut to Santino's face.....

I also enjoyed watching Daniel Franco's face. He is completely transparent. So far his designs are rather dark - brighten up Daniel! Everyone is rooting for you! And thanks for leaving your bliss at home.

Please leave me some comments - thanks!


At last! A very satisfying premiere to say the least! The show didn't even start until 11:00 pm here so I set the vcr and watched it this morning.

I still stand by Santino. It's so refreshing to hear his deep resonant voice. I think he's completely entertaining. More later!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Check it out!

This is a 10-minute preview of the new series! Oooh I can't wait for tomorrow!

Thanks Santino!

Whenever I can locate any contact info for a Project Runway contestant I will e-mail them and mention my blog. They never write back. Except for Santino - who is now officially my favorite. I can't wait to see the show tomorrow to see what he comes up with!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I Got The Season One DVD Yesterday!

Naturally I started with the "Special Features." There was a design gallery of fashions that are almost the exact same things that are on the website. There were some deleted scenes. Nothing too special - there's a reason that this stuff was cut. I did enjoy a scene where Austin was upset because Rob stole his nice clean towel - Rob's towel is hard to miss since is it covered in self-tanner....ugh. I'd be mad too, Austin. Meanwhile Jay is explaining that Austin and Rob are actually in love with one another.

Also, it's pretty apparent that Vanessa has a drinking problem...

Now, for the good part. It's called "WEAR are they now?" We start with Jay and the photo shoot for his disappointing "spread" in Elle magazine. He is insulting and crude as usual. The stylist, the hair and make-up people and the photographer are all very professional and polite. Nina Garcia and Tim Gunn and encouraging and supportive. Everyone is very patient with Jay's rudeness and interference. He expects that he will have a twelve-page spread with each outfit styled exactly like his runway show. The sylist patiently explains that perhaps it is more appropriate to mix and match the pieces in his collection with a pair of jeans or a t-shirt "like the girl on the street" would actually wear it. After the Elle shoot is complete we hear Jay's reaction. He complains, claiming that Gilles (the photographer) "Hates me because I swore in his studio." Yeah, Jay, that's what happens when you insult and offend people. I was disappointed when I saw the meager spread in Elle. Now it makes perfect sense.

Next we see Kara Saun. She is polished and lovely as usual. She might have lost some weight. She is very excited about her new opportunities. She is completely positive and professional. We see her at a Hollywood party. I featured a photo from this same party earlier in the blog. It is interesting to see the same fashions from the runway featured on different models in a more intimate setting. Go Kara!

Next is Wendy. She is focusing on a line of "mother-of-the-bride" fashions. She has moved her studio out of her basement and into a retail space "down the street." She also has an on-line boutique and seems very happy.

Next is Austin. He is in full Austin mode in his interview sporting a silk scarf nattily tossed over his shoulder and secured with a corsage. Austin is working on a Spring 2006 collection. Shouldn't we have seen this by now? Maybe he means it will be ready in Spring. Or maybe I missed it - sorry.
Austin claims that receiving the criticism from the judges was "one of the best parts" of the show. On this day Austin is serving as a judge at the New York City auditions. They admit that personality is as important as talent. On personality Austin definitely scores high. He is adorable.

Last is Robert. He is the same lovable yet really really stupid character that we saw on the show. He describes how he was a designer in Russia in 2000. We see a couple of slides of these designs. He explains that although his real last name is Plotkin, even HE has trouble pronouncing it so, he went by the very professional name of Robert Trebor. Pronounced Tray-BOR. He explains - in case we missed it - that Trebor is Robert spelled backwards. Gotta love that Rob.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Man Sues Producers of Project Runway

While I was gone on vacation this news came out. A man named Joel Lamontagne claims that he pitched the idea for Project Runway to Tony Yates at Project Greenlight in February 2003. There are about 50 on-line references (click on the link above) to this story but they all say basically the same thing:

LOS ANGELES Nov 24, 2005 — A man is suing the producers and sponsors of the cable reality show "Project Runway," charging that the Emmy-nominated series is based on a script of his that was rejected two years ago.

Joel Lamontagne, who filed the lawsuit Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, claims he pitched a show called "America's Fashion Designer Search" to producer Tony Yates at Project Greenlight in February 2003. Ultimately, he was told the company was too busy to proceed.

"We think they took this idea, promoted it and it's been a big success," said Ivan Schwartz, Lamontagne's lawyer.

Requests for comment from Greenlight went unanswered Wednesday.

"Project Runway" features designers who compete in weekly fashion challenges in hopes of breaking into the business. It first aired on Bravo in December 2004 and a second season begins next month.

The lawsuit contends that Project Greenlight developed the show for Miramax Films, which then sold it to Bravo and NBC Universal. All three companies are named in the lawsuit, as well as Yates and sponsors such as the Gap, Banana Republic, Elle magazine and L'Oreal.

Schwartz said the lawsuit seeks "tens to hundreds of millions of dollars" in damages.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Monday, November 14, 2005

Project Runway Magazine!

The December issue of Elle magazine has plenty of Project Runway news. One especially interesting tidbit is this "...He's referring to his prize as the Runway winner, $100,000 plus a Banana Republic "mentorship" which McCarroll eventually declined in favor of working on his own." Apparently Jay is just too good to work with Banana Republic.

Of course earlier in the interview Jay's typical rudeness and vulgarity are evident. Gee I can hardly wait for Project Jay.

The big news is this: There is a Project Runway magazine coming out which is supposed to be available exclusively at Banana Republic stores on December 7th. What fun!

Friday, November 11, 2005

I heart Wendy Pepper

I watched Wendy on "Celebrity Poker" last night. I also spotted her on "Battle of the Network Reality Stars." In both cases she seemed lovely. Attractive, charming, and rather quiet, ladylike and composed. It seems to me that she is the biggest star of Project Runway.

All media references to Jay seem to be negative. He is vulgar, crude, drunk or just impolite. In at least one case he later apologized for his extreme rudeness claiming drunkenness as an excuse. In every interview half of the words are bl**ped out. It was kind of funny at first, Jay, but it's getting old. Grow up - try to be more like Wendy....

Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Countdown Begins

Just about a month remains until the premiere of Project Runway Two! Meanwhile, here is a link to all of the scheduled Project Runway shows building up to and beyond the premiere. It looks like we'll have plenty of opportunities to view each episode. There's also a Project Runway One marathon on November 19th and a build-up marathon all day on the 7th of December. of course, by then I'll have the DVD!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Project Model 2

Here is a photo of the designers as well as the models for Season Two of Project Runway...

...Wouldn't it be great if - for one challenge - the MODELS CHOSE THE DESIGNER?!?!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Kara Saun 2?

One of "Runway's" contestants, New Yorker Zulema Griffin, already has design experience under her belt.

October 17, 2005 -- New Yorkers have three local rooting interests in the upcoming second season of "Project Runway."
And the one who is showing her true colors is Zulema Griffin, a young designer with at least eight independent movies and an off-off-Broadway musical to her credit.

The producers of "Runway" have been unusually tight-lipped about the crop of 16 contestants chosen for the hit reality series that turned fashion design into "Survivor" with straight pins.

But Zulema, who's first photo for the show was by far the most outrageous, has more than a little experience in theatrical design.

She was the costume designer for "A Perfect Fit," starring Adrian Grenier from HBO's "Entourage," which debuted last summer, and "Men Without Jobs," a hip-hop buddy film also starring an HBO actor, Andre Royo from "The Wire."

She even has some TV experience, designing clothes for an ABC Family pilot called "Taylor Made," starring Erik Estrada and Nickelodeon personality Candace Bailey. The show was never made into a series.

The other New Yorkers are Daniel Vosovic, at 24, one of the youngest in the competition, and Emmett McCarthy, one of the oldest at 42.

Monday, October 17, 2005

I'm A Runner-Up in Manolo's Shoe Essay Contest!

Here is my entry!

A Pageant Notice Appears in the Walk-in Closet

The stiletto stared haughtily at the peep-toe,
A superior glint in her eye;
“The loveliest shoe in the closet is ME
There’s no need to even apply.”

The Birkenstock laughed in a natural way,
“Why you’re lovely alright, that’s for sure.
How often do you go out? Once in a while? Why,
I’VE been on a national tour.”

The sneaker remarked “Well I’m comfortable too,
And I’m practical, stylish and fun.
I help her stay fit and I go to the gym
I am the most valuable one.”

The pump said, “Well look at me, I go to WORK.
Responsible me, I’m the best!
Without me the rest of you wouldn’t be here,
And she wouldn’t be wonderfully dressed !”

The boot had been quiet right up until then,
But felt that she had to speak out.
“I keep her feet warm in the winter,” she said.
“I’m the one that she can’t do without!”

The flip-flop chimed in “In the summer it’s ME!
I go to the beach and the pool
I’m easy to slip on and off and I’m hip -
And so trendy and casual-cool.”

(The sandal considered the flip-flop cheap trash
Not worthy of even a thought
While SHE showed the pedicure off with great flair
Yes, she was the best of the lot….)

The peep-toe declared she had retro-chic charm
And got to go swing dancing too,
Why, no other shoe was as perfect as she
Not the Blahnik or even the Choo.

The shoes all continued to argue and brag.
Each had a unique point of view.
But no one else matters – Manolo is here!
So…Which is YOUR favorite shoe?


Submitted by Laura Kluvo

Super Fantastic Runner Up
Manolo’s Super Fantastic Essay Contest

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Here are the Season Two Contestants! Recognize anyone?

Top to bottom, left to right:

Andrae Gonzalo, 32 :: Los Angeles, CA
Kara Janx, 29 :: Johannesburg, South Africa
Nick Verros, 38 :: Los Angeles, CA
Emmett McCarthy, 42 :: New York, NY
Heidi Standridge, 25 :: Atlanta, GA
Guadalupe Vidal, 29 :: Los Angeles, CA
Zulema Griffin, 28 :: New York, NY
Daniel Vosovic, 24 :: New York, NY
John Wade, 24 :: Los Angeles, CA
Marla Duran, 51 :: Allentown, PA
Santino Rice, 30 :: Los Angeles, CA
Kirsten Ehrig, 37 :: Los Angeles, CA
Diana Eng, 22 :: Jacksonville, FL
Daniel Franco, 31 :: Los Angeles, CA
Raymundo Baltazar, 24 :: Los Angeles, CA
Chloe Dao, 33 :: Houston, TX

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Project Runway 2 Contestants Announced

On Wednesday, December 7 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, Bravo will launch the second season of the Emmy-nominated, premier reality series focusing on fashion designers, "Project Runway." The premiere episode of the thirteen, one-hour episode run, will pit sixteen designers against one another on the Road to the Runway. These contestants will compete in weekly design challenges at Parsons The New School For Design in New York City, until only three remain and face off once again at New York Fashion Week in February.

Eager to give aspiring designers a chance to break into the notoriously difficult-to-crack fashion world, supermodel Heidi Klum will once again head a panel of industry luminaries, including top women's and men's wear designer Michael Kors and Elle Magazine fashion director Nina Garcia, who will serve as judges and industry mentors charged with selecting and molding the budding designers. There will also be guest judges each week based on the specific challenge. Tim Gunn, Chair of the Parsons The New School For Design, will return to guide the contestants through each of their challenges.

"The first season of 'Project Runway' generated incredible buzz and even more incredible designs," said Bravo President, Lauren Zalaznick. "We are thrilled to bring back this high quality, high drama series with new design challenges that inspire the creativity from the designers that viewers expect."

The new season's sixteen designers are:

Raymundo Baltazar, 24 -- Los Angeles, CA
Kara Janx, 29 -- Johannesburg, South Africa
Chloe Dao, 33 -- Houston, TX
Emmett McCarthy, 42 -- New York, NY
Marla Duran, 51 -- Allentown, PA
Santino Rice, 30 -- Los Angeles, CA
Kirsten Ehrig, 37 -- Los Angeles, CA
Heidi Standridge, 25 -- Atlanta, GA
Diana Eng, 22 -- Jacksonville, FL
Nick Verros, 38 -- Los Angeles, CA
Daniel Franco, 31 -- Los Angeles, CA
Guadalupe Vidal, 29 -- Los Angeles, CA
Andrae Gonzalo, 32 -- Los Angeles, CA
Daniel Vosovic, 24 -- New York, NY
Zulema Griffin, 28 -- New York, NY
John Wade, 24 -- Los Angeles, CA

The winning designer will walk away with $100,000 in seed money to help them launch their own line and a 2007 Saturn SkyRoadster, both provided by Saturn. The winner's designs will be featured in a spread in ELLE, photographed by the magazine's world-renowned Publication Director, Gilles Bensimon. They will also receive a mentorship from the Banana Republic Design Team.

"Project Runway" is executive produced by Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz of Magical Elves ("Project Greenlight," "Last Comic Standing"). Heidi Klum and her managers Desiree Gruber and Jane Cha of NYC-based Full Picture also executive produce the series. Barbara Schneeweiss oversaw the production on behalf of Miramax Television and The Weinstein Company. Jen Berman oversaw the production on behalf of Miramax Television

Monday, September 26, 2005

Daniel Who?

Project Runway returns in December and will include a familiar cast member

Project Runway 2 will debut on Bravo late this year, on Wednesday, December 7. Sometime between now and then, probably rather close to the debut, Bravo will air the “Project Jay” special, showing us what Jay’s been up to besides making bitchy remarks about everyone he encounters.

On the second season, one of the designers competing will be familiar to those who watched season one—or at least watched season one’s first episode. That’s because Daniel Franco, the first designer to ever hear Heidi Klum say “you’re out,” will return for the second season.

Daniel tells TV Guide Online that he “wasn’t really proud of my performance or my portrayal [during the first season]. It bummed me out. I was like, ‘I’m through with TV.’” But alas, he’s back, and he says that returning “felt like a bit of a redemption. I thought, ‘Yeah!’ Then I said, ‘Aw, s***, not again!’”

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Heidi Klum's Emmy Dress...

...was lovely - I thought. But it was not designed by Jay or Kevin or any of the Project Runway designers. Here is what Page Six had to say:

"September 22, 2005 -- SURLY "Project Runway" winner Jay McCarroll is said to be furious with his patron saint, Heidi Klum, because she nixed the dress he made for her to wear to the Emmys in favor of a wispy, floral, off-the-shoulder Christian Dior frock. McCarroll, who is now filming 12 episodes of "Project Jay" — a follow-up show to "Project Runway" — whipped up an outfit for Klum, who had given birth just six days earlier to Henry, her and Seal's son, all of which was documented by a camera crew. McCarroll was said to be shocked that his dress was not picked. But a rep for Klum said that McCarroll's design was just one of the dresses she tried on. "The day of the Emmys, the gown just did not work. It probably was the most challenging task of 'Project Runway' ever — design a dress for a woman who has just given birth."

Now, first of all I can't imagine Jay "surly" can you? Second - TWELVE EPISODES of Project Jay!!!! Now that's exciting news!!!!!

Monday, September 12, 2005

More News From Kara Saun!

I lifted this from the NY Times Website...I think...

Kara Saun hired as WB sit-com's costume designer, created dresses for Top Model 5

Kara Saun lost Project Runway, but she insists, “I did win.”

That’s because she’s just been hired as the costume designer for a WB sit-com, What I Like About You. (That follows a gig designing clothes for TLC’s appearances on their show R U the Girl.) Kara got the new job after “the show’s producers saw her work on last season’s ‘Runway’ and called her,” the New York Times reports. “She has spent the last month haunting fabric shops and putting her staff of five costumers to work ‘building,’ as she describes it, new clothes for the seven regular cast members, including the series’ stars.”

Kara also did work for the upcoming America’s Next Top Model 5. She “recently designed 13 gold metallic leather dresses worn by the ‘Top Model’ contestants for the latest ad campaign for the show,” the Times reports.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Desperate for Project Runway News....

...I googled Kara Saun and came up with this delightful photo gallery from a party at the Wayans's. Kara Saun looks exceptionally lovely. Don't you agree?

Monday, September 05, 2005


I've completely lost interest in "The Cut." At first it seemed like it might be a show to fill the empty place left at the end of Project Runway, but as the show goes on I just can't continue to watch it. The problem is Tommy Hilfiger. He seems like such a jerk.

Project Runway allows the designers to be the stars. Their creativity shines. Tim Gunn is there as support - he doesn't overshadow the personalities of the designers, he just serves as a very helpful sounding board and mentor. Heidi is very low-key. Sure, she gets to dismiss the loser each week, but she doesn't CHOOSE the loser - a TEAM of qualified judges decides. Heidi is the hostess as well as a producer, but the show is not about Heidi.

Tommy gives his contestants ridiculous, humiliating, pointless assignments. This is not entertainment. Tommy sets them up to argue and criticize one another. This show is strictly a vehicle for Tommy, Inc. The winner will be the biggest Tommy-butt-kisser. You know who I'm talking about. No contest.

So, I'm sorry.... no more posts about "The Cut." I haven't even watched the last two episodes. Does anyone even care about The Cut?

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

True to Form

Austin was charming and adorable on The Battle of the Network Reality Stars. I tuned in late and only got a glimpse of Wendy Pepper.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Project Runway News!

I lifted this from the "Entertainment Weekly" website!

''Project Runway'' losers become real winners -- We look at recent successes by alums of the Bravo reality show by Lisa Costantini
Those first-season Project Runway alums are continuing the grand reality-show tradition of losers becoming real-life winners (see Clay Aiken and Trista Rehn). While champ Jay McCarroll will star in his own Bravo documentary, Project Jay, early next year, runner-up Kara Saun styled TLC's T-Boz and Chilli for their reality series R U the Girl and Amanda Bynes for What I Like About You. As for fellow losers Kevin Johnn (who'll continue dressing Heidi Klum for Runway's season 2) and fan favorite Austin Scarlett, they'll both unveil their new collections in September during NYC's Fashion Week. And what about childish, scheming Wendy Pepper? She just opened her own clothing store, and she's creating a ready-to-wear collection aimed at ''mature'' women. Now that's designing against type.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

I Loved "The Cut" last night!

Wow - what a great episode! The contestants were challenged to create an "iconic advertising campaign" photograph. Actually, in retrospect that sounds a little vague. Some interpreted it to mean an iconic image of New York. Some thought they were supposed to be selling Tommy Hilfiger clothes, and some apparently believed they were creating images of their own iconic selves!

Elizabeth's image of the beautiful model in a ballgown created from American flags (that were not cut and never touched the floor) was my hands-down favorite. The model was posed in Grand Central Station. So - there are all sorts of iconic interpretations here.... patriotism, fashion, waiting, going, "terminating..." whatever - it was a great photo!

Wes definitely lost some points here. He always seemed like a genuinely nice guy - now he seems sort of over-the-top...that's putting it mildly. He was disappointed that he couldn't find any "multi-colored jockstraps." His image is of a handsome blond baseball player. Wes posed him with hot dogs and squirting mustard.... ummmm... no comment here.... but good taste won out and the final image was a cute picture of the model's face blowing a bubble.

Deanna really cracked me up in this episode. First she demanded that her cabbie cut all of the other cabs off to assure that she would arrive at the photographer's agent's office first. This way, she would have first choice of the photographers. When Liz (naturally curious) asked how she managed to arrive first - Deanna was pretty pleased with herself. ALL of the photographers were professionals and ALL were way above the talent caliber of this group - believe me...

She intended to present an image of a "Young, Driven American" - just like her! So at the modeling agency she booked a model that reminded her of Angelina Jolie... Hmmm, Deanna - Angelina - sure I can see the resemblance...

Now Deanna is "ready to do what I do best which is dress people and style them for the shoot...." That is a direct quote - I recorded the episode and fast forwarded to this point and played it three times just to be sure I didn't misquote her. Imagine this quote followed by a scene of Deanna running through a corridor dressed in the following outfit:

Let's start at the bottom - black knee-high boots, Hot pink stockings - could be fishnet, hard to tell - a black mini-skirt, A red blouse with short puffed sleeves, suspenders and a man's necktie.... and this isn't even the weird part yet. Deanna has some sort of ruffly cuffs around her wrists. These are not attached to a sleeves - just worn around her wrists like cuffs or bracelets. These are long enough to extend beyond the edges of the sleeves of her coat. The back of the coat looks like it might have been one of the coats that the team re-worked in a previous challenge. There is some sort of applique on the back that appears to be falling off. She is wearing her customary unflattering make-up which manages to make her face look sort of mean and angry while not concealing any of her complexion flaws. Her hair is just indescribable.

This is the woman who claims that what she does best is dress and style people. This is her career.

Anyway, then Deanna headed to Betsey Johnson to choose the wardrobe for her shoot. Hmmmm.... Tommy Hilfiger - Betsey Johnson, Tommy Hilfiger - Betsey Johnson - sure Deanna, we can see the relevance.

Of course Deanna's photo looked just like A Paris Hilton shopping shot. Instead of a little dog, she used a cat. The model was dressed in pink ruffles and held about a dozen shopping bags. Actually they didn't look like shopping bags - more like gift bags and they were all the same. This is how Deanna sees the "Young, Driven American." More like "Spoiled Rich Girl Who Never Worked a Day in Her Life." Now that's an American Icon.

Okay - more later!

Monday, August 01, 2005

More Pepper Please

Wendy Pepper is going to be a contestant on the new Bravo series Battle of the Network Reality Stars. It premieres on Wednesday night August 17th. Can't wait.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Airplanes

Okay, the airplanes were both pretty bad. I don't know a thing about graphic design and even I would know that Tommy would like some version of his flag logo and his name superimposed on the plane. The bigger the better. But honestly, how many people would know how to execute this? This is a job for professionals.

My favorite part of the show was when Tommy saw his caricature. (Hey Tommy, where's your sense of humor? It's a CARICATURE - not a portrait!)

I'd love a t-shirt with that image of Tommy on the front and the "swastika" logo on the back and a caption reading "Do you really think this looks like me?"

"YES!" Tommy it does. Sorry.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

New Night For The Cut

The Cut moves to Friday next week. Oh why do I keep watching this? How much longer until Project Runway?

Monday, July 25, 2005

What Do you Think?

I was at Starbucks this morning and saw an Etta James cd...

Necktie Skirt #6

Introducing...the swishy skirt! This necktie skirt has been made with gutted ties. The basting stitches are pulled out and the interlining pieces are removed. It's much cooler and lighter weight than a regular necktie skirt but it's a LOT more work. I only made one.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Necktie Skirt #5

This is my daughter, Kaitlin in an orange necktie skirt. I went through about 5000 ties to find enough ties to make ONE orange skirt. It turned out great though. This is one of my all-time favorites!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Necktie Skirt #2 - Andrew Olsen

This is Andrew Olsen. Andrew came over last December to make a necktie skirt for his then-sweetheart, Sydney. I wrote about it
here. Great job, Andrew!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Necktie Skirt Wins The Day!

Hooray for necktie skirts! I really enjoyed tonight's episode of The Cut! I'm going to post necktie skirt photos every day for the next week with a little story about each.

Here is number one: This is my friend, Andrea Park, who is a fashion design student at Cornell. This is her very first necktie skirt. She was a very careful and patient student. I met Andrea at Chipotle where she worked last summer. I was paying for my meal and she noticed my bag.... Things took off from there!

A Really Bad Day...

Without much Project Runway news my blog is a bore - so I'm repeating a post from RickRackRuby. It was the day of the Project Runway marathon on Bravo....

I had big plans to stay home all day on Wednesday sewing and watching the Project Runway Marathon.... HA! First I had to drive William (my second grader) to the bus stop. Dan (the 11th grader) usually comes too but he wan't ready so I had to turn around and come back home to fetch him after Will's bus picked him up. I picked up Dan and took him to his friend's house (Kelly who usually drives him to school.) But Kelly had overslept and was running late so I had to drive Dan all the way to school. On the way there he said he hadn't had breakfast and asked if we could stop somewhere. We had time so I agreed. (He should have had breakfast while I was waiting at Will's bus stop. Are you following this?) By the time we got to Dan's school it was late and I got caught in the dreaded "drop-off snafu." Anyone who drives their kids to school knows what I mean. I returned home to find James about ready to leave. This is the easy one - he is in 7th grade and WALKS to his bus stop. BUT he had a Science Fair Project on one of those big boards and asked if I would drive him. I drove him to school too and When I finally arrived home it was 8:45. I took a shower and sat down to sew.

After about 15 minutes - the POWER went out! Arghhhh... I decided to make the best of it and moved into the kitchen where I have a skylight and could see very well. I windexed off the counter and started to cut out a new project. The phone rang and it was Dan asking me to pick him up - he "Didn't feel well..." I explained that there was no power and I didn't think I could get the garage door open but that I would try.

I went out to the garage, disengaged the electric door opener and tried to lift the door manually. I got it up, but it wouldn't stay. I tried several things. I stood on a chair, I got a ladder, but it just wouldn't stay up. I tried to call Dan back but he didn't answer his cell phone. I returned to the task. Now here is a word of advice: If you have to lift a large and heavy garage door by yourself be certain you are lifting from the absolute CENTER of the door.

I was off to one side and I heard a horrid screeching sound. The door was now stuck. I hopped down from the ladder and saw that the door was crooked, bent and hopelessly stuck. Some of the wheels were off the track. There was no way I was getting out of there. I was officially imprisoned.

I called my husband Ken and asked if he thought he could fix this. He is an engineer and really good at these things usually but he explained how dangerous garage doors were and how the tension in the spring held tons of force etc. etc. and this was a job for a professional. So I called the first garage door repair place in the yellow pages and they said they could be there between 11:00 and 2:00. I was certain that meant 2:00. Also, there was a miniumum charge of $49.00 for the service call... $199.00 to rewind a cable... $149.00 to reset the spring. If the bent panel had to be replaced that would be more. $$$$ etc. etc. So I feared the worst.

Meanwhile the power came back on. Dan called and said he was returning to class. He now felt "better..." Arghhhh.... I'm pretty sure he just went to the clinic to poop.

Anyway, I sat down to sew again and Ken called to say that he had a call from the bank to let us know that our checking account was overdrawn and we had until 4:00 their time to make a deposit. Ordinarily this wouldn't be a big deal. I can wire funds from my account here in Scottsdale to this account in Florida. But I was still waiting for the garage door guy.

BUT THERE IS GOOD NEWS - The Project Runway Marathon started at 12:00 and I had six new blank video cassettes! I set the first one to record the first two episodes. The garage door guy arrived and fixed everything for $314.00.

I headed to the bank and transferred funds by 12:30 my time. That's 2:30 their time - plenty of room before my 2:00 deadline. Things were improving....

But of course there was more to come.

My oldest son Matthew has been planning a trip to Florida to visit my mom for Spring Break. He has had airline tickets (he and his sweetheart Kelly are traveling together) since January. Well he called to ask if he could leave Kelly's dog here with me.

Please understand that we have never in 25 years of marriage had a dog. My husband absolutely forbids it. He won't even change the dirty diaper of his own child. He does not want to clean up after a dog. Matthew knows this. He had two months to figure out what to do with the dog. But he irresponsibly waited until the last minute. This way he can blame me. I can feel guilty. I'm going to be in Los Angeles with Kaitlin over Spring Break and I won't even be here to take care of the dog. Whatever.

At about 4:00 I called the bank to make sure the money had arrived...but I still had a negative balance. The bank was closed. I left a message. At least I had four episodes of Project Runway on tape. Not everything was bad.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Project Jay!

WOW! Big News! Bravo is working on a documentary called Project Jay. It's going to follow Jay McCarroll as he enters the fashion industry with his new line. I can't wait!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A Great Episode!

Wow! I loved this challenge! What a great show - I take back every complaint I had last week. I loved watching the reconstructions. The suspense was killing me - the drama of the underdog team with only 4 members against 5! Jessica getting sick - Felix deserting his team and then acting like a jerk at Sundance... What will happen? How would it end? Which team had better sales? Jeff continues to survive, despite his abrasive, obnoxious personality. What a great show.

Oh, and Shauna is growing on me...despite the minivan comment. She is pretty shrewd. I love the way she chose Jeff as a "sacrificial lamb." He has nothing to contribute - she only chose him in case her team lost - he would be the obvious one to leave!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Let's Face It...

The Cut just isn't a very good show :( It's not getting any better either. This episode was really really dumb. I can't believe I watched the whole thing. First of all does anyone really believe that the Tourist-y Performance in New Mexico had anything to do with actual Native American Culture? Did you see the colors in those outfits? Neon green? Give me a break!

And why was Jeff stamping and whining outside of the building instead of going in and helping Walter sew the jacket? What a jerk.

And isn't Tommy Hilfiger just so arbitrary when he puts the contestants in the pit? The best strategy is just to say nothing. Are we supposed to believe that Tommy doesn't watch any of the footage of the show, but merely shows up at the "Style Forum" to view the results?

Any news on Project Runway? Anyone know anyone who auditioned for the show? Anyone know anything about the new season? Thanks!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Big News!

It looks like The Cut is on Wednesday nights from now on. Don't forget!

Saturday, July 02, 2005


Well it sure was nice to see some actual fashion design in episode four. Although, most of what I saw could not be called fashion. The worst I think was the green feathered number by Jeff and Julie...

I was really shocked by Tommy's behavior. He admitted that he was not using Princess's design or even her pattern pieces. She is a professional pattern-maker! Imagine if he was working for Mr. Hilfiger and HE gave Tommy a design to sew and then Tommy just decided to change it around and make it how he wanted instead of sticking with the original design. Bye Bye Tommy!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Episode Three Re-hash

First of all - I thought Chris S. was great eye candy. I kind of had a little crush on him and kept waiting to see more from him. Unfortunately in this episode we saw and heard more from him and now he is gone.

I thought the disco was great - but I did spot the cds! What were you thinking? There were no cds in the 70's. Also the girl jumping out of the cake...Ummmm... What was all over her? cherry pie filling? Whatever - it was BAD.

But when they entered The Cotton Club I was BLOWN AWAY! Wow - the swing dancers - the menus - the hairstyles - the costumes - the music - the smoke - did I say the menus? With the appropriate fonts, menu items and prices? Now that was attention to detail. It felt like a scene from a really good movie.

The funny thing is that I don't recall seeing any of this stuff discuessed on air. I did record the episode and I'll probably (maybe not...) watch it again - but who came up with this stuff? Who made these decisions. The whole thing was FABULOUS!

Tommy H was definitely right to choose the Cotton Club team as the winner. Hands down, no argument. The disco was not even in the same league.

Now, to the party in the Hamptons..... Jeff has once again proven himself an arrogant jerk. Princess is incredibly trashy and seemingly unaware of the wretched impression she makes. Ugh. She has got to go.

More later!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Before "The Cut" airs tonight....

Well, I did my homework and watched the videos on the official The Cut website. There is a scene of Princess arguing in a car with Jeff and it is quite unflattering. No matter what happens tonight on the show I'd just like to say that Princess is not a very nice person. She just argues and yells and is completely arrogant and self-centered. She thinks she is so cute and she is actually quite ugly. Just my opinion.... We'll see what happens tonight. Maybe she'll redeem herself...

When is the Project Runway site going to update?

Friday, June 17, 2005


Was anyone else as grossed out as I was by Princess's idea to place animal furs on the floor of the car? As if Fabolous's girls were going to remove their shoes and work their pedicured toes into the fox. Really Princess? Do girls do that? Is a dead animal on the floor of the car really "hip?" Who knew? I know I'm not always up on pop culture, but frankly...I've never even heard of Fabolous. I'm so out of touch! long until Project Runway?

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Is Anyone Watching The Cut?

Is anyone interested in this show? I did my homework and watched all of the interviews on the CBS website. Someone ought to tell these contestants that arrogance is never appealing - and neither is promiscuity - sorry Vlada. I'm trying to root for someone, but it seems that the players that are more "featured" are the least appealing. I tend to like Julie - she's a mom like me and a handbag designer - although they never seem to show her bags. I can't like Shauna because she made fun of minivans (I have five children and I drive a minivan - sorry.) Also she wears a lot of furs...definitely not my type. I also like Tommy - although he was sort of clueless regarding the red carpet... At least he has fashion experience. He's also cheerful and fun to watch. More later....

Friday, June 10, 2005

This is Harry Chapin... Posted by Hello

...and this is James. Posted by Hello

Where Are The Clothes?

Okay, I watched "The Cut" last night. It was pretty good - but where were the clothes? We watched two teams design billboards. No fashion. At all. Oh sure, we got a tempting glimpse of a "cutting room." Next week the teams get to "trick out" a car. Will there be any fashion at all on this show?

Oh, and the funniest line of all was, I think, supposed to be serious. When Tommy Hilfiger sent Amy packing he told her "You're out of style." Apparently this is the new "send'em packin'" catch phrase. In my opinion this falls somewhere below "You're fired," and "You're Out," and may be even worse than "Seacrest Out." He also admitted to being "underwhelmed" by the quality of the billboards. Gee, where have I heard that before?

I was distracted the entire episode by the way that James resembles a young Harry Chapin. Anyone else notice this?

When does Project Runway 2 begin?

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Meanwhile... we wait for the return of Project Runway, we can check out The Cut on Thursday night. This one features Tommy Hilfiger in a Donald Trump-type role. Sounds like The Apprentice meets Project Runway. We'll see....

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What's So Great About Project Runway?

For me, the best thing about Project Runway is that it has increased the general interest level in sewing and designing.

Several years ago I called my daughter's high school and offered to volunteer in the "Home Ec" department. "Excuse me....?" the secretary replied. "We don't have Home Ec anymore." "Well, whatever you call the course where you teach sewing," I explained. "Oh, we don't offer sewing classes here... We have a Life Skills class, would you like to help in there?" "Is that where all the sewing machines are?" I asked. By this time the secretary was laughing...LAUGHING! She actually put her hand over the mouthpiece of the receiver and said "There's a lady on the phone who wants to volunteer in the sewing department!" HA HA HA....

Well guess what? Today that same high school offers a course in Fashion Design.

Monday, June 06, 2005

I Miss Project Runway

Okay, this might be a bit obsessive but I miss Project Runway and I want to be totally prepared for next season. I intend to blog away after every episode and I hope others will join me with fascinating comments. In fact...bring on the comments now if you'd like! I'd appreciate any help I can get. Please pass on any PR news or information - thanks.

Also, I'd like to keep this Rated G for ALL audiences - I have five children who enjoy reading my blogs. Thanks for your consideration.