Friday, March 31, 2006

Laura K's Recap - Part Two

From The Atlas we headed for Parsons. I was still concerned about Dan - but I decided that he could take care of himself. He is going off to college in the fall. I needed to relax!

I had arranged for a gentleman named Pasquale to lead us on a "Project Runway Tour" of Parsons. I didn't want to pretend that we were prospective students or that we would be interested in anything other than the PR rooms. I was completely honest about our reason for being there and Tim Gunn recommended Pasquale. He described him as a "treasure" and he surely is. Pasquale escorted us up to the sewing room and down to the auditorium. (Or was it down and up?) He took us backstage to see the hair and makeup rooms and out to the waiting room. Most of the rooms look completely different. "This can't be the sewing room, the sewing room is orange!" Well, everything is white now and the tables are arranged differently too. Pasquale patiently described how they were set up for the program. He let us know that he actually went to the OFW Show - LUCKY!

We danced, we sang....
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Don't Forget - Chloe's Event Tonight!

Click here for details.
I hope some of y'all can make it!

We need official reporters for BPR! If you are going, (marianne, pleightx), don't forget to mention that you are from Blogging Project Runway and to take lots of pictures. And, after you've had a fabulous time, of course you'll send us your story along with the photos.

Remember, Chloe reads BPR!

Tbone's BPR Tour Recap - Part 2

To read Part 1 of this series, click here.
Daniel Vosovic, filmed outside of Macy's, March 25, 2006
She chickened out. There would be no kiss for Daniel Vosovic, but my sister Kath did maintain enough presence to snap a couple of photos. I immediately went into "BPR Field Reporter" mode and wished him a "Happy 25th Birthday". He turned to me and said, "Thank You! Yes, this is my golden day!"

This was all captured on camera by Bravo and there is a slim chance that Tbone may make a cameo appearance on the Season 3 RTTR episode. If this does occur, I will submit my resignation to Laura K, safe in the knowledge that BPR has reached its nadir.

Hi Mom!Worlds collided soon after as I spotted both Laura and Scarlett. It was like meeting long lost family members! We shared an emotional, happy embrace.And then we went to work. We had designers to interview. We had blog programming holes to fill prior to the start of Season 3. We needed information!

To continue reading Tbone's BPR Tour Recap - Part 2, click here.

Season 3 Hopeful - Nguyen

This one is Moi;'s favorite!On her way out of Macy's Saturday afternoon, BPR's own Moi; met Nguyen, a Parsons graduate who had just completed his audition. Since he had to leave town, he was hurrying to shoot his video and turn it in right away. That could only mean one thing - he made the first cut! He has some beautiful work in his current collection and looks to be a strong contender. Good luck Nguyen, we hope you make it to Season 3!

Click Here For A Fabulous Interview With Andrae!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Jack Mackenroth's NY Audition

Nick Lachey?

Hey Guys!! I am addicted to this site and the show. Amazing!! I just wanted to give you a first-hand account of the New York auditions. I went at 8 am on Sunday morning and there was already a line of about 70 designers models and friends. We stood outside until they began ushering us in in small groups through the employee entrance at Macy's. There were designs of all sorts. Whickety whack galore!! I stood in line with my best friend and waited for my model to arrive.

Once we were let into the building we rode the freight elevators up in groups of 8-10. We were ushered through the women's swimwear department into the innards of Macy's. There we stood in another line where a Bravo employee came and took polaroids and assigned us our numbers. I tried to give my best "blue steel" for the photo. Gorgeous. I was given number 210. Apparently there were 175 designers the first day and 35 more ahead of me on the second day. Models were sent into a tiny women's bathroom to change. As I stood in line I got to see a cornucopia of outfits come and go. There were some pretty dresses and a fair amount of crazy club clothes. I really had to appreciate the amount of work that went into some of the designs. I know I worked my fingers to nubs and I'm sure everyone else did too. I chatted with a
few other hopefuls and everyone seemed pretty nervous. The line moved fairly quickly and I was up near the front by about 9:30.

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From The Mailbox

I received this e-mail today:

Hello Friends,

On Tuesday IMG Media announced with Apple that programs of Olympus Fashion Week in New York and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles were available for purchase through iTunes. Spread the word and tell your friends to get the inside view of these invitation-only events.

Comprehensive coverage of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios is also up at Check out designer and lifestyle features along with highlights of every show from Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles.

Please help us spread the word on this exciting initiative and programming!


7th on Sixth / IMG Fashion

I tried to find the Olympus Fashion Week video on iTunes but I couldn't locate it. Anyone? ETA: Here is the link for purchasing this from iTunes.

Project Designer has started a third season. Congratulations, Chris!

Diana Eng has posted a transcript of her WYSIWYG Blog Reading here.

Be sure to check out Santino's blog for the amazingly vast media coverage of his garage sale!

Here is an interview with Austin Scarlett.

That's it for now. Thanks everyone for sending in these news items!

Laura K's Recap - Part One "Where's Dan?"

My son, Daniel and I arrived at JFK on Friday evening. I called my daughter Kaitlin from the cab and she headed over to the Westin to meet us. I also called Dianne, our "Official BPR Tour Guide" and we set up a time to meet and to go over the details of our PLAN.

Dianne met us a little later and we headed out to find some food. Daniel is always hungry. We got a little lost - "I know Chipotle is around here somewhere..." but it wouldn't be the last time. (Cue the foreshadowing music here.)

We had some very important decisions to make. Should we try to go to Toys R Us? How long should we spend at Mood? How long will it take to walk to Kara's? From Kara's to Emmett's? How long will it take to serve us all lunch? And exactly how many of you would actually show up? Hmmmmmm.... all critical questions. Mostly we just visited. Dianne has a whole group of PR fans at her office and I am SO jealous!

Kaitlin had a class that evening and Dianne had plans with friends so we parted ways agreeing to meet in the hotel lobby the next morning. Later on I called Emmett wondering if he was able to invite Diana to our gathering and he said that she was busy but that Zulema might stop by! I called Dianne right away! Zulema!

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Missed Tim's Live Chat? - Click Here

The transcript is available at the link above. Several questions from our readers made it through including two(!) from yours truly.

Tim was, as always, informative and charming with phrases such as, "Embrace your inner gladiator" (when talking about the trend toward Roman sandals) and "Think about how you can have a western flair without looking like Brokeback got you good" (when talking about cowboy boots during the spring). He also foreshadowed an upcoming challenge in Season 3 geared toward designing for reality versus runway.

Tbone and Laura K - we've got to work on having our own Tim Gunn BPR Live Chat!

Did You Guess the Right Emmy Episode?

To quote Andrae from this episode, "Where do I begin?"

Yes, it contained most of the cast since it was early in the season.

Yes, Chloe won the challenge and Grace rocked the runway.

Yes, Zulema believed in her far-too-brief, tootie-exposing outfit and sent it down.

Yes, it contained the famous meltdown. And if you watch it again, note that Zulema held the hand of our little lamb.

Yes, it contained the legendary Diane Von Fustenberg as a judge along with Michael Kors and Nina Garcia.

And, yes, we have it from one of the most reliable sources that it is the very episode that was sent to the Emmy nominating committee. We present COYB (or Clothes Off Your Back as it may be known to the less fanatical fans).
Scenes from CYOB

Live Chat With Tim Gunn Today!

The Washington Post is hosting a live chat this morning at 11:00 a.m. EST with Tim Gunn!

Tim Gunn, Chair of Fashion Design at Parsons The New School for Design, is fresh from his second stint at "Project Runway," where he won critical acclaim for his role on the reality-based, fashion design television series that received an Emmy nomination for its first season.

Chair of Fashion Design at Parsons The New School for Design, Tim Gunn, will talk about new looks for your spring wardrobe Thursday, March 30, at 11 a.m. ET.

You can submit questions before the chat begins, and we know that BPR readers have questions! Registration is required and free. Thanks Liz and Tilli!

Jan the Dan Fan Tells Her BPR Tour Story

I'm still giddy over the incredible day we had! None of my friends can believe what I was able to do on Saturday. It was one of my most favorite days.

Thank you so much for all of the behind the scenes efforts that had been put into the planning of the tour. One surprise after another--it truly was surreal. It's already been mentioned, but so much credit has to go to Laura's ideal for the site--to each be allowed their own taste and opinions but still share in the love of Project Runway. Groups from other sites would not have been granted into Parsons', the Atlas, and certainly not Kara Janx's apartment!!!

Go ahead Dan, give her a little smooch!Anyhow, onto my Tour Thoughts. Well, obviously as everyone has heard by now, I got to meet Daniel Vosovic! I'm still over-joyed by this. He was as sweet, and kind, and beautiful as I had imagined. Of course, none of the intelligent comments or questions I had thought of could come out of my mouth. I think I just quivered alot of "I love you"'s and "I think you're wonderful," out of my cheesey perma-grin. My cheeks still ache 'cause I can't stop smiling over this.

Poor guy had birthday dinner reservations, and he still took the time to come out and chat with us. He's the best. I'm going to miss him Season 3--but you know I'll be looking forward to the footage of the New York auditions during the premiere! Will we be live posting again?

After our Macy's meetings Kristine, Milton and I made our way to Toys R Us in Times Square---jumping up and down a whole lot in disbelief that we met Tim Gunn and Daniel. Milton and I chatted about how Daniel will someday have his own plate on the Fashion Walk of Fame.

At Toys R Us, Milton acted out Kara's lost Barbie hat scene. We found the display of Nick's My Scene Barbies to pose with for a pic. A group of teenage girls then came over and were gushing over Nick. Milton starts flashing his BPR card asking me if "we should tell them?" It was so funny. He started telling them all about our tour that day-and they were in total disbelief as well-"No WAY!!!"

Milton's a great kid! Everyone from BPR was a pleasure to meet. We had such a blast with it all. I can't say thank you enough...
Love Jan

Another Season 3 Hopeful - Michel Delon

This audition story is from Michel Delon.

I attended the March 23 Open Call for Project Runway in Chicago at the
W Hotel on Lakeshore Drive...

It was so cold out when we arrived after driving 4 hours from Detroit. Catherine my model, muse and friend, attended with me. We were so exhausted because the day before we put together a last minute photo shoot with a great photographer Davide.

I was #114 in line and it took 6hrs before I was able to present my portfolio. In the lobby of the W I met with a fashion editor from Elle magazine and she reviewed my portfolio to see if I had what it took to make it to the next level. I was so excited and nervous! I would get to meet Tim Gunn and Nick from PR Season 2.

Catherine tried to keep me calm, but I was ready to jump out of my skin. I went in the room with my garments and portfolio in hand and I' tried to remember what the producer from GenArt said about hitting my mark for the cameras. I handed my portfolio to Tim Gunn (what a silver haired fox!!!!) and then the questions began. I was very proud of the garments I took with me; I could only bring 3 of them, so I chose the ones from my Spring 2006 collection that I liked the most. I wanted to convey my passion for what I do, without sounding corny. I think it worked, because I was told that I would be put on the maybe list and that they would discuss my chances further.

So now I wait....

Thanks Michel. We wish you good luck in your quest to make it to Season 3.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Chicago Fans Meet Tim And Nick!

When I first found about the Chicago audition for Season 3 of Project Runway, I immediately thought, "FIELD TRIP!!!" I was able to convince a few of my friends from work, all female attorneys obsessed with the show, to come with me and off we went to see what we could see. We didn't arrive until close to 5, but there were still a number of hopefuls waiting for their chance. Although the lobby of the W was filled with all sorts of people, you could immediately pick out the contestants from the remaining crowd, what with their crazy outfits and crazy hair (and I use the adjective "crazy" in only the most loving and appreciative way). You gotta love creative, artistic people and how they express themself.

After we settled in and ordered drinks, I decided (after incessant egging on from my friends) to do some investigating of my own, and jumped in an elevator with some hotel guests and a handful of the contestants and an authoritative looking production assistant, to figure out where the actual auditions were being held. Not knowing whether there would be heavy security (and not wanting to be too obvious), I didn't dare get off on the same floor as the contesants when they first got off, instead I rode all the way up with the other guests, chatting with them about Project Runway, and then rode back down to the 6th floor and got off. At the end of one hallway, I spied some clothing racks and contestants getting ready to go in for their audition and more production assistants prepping them for it, putting on their mikes, getting them to sign forms, making sure they had all of their clothing out, etc. I stood against one wall almost paralyzed, wondering when someone was going to throw me out, but thankfully no one did. They all spoke in hushed tones as filming was going on. The audition room was further down another hallway but I didn't dare go there. Instead, I chatted up some folks who had just come out. "It was so quick!...I could barely see Tim and Nick [at that moment my heart leapt]...They were so nice, I wanted their autograph!" were the general comments. The production assistants were bringing up more contestants and I decided to go rejoin my friends and give them the fantastic news that Nick was there.

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From the Mailbox

Hi everybody! Mom's home. I'm catching up on the mail and there are lots of great things to post - TOO MANY!

First is this great interview with Tim and Daniel Vosovic in The Daily Transom. Thanks Florrie and Karen.

Next, here is a report on Tim's appearance on Conan last night. Please feel free to add your own comments. Did anyone record this?

Hi Laura and company,

I caught Tim on Conan's show last night (of course!). He was so charming and funny. Conan said his wife got him watching the show and that he was amazed with how talented and quick the designers were with each challenge. And of course he threw in some Heidi "in" and "out" impressions. Tim was so lovable, especially when he recounted the two times he'd come across Conan in the past -- the first like 12 (!) years ago in a Tower Records and the second last year at the Emmy's I think. Tim even remembered what Conan was wearing -- in 1994! Sadly, the interview seemed to go by quickly, but both of them were so funny and had obvious respect for each other and a lovely rapport. Also, I think Conan wanted to make sure he looked especially stylish for Tim -- and he really did look snazzy. I love them both! They are a fun duo.

~ Celia

Next, Trish reminds us that there is a PR marathon on today including Project Jay. I'm watching the evening gown challenge right now. Oh, hold on, Tim just entered....this is where Tim reveals that Iman is the guest judge... they need to "Continue their trajectory." Have I mentioned that I love Tim? Okay - I can go on now....

Kenneth Fron was thrilled to see that Kara Janx wore a piece of his jewelry at a GLAAD event. Here is a link to more photos of Kara and Daniel Vosovic at the event. Thanks Kenneth!

TBone's BPR Tour Recap - Part 1

On the flight into New York from Detroit, my sister and fellow PR fan Kath turned to me and said, "If I see Daniel Vosovic, I think I'm going to kiss him!" What is it about Daniel that makes middle-aged, married women swoon and teenagers' knees buckle?

We were getting ready to embark on an improbable journey with people I "knew" through the Blogging Project Runway website, but had never really met. This takes a bit of bravery and trust in the blogosphere. It is very easy to hide behind our screen names and throw our comments around with some anonymity. But to actually show my face to everyone who had no clue what I looked like? Was I crazy? (And more importantly, what was I going to wear?)

On Friday evening I turned on my cell phone to discover a message. It was from Laura Kluvo! I had never heard her voice before. And the first thing she said was "TBone, I can't believe I'm hearing your voice!" She and Scarlett and I had been working together so closely, having great fun brainstorming ideas on how to make BPR better and coming up with new things to post. But all of our interaction with each other was electronic. For me, the chance to meet these two in person was a greater draw than any of the "celebrities" we may encounter.

Click here to read the rest of TBone's BPR Tour Recap - Part 1

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Letter From Chloe

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Hi Laura,

I have to say I been enjoying your website.... I was a huge fan of Season 1 so I understand the addiction. I was a PR addict myself. I read all the blogs and websites that had anything to do with PR. Of course, this season was a little different for me. I didn't have the time and honestly, it is difficult to read negative comments about yourself. But at the end of the day, I still needed to get my daily fix of PR. Blogging Project Runway is the only website I go to now. I truly enjoy logging in and devouring everything that is posted.

I apologized for not writing anything sooner but life has been insanely busy. Having a business to run and doing PR2 and trying to balance a life is very difficult.

Well, I am writing to let all PR fans knows we are having a party at my boutique, LOT 8 this coming Friday, March 31, from 8:00 p.m.- 11:00 p.m. The purpose of the party is to showcase my Olympus Fashion Week Collections. All thirteen pieces will be on displays for viewing. If you can't make to the party, it will still be available for viewing all day Sat.

I hope some of y'all can make it. If you do, please let me know that you are with Blogging Project Runway. I felt like I am one of you guys, crazy addicts. I confessed, guilty with pleasure.

Chloe Dao

Click on the invitation to read.
Click here to read.

The Kimono Dress

Of course I had to get a kimono dress for my daughter, Kaitlin. She chose the gray one with the blue band. The funny thing is that Kaitlin has never watched Project Runway (she doesn't get Bravo at her apartment) and doesn't understand the significance of that particular dress. I tried to explain that it was the exact dress that Kara was wearing in her last appearance on Project Runway and how Michael Kors had complimented her on it, but Kaitlin didn't really "get" all that - she just loves the dress.

She wore the kimono dress to a party on Saturday night. Some people recognized it and asked her if it was a Kara Janx. She said yes and explained that she had in fact, met Kara that very day and visited her apartment. Well these folks were very impressed and a small crowd began to gather. Kaitlin continued to describe our day. (Remember Kaitlin doesn't watch the show - it must have sounded pretty incredible when she listed the things that we did and topped it off by mentioning that Tim Gunn stopped by our hotel after the auditions!) Finally she mentioned her "mom's blog." And when she said it was BPR they exclaimed that of course they ALL read it regularly and they just couldn't believe that her mom was "Laura K."

"Mom, you're famous." she told me. She also went to Virgin Records and bought Season One on DVD.

Can't Get Enough of Kara

As beautiful and sweet as she appears on television, Kara sparkles more than her exquisite ring in person. We've given her love before here, but after meeting her in person, I can't help but think we had no idea the depth of the warmth and charisma of Kara Janx. She is as lovely in every way as she is talented. You'll read more of our story later this week but I'd like to thank her for taking the time to welcome with a hug over twenty strangers into her home.

And, as a little tease, here is a brief video of her telling of her design process:

Andy's Blog - Hair Envy?

It seems that Bravo's program exec has some serious hair envy when it comes to our Daniel Vosovic. Click here to witness it.

Thanks for the tip, Celia! While I agree with her that this tribute was long overdue, the source (Andy!), frankly, surprises me.

Project Runway Insider - Emmy Entry

Clockwise from top left: Santino's winning design from Road to Runway; Chloe's winning design from Clothes Off Your Back; Nick's winning design from All Dolled Up; Daniel's winning design from Garden Party; Zulema's winning design from On Thin Ice; Santino's winning design from Social Scene
Can you guess which episode of Project Runway was sent to the Emmy nominating committee? Was it:

Road to Runway
Clothes Off Your Back
All Dolled Up (Barbie Challenge)
Social Scene (Nicky Hilton Challenge)
On Thin Ice (Sasha Cohen Challenge)
Garden Party (aka Flower Power)

Tell us which show you think was sent and which one should have been sent. Tell us why.

Yes, we know the answer.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Nick in Chicago

Nick has posted his recap from the audition panel in Chicago. He takes no prisoners. "Pitchety patchwork" is the new "Whickety-whack"! Thanks Karen!

Greetings From Team BPR

When Laura K decides to have a blog producers meeting, she doesn't mess around! Say hello to Scarlett, Laura, TBone and some other guy who decided to join us.

Tim Gunn on Conan O'Brien!

Set your Tivo's and VCR's - our beloved Tim Gunn is scheduled to be on Late Night with Conan O'Brien tomorrow night (Tuesday, March 28). Click here for the schedule. Thanks Celia!

BPR In The News!

Emmett & his darling dog Gizmo
When we visited Emmett McCarthy's EMC2 boutique, he was excited to tell us how he made a mention of our blog in a recent interview he did for the North Haven Citizen! Click here to read the whole article. Emmett was as gracious and kind as you can imagine. We met his mother (who baked a loaf of Irish Soda Bread just for us!), his sister and his dog Gizmo!

One of the things we learned on our Tour was how truly appreciative the designers are of all of us. They have been given a tremendous opportunity from their exposure on Project Runway. Emmett's store is spectacular. Make sure to stop in whenever you get the chance. He'll be there! Thanks for the mention Emmett and thanks to Karen and iwasastarfish for the article link!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

An Early Recap From Moi;!

At BPR, ask and ye shall receive! No sooner than the call goes out for recaps, they start coming in. Moi;, like the rest of us, is exhausted. But the photo of her with Tim Gunn is...let's see, how should we put it? Priceless!

ETA: We think we have Moi:'s slideshow fixed! These are great!

Oh, The Stories We'll Tell...

Not even Dr. Seuss could have dreamt up a day like we had yesterday on the BPR Tour. The photos are coming in fast and furious, but we want to share the experience with more than just pictures. We're working on our own extensive recap of the day and would like for those that were with us to send in some of their own favorite stories. And were there stories! Not only did we get to visit the "hollowed ground" of Project Runway, meet some of our favorite designers and Tim Gunn, but we may also have started a couple of modeling careers!

E-mail your travelogues to us and we'll match them up with some of our photos. Throughout the next couple of weeks we would like to put up a series of Tour recaps to share with the rest of the BPR community. We're going to do our best to bring the Tour to all of you who couldn't join us. Stay tuned!

BPR Tour 2006 - Early Photos

At the end of the day, to quote Andrae, "We were bedraggled." This was because our tour of Project Runway was emotionally and physically exhausting. I have to admit, I found myself thinking, again and again, "Is this really all happening?"

So, we have some early photos from our kind readers and new friends.Click here for a slideshow from the day that Sehar experienced; she spent the morning away from our tour but joined us for lunch; she got the chance to meet Kara, Emmett, Daniel and Tim Gunn.

Click here for another slideshow from the day that Trish experienced; she got the chance to visit the top of the Atlas Apartments, tour Parsons, shop at Mood, lunch at Red Lobster, visit Kara's apartment and browse Emmett's boutique.

We have so many, many images to bring to you from many sources. We will be looking to tell a story so that those of you that were unable to join us will feel included in this wonderful day.

I'd also like to take the opportunity to thank Laura K. for doing such a fabulous job of planning this unforgettable event. It was such a pleasure to meet so many of our wonderful readers and to share the experience with kindred spirits that love Project Runway.

The photo of Daniel Vosovic on his birthday, leaving the auditions at Macy's, was taken by Sehar.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

BPR Tour 2006

What a day! Worlds collided today in NYC as Blogging Project Runway hosted its first ever tour. We now know the faces behind many of the names: Moi;, JantheDanFan, Trish, praddict, echoe311, Snowflake, Jessie and many of your other favorites joined us today in the Big Apple in a day filled with unabandoned PR love. Let's take a quick toll of the damage. What were some of the things we did?

- Visited the roof of The Atlas, site of the famous "Boys from 35D" scene
- Renenacted "PR The Musical" in the Parsons workroom
- Toured Tim Gunn's Parsons office (and some of us dared sit in his chair!)
- Fabric shopping and gawking at Mood
- Lunched at the Red Lobster (where else?)
- Visited and interviewed many designers auditioning for PR3 at Macy's, including early BPR fave Jamie Mihlrad, who we are happy to report made the first cut today (yay Jamie!)

Who did we see? Hold on to your hats PR fans...

- Emmett McCarthy
- Kara Janx
- Daniel Vosovic
- Tim Gunn!

Don't worry, we have more photos and video than what we know what to do with. You'll see them soon. To all those in attendance today, please e-mail any pictures or video to so we can share the many stories from today.

I can tell you from my own experience that the BPR family is as warm and smart and as wonderful as you can imagine. What an honor to meet all of you. Thank you Laura for an unforgettable day!

Happy 25th Birthday Daniel Vosovic!

Have a wonderful day!

Friday, March 24, 2006

More News From Chicago

Click here to read an interesting article from Red Eye Magazine on the PR3 Chicago auditions with quotes from Tim Gunn. The competition is fierce just to make the first cut.

Also, here is a link to Paul Wesolowski, another Season 3 hopeful featured in the article. Thanks Kristi!

And introducing Heather Hambrecht, another one of the auditionees in Chicago. Thanks Tilli!

An Audition Account From a Season 3 Hopeful

We received a letter from Kayce Armstrong that we reported about here. She tells us that her bio video is off and describes her time at the Miami auditions:

Inside the audition room (heart pounding, my eyes dilating, adjusting to the change in lighting) when I stood on the X, I had to get extremely focused on everyone in front of me (Chloe, Tim). I immediately congratulated Chloe on her success. She truly is radiant! It was tough, there were moments of silence followed by well thought out and executed questions. As if on the "stand" it is completely necessary to be honest and forthcoming. Tim is hilarious, I couldn't help notice what he was wearing and how he was the one next to Chloe flipping through my "mishmash" as he called it of designs. Ha gaak! I'm not sure who else name-wise was at the table; they did introduce themselves but too much, too fast. My head was spinning a bit and I looked at my model Terri and she gave me the "girl, you go now! look" I was then able to relax a bit and just try to answer the questions without too much blah blah,(which I have been told that I can talk a lot!)

I was glad that I chose the 'tulip dress' because that's got to be one of the hardest things to decide for us designers. Somehow your ego can make mistakes and I needed to try and trust that my decision to have Terri wear the dress was best from a more commercial point of view. I had brought some large photographs (3'X4') to make an impression about the kinds of a things that inspire me; that's when I believe that almost everyone at the table knew that I am not only creative but very serious about my vision.

Tim was tough. Chloe, to my surprise, spoke directly to me and said (not a perfect quote...), "You know that you have to make things within 12 hours or less. Are you able to do this?" I was shaking when I said, "Yes." It will be hard and I will probably come up against things that are beyond my skills. That's when the artist, the creative mind, must take over to find the way.

She says there is more to come but she does describe the adrenaline rush of the moment as well as how hectic this week has been for her. We're told that, among other things, her website will be updated dramatically soon.

We continue to wish her the best of luck and we count her as a friend of Blogging Project Runway. I know we look forward to hearing more of this experience ... and hopefully seeing more of her very soon!

Santino's Yard Sale - Click Here

Live in L.A.? Why not visit Santino this weekend to buy some of his stuff! He's moving to another location and needs to divest.

If anyone goes, please, take pictures and write us. We'd love to see his whickety whack.

Thanks, Kelly for alerting us!

Send in Contest Entries! - Details Here!

We already know we have some of the most creative, talented readers on any blog. Now, show us. Click here to get details of our contest! You know that you are just aching to show your very own version of Emmett in a pink blouson shirt gliding on skates or Andrae wearing his orange shorts and revolving that door at the Atlas or Santino's lingerie homage to Heidi's Homeland while Nina tells him it is "aesthetically not pleasing."

This is your challenge! Now, make it work!

Kate Bennett - Chicago Audtions

We are told that we have another Season 3 hopeful. Introducing Kate Bennett of Michigan. We wish her good luck in the next round!

We are waiting to hear reports from Chicago. If you attended, please contact us at the Email address in the sidebar.

ETA: Click here for a little more backround on Kate.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

It's Not Too Late!

I've had several people drop out of the tour - which is to be expected - not a problem at all, BUT this frees up five spots for anyone who has been undecided until now. We'd love for you to join us. Let me know - thanks! (You will NOT be sorry!)

Kara Saun's Runway Video-Click Here

Click the link above to watch a video of Kara Saun's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week collection. It's really fun to watch her clothing in motion!

Thanks, Christopher, for showing us the link!

Did You Attend the Chicago Auditions?

We'd love to have a report from anyone who auditioned/visited the Chicago location today! Who were the judges? How long was the line? What was it like? Use the Email link at the right to send us your story.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Thanks to the Great BPR Community!

ETA: This is not a farewell post - it's a thank you post and it's to YOU - so read on! LK
I was very excited to watch the first season of Project Runway, but honestly I didn't know one other person who watched it. I'd be all worked up over something that had happened on the show and I had no one to talk to. I checked the Bravo boards but I had to wade through 90 pages of "I hate Wendy." "Yeah me too." "Kara Saun Rocks." "I know." to find maybe 4 or 5 nuggets of wisdom. I visited other boards too, and they are ALL Great fun, but I just never felt like I knew those folks or that we were really having a conversation.

I LOVE to sew and I'm pretty much obsessed with design and fashion magazines and the entire design process. I teach sewing classes out of my home. This show was like a dream come true for me. Surely there were others out there who wanted to hold an intelligent discussion. But I never read any reviews about the show, I never heard it mentioned anywhere. I would ask my friends if they were watching it - and no one even heard of it. Then when it was nominated for an Emmy I was like, "See! I KNEW it! Project Runway is a great show. I'm not the only one who realizes this." I tried to express my glee to my dear husband, but he just didn't get it. He would encourage me to "Try out for the show. You could get on." Which was really sweet, but he still never actually watched the show with me. (Well, not until this season - he really enjoyed Santino's Timpressions...)

Well, I decided to start this blog in anticipation of Season Two. It was slow at first. I wanted to be the "clearinghouse" for Project Runway information. I would google the designer's names just hoping to come up with something. When the season began I had one or two readers (thanks Barb and Leopardrose) so I just had fun and posted what I felt. I wrote about my reactions to the episodes. I made up little games. I invented "Professor Gunn's Vocabulary Lesson" and the "Quote Quiz." I had lots of time to do this. I had about two comments on each post.

Then after a mention by Manolo the Shoeblogger and as the show gained in popularity I began to see more and more traffic. I began to get more and more comments. I didn't have to google anything anymore because YOU were sending me links to the articles, websites, and blogs. Eventually I saw myself become more reluctant to express my personal opinions and just offered a forum for you to express yours. I reasoned that if I was going to ask a designer a question or request an interview, I had better not be criticizing his or her work on my blog. I no longer had to write up a recap - I just linked to everyone else's. I listened to your suggestions and offered live-posting. I also eventually decided to try to remain spoiler-free and to only present the show and the designers in a positive light. Any articles critical of the show or or a particular designer or anything that doesn't make our readers feel happy about Project Runway is almost never included. I'm here to promote the show, not drag it down. Thanks for understanding.

(Continued in Comments section)

Click Here For A Village Voice Article About Emmett

Santino's Runway Song

Dear Friend,
I have had many requests to make my runway song available... and I'm happy to announce that I just put it up on my site this morning!I am asking $2.45 for the download - the song is not encrypted in any way and will play on all mp3 players including iPods.You can learn more about it by going to my or CLICK HERE! Thank you again for all your support. My life is an absolute whirl-wind right now and your love it's very much appreciated. Much Love,SANTINO

Yes, that was Santino's voice you heard during his OFW runway show. Next we want to see some Santino clothes!

A Report from Miami PR Auditions

We have a wonderful report on the Miami auditions for Project Runway Season 3 presented by BPR reader Marc B.

My friend Tracy and I went to the Miami auditions this afternoon, on a whim, not even sure what kind of access we would have since we weren’t actually there to audition. When we got downtown, at first we were a little worried not to see a line stretching around the Macy’s building. But when we got up to the top floor where the auditions were being held, there was still a considerable line of people waiting to audition with only a couple of hours left in the day.

To tell the truth, it was initially a little intimidating to be just standing there amongst all the comings and goings of designers and models and staffers and gowns and garment racks. But for the sake of our fellow fanatics we decided to stay and pick just ONE garment that looked the most interesting to our eyes and ask its designer if we could take their picture for Blogging Project Runway.

We immediately agreed on the garment we liked: a delicately detailed dress whose skirt somehow resembled tulip petals without being really literal. It looked gorgeous on the model. The designer agreed to talk to us and have her picture taken for BPR – and just as she agreed, she was called in for her audition!

While we waited her to come back out, we caught a glimpse of Chloe Dao (radiant!), probably returning to the judging room from a break. We also got a chance to check out the work of the other designers in line, who represented a real range of styles – from tropical extravagance to much more subdued looks. We couldn’t help but feel nervous for the contestants even though they all looked as cool as cucumbers. What guts it must take to show your stuff to Tim Gunn!

The designer we had picked finally came back out and had a few moments to talk with us before she had to talk some more with the Bravo people. Her name is Kayce Armstrong, and she works here in Miami. She spoke passionately to us about her work deconstructing and refashioning vintage garments, and she described her philosophy of designing with and for people with limited resources, born of her own personal background. She gave us a postcard which included her website. As for the audition, she reported being impressed with the rigor of the questioning from the judges, especially (and unsurprisingly) from Tim Gunn.

And the big question we had for her when she came out of the audition room – did she make it to the next round? The answer: YES!

Even though we had just met her, it was exciting to hear about how she had until the end of the week to send in a short-short biographical video for the perusal of the show’s judges and producers. We were really impressed with Kayce’s clothes and her unique point of view, and we wish her the best of luck in the next selection round!

-Marc B.
Kayce Armstrong with her model Terri Comrie
Kayce Armstrong with her model Terri Comrie

Well done Marc B. and Tracy; thanks so much for sharing with us!

And we wish Kayce the best of luck with Season 3!

ETA: Here is a link to Andy's blog featuring his take on the Miami Auditions.

Austin Scarlett News - Click Here

Click the title above for an article that appeared in The Dallas Morning News.

And, click here for details of a trunk show event featuring an opportunity to meet the divine Austin Scarlett in New York City this weekend, March 24-26. If you click here, this appears to be a 'by appointment only' event.

Thanks go to BPR reader Nanette who sent us the links and reminds us that Austin nearly lost the Bridal Gown Challenge in Season One in which the Amsale designer was the judge.

More Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week News

BPR reader Leah writes:

I saw that you mentioned that Kara Saun showed at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I wanted to let you know that I attended a show earlier in the day and found none other than Andrae in the front row at the Elsie Katz Couture show! (Thus answering the question...where's Andrae? He's in the front row!) I spoke to him briefly after the show, he was so nice! And, by the way, blown away by the collection.

While driving away from the show, I saw Nick walking down the street towards the venue. I don't know which show he attended.

Thanks, Leah!

We found these images from the Gran Centenario event.

Some Love for the Boys of 35D

Click on the arrow to watch.

Found this fan video and thought you would all enjoy it. Yes, the music is deliciously cheesy! See if you can pick out some favorite moments that work perfectly with the lyrics!

ETA: Thank you, Alicia, for such a touching video. Well done!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Did You Attend the Miami Auditions?

We'd love to have a report from anyone who auditioned or even visited the Miami location today! Who were the judges? How long was the line? What was it like?

Kara Saun Shows at Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week in Los Angeles

Here is a link to the Getty images of Kara Saun's Show. (Thanks Helen and Angela.) And here is a link to the Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week site. (Thanks, Marian.)

Her stuff is awesome isn't it?

Macy's In, Banana Republic Auf?

It would sure seem that way given the curious, last minute change of venue for both the Miami and New York auditions this week. Although there has been no official word from Bravo yet, it looks as if we may have a new sponsor for Project Runway. So what does this mean for the future of the show? The Banana Republic mentorship really wasn't a significant prize for the winner and the obligatory BR challenge had run its course. What new opportunities and challenges does Macy's bring to the table? And what does this mean for the future direction of Project Runway?

BPR Tour of NYC

Yes, our big tour is this Saturday! I am so excited. I want to provide a couple of details here.

First - we are meeting in front of the Atlas Apartments at 10:00 AM on Saturday, March 25th. The address is 66 W 38th Street New York, NY 10018.

Then after a couple of more stops we will have lunch at
Red Lobster at 1:00. The address is 5 Times Square NY 10036. The phone number is (212) 730-6706.

Later, after a few more stops, we will visit Emmett's Store at 4:00. The address is 240 Elizabeth Street (between Houston and Prince.) This will be our final destination.

I realize that several of you will have long trips home and I want you to have enough time, so I'm planning to finish up by 5:00.

So, if anyone (Alyssa) can't be with us for the entire tour, or if you are held up somehow, you will be able to catch up with us at one of these stops. We have many exciting stops in between these of course, but they are not so rigidly scheduled.

Once again I am publishing our "official list" in the comments section. I can't wait to meet everyone!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Click Here For Jamie's Website!

WOW! Isn't Jamie talented? And adorable? Let's send her all of our best wishes for a successful audition! Good Luck Jamie and thanks for sharing your information with us.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Did You Attend the L.A. Auditions?

We have a few early reaction posts. If anyone else attended or auditioned, we'd love to hear all about it. Please post your stories here!

Click Here for a Tim Gunn Article in the Chicago Tribune

A one-bedroom apartment in an 1865 brownstone fits fashion-design taskmaster Tim Gunn perfectly. No alterations needed.

It's furnished eclectically, the brutally honest mentor on Bravo's "Project Runway" told us in an e-mail interview -- the day after Chloe Dao rose to the top of the reality show's design heap. Eclectic but, he adds, "with a traditional bias."

Gunn, who has become a popular persona with lovers of fashion, design and reality TV, says he loves his apartment in Manhattan's West Village because of the area it's in and the sanctuary the space offers him.

"The West Village is a wonderful neighborhood full of bistros, boutiques, small parks and low-rise buildings. Dogs and children abound," says Gunn, who also serves as chair of the fashion department of Parsons The New School of Design in New York. "I have the only apartment in what is otherwise a private house. My apartment is a floor-through [which runs the entire length of the building from the front to the back] on the top floor, so it's full of light and extremely quiet."

A great place for a busy guy to "carry on," as they say.

1. One thing on your nightstand: A bottle of Tums.

2. One thing on a wall in your living room: A 19th Century pastoral landscape painting that I found in a flea market in London. It was 35 pounds. The dealer said, "Not a bad price for the frame," implying that the frame was the only thing of value. I responded, "But I love the painting." He shrugged and muttered, "Americans."

3. One thing you have in your house from your childhood: Mr. Wee, a floppy stuffed animal [giraffe-like] covered in the upholstery of our living room couch at that time. Considering that he's my age, it's remarkable that he's only missing a leg.

4. Three condiments we would find in your refrigerator: Whole grain Dijon mustard, creamy-style horseradish, Worcestershire sauce.

5. Do your dirty dishes go in the sink or dishwasher? They go into and immediately out of the sink to a dishtowel to a cupboard. I can't stand dirty dishes lying around, even for five minutes.

(contiued in comments section.)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Report From Emmett's Opening

Here's a report from BPR reader Jessie who had the opportunity to attend the opening of Emmett's boutique last night.

So today after school I went downtown to Emmett's EMc2 boutique's grand opening party. It is located in a really prime retail area in New York City, Nolita, next to many hip boutiques and bars. When I arrived, there were only about 15 people browsing the store.

To my surprise, the store was all women's apparel. I really thought that after Project Runway, Emmett would stick with designing menswear, but apparently not. The store was very tastefully designed and structured, very modern, brightly lit and clean, with a color theme of white, silver, orange and aqua. The clothes hung on racks placed against the wall. Bags and belts were placed on high shelves and cubbies. There were glass cases and stands of jewelry as well. The jewelry is very ornate and "boho-chic", mostly chunky gold hardware embellished with vibrant, chunky gemstones. There were also many variations on chunky beaded necklaces.

As for the actual clothing, the theme was immediately apparent to me: tropical/bohemian/Palm Beach-esque resort wear, perfectly in time for spring just around the corner. There were bright Pucci-inspired print formal jackets, tropical print halter dresses, simple and elegant linen sundresses in black, red and white, white eyelet detailed A-line sundresses, crisp white slacks and Bermuda shorts, whimsically casual, slinky jersey modal tops encrusted with copper and bronze metal and gemstone trim in white, cream, and brown. The belts were large and ornate, statement pieces. They were also made with chunky metal hardware and turquoise on leather. His bags seemed to be hits with everyone. They were large and versatile, made with a variety of materials ranging from deep burgundy leather satchels to canvas and nude leather bucket bags, in multiple shapes. He also had some intricately bejeweled and beaded clutch purses. My favorite pieces out of the entire store were the flimsy, printed silk puff-sleeved frock dresses. They were youthful, gorgeous, eye catching yet sophisticated, flirty, and simple. The prices of the merchandise ranged from about $100 to $600. The median price range was around $250-$400.

Soon enough, the crowd swelled to about 80? people, with more constantly appearing. The crowd was very eclectic, mostly older adults 30-35 plus years old. It consisted mostly of New York City fashion sophisticates and media/entertainment biz people. This IS New York after all.

I came alone, and felt quite intimidated, nervous and out of place, so I just stood against the wall for a while, nursing my drink. I did not miss an opportunity to congratulate Emmett, however. He looked striking and sharp, dressed in pressed khakis, a crisp pale blue dress shirt, and a slim fitting black blazer. He stood about a foot taller than everyone, naturally. When I finally worked up enough nerve to approach him, I was so nervous! It felt almost surreal. I introduced myself as "the official Blogging Project Runway correspondent", much to Emmett's amusement. I only had enough time to ask him one question, so many people were clamoring to talk to him, so he couldn't talk for long. I expressed my surprise that the boutique solely consisted of women's wear. He explained that he thought that being on Project Runway had enabled him to do something different and expand his horizons on fashion. We discussed this blog for a while, and then the upcoming tour. Then he was whisked away by more guests, and he excused himself in a gracious, if not a slightly hurried manner. At times he stood away from the crowd silently, looking quite like a deer caught in the headlights. I guess he was slightly overwhelmed. It was endearing. His family was there too. I only really saw his mother. She looked great, and was very sweet. She had personally made and distributed Irish soda bread for everyone in honor of Saint Patrick's Day.

Later on MISS DIANA arrived! She came in from Rhode Island to support Emmett's store, which was sweet. I also had a chance to talk to her. She was adorable, was dressed in a very spring-time appropriate outfit. I told her how I was a big fan of hers (totally gushed!) We talked about being students. She told me that Emmett had agreed to sell her jewelry collection in the boutique. Isn't that great of him! She brought out some of her jewelry and displayed it, and explained the concepts. The fuse necklace that she wore while on Project Runway was one of the pieces.

I left a bit later than 7. Kara Janx and Daniel Vosovic were not present while I was at the boutique. I am presuming that they decided not to come because they did not want to take the spotlight off of Emmett? Who knows, maybe they showed up after I left.

All in all, it was a very gratifying, exciting, and fulfilling experience.

Thanks so much, Jessie, for sharing this fun experience with us! And, Jessie, you weren't alone. You brought all of us with you.

LA Auditions Begin Today!

One of my favorite moments from Season 2 happened at the LA auditions when that winged wierdo came in and began squawking. Tim simply put his finger to his lip - he's so cool! We would love to hear from some BPR field reporters who are either participating in the Season 3 auditions or just stopping by to see who they can see. We know Santino and Tim will be there for sure. Send any photos to The Scarlett at and feel free to post your commentary in the comments here. Good Luck to all the Season 3 hopefuls!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Tonight! Emmett's Grand Opening Party

If you find yourself anywhere near Downtown Manhattan (240 Elizabeth Street, between Houston and Prince), please check out Emmett McCarthy's open house this evening between 5-8. It sounds like a brilliant event showcasing his first spring collection.

We'd love to hear from any readers that attend this event. Please remember to take pictures and to send them to me ( to post. In addition to being interested in Emmett, his wonderful boutique and his collection, we'd like to know about his dog! Yes, we want dog photos as well as the name of the dog.

Here at BPR we wish Emmett the first of many successful events at the wonderful EMc2 boutique!

Project Runway in Forbes

Forbes has recently published a couple of articles about Project Runway. Click here for 'Make it Work,' written by a business analyst that seems to actually watch the show. Click here for 'Adventures in the Rag Trade,' which was obviously written prior to Chloe's win.

Thanks to alert Forbes reader Christy for pointing these out to us.

Don't Be 'Out' - Get Your Entries In!

Just a reminder, we have a contest going on here and we'd love to have as many entries as possible. Check here for all the details.

Have you ever wanted to show an explosion in a sequin factory or how Barefoot Appalachian Lil' Abner Barbie would really look? Get out your whickety whack and enter already!

Shown here, an entry by snowflakebebe.

Techno Tim

Designers, you bring me closer to GodWhat could be more fun than Tim Gunn? Try, Tim Gunn gone techno (mixed liberally with Santino's 'Timpressions'). Click here and see if you agree.

Thanks, Michael! We love it.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Click Here For A Village Voice Interview With Santino

Thanks Kathy and Marie! Also, Andy's blog has an interview with Chloe!

From the Mailbox

Here is a great article about Chloe, (Thanks Bridget!) and here is a story about Michael Kors and his mom.... Awwwww.... (Thanks Teresa!) Chloe is also mentioned in Time magazine! (Thanks Alex!)

ETA: And here is a new interview with Tim Gunn in The Advocate. And another Chloe article from an Asian news journal. Thanks Wendie!

And they keep coming! It's a big day for Chloe in the news. Thanks Y!

Season Three Audition Locations Announced on Bravo!

Here are the locations for the Season Three Auditions.

GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE and please keep us posted!

Los Angeles Auditions are THIS WEEKEND. Any BPR Field Reporters in LA? It would be great to have some photos of the folks in line and a couple of interviews, if possible.

ETA: We've learned that Santino will definitely be at the LA auditions this weekend. Thanks Jamey!

Los Angeles, CA - March 18 & 19
Hyatt Regency Century Plaza
2025 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Miami, FL - March 21
22 E. Flagler St.
Miami, FL 33131

Chicago, IL - March 23
W Hotel Chicago Lakeshore
644 N. Lake Shore Dr.
Chicago, IL 60611

New York, NY - March 25, 26 & 27
Macy's Herald Square
151 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10001

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Click Here For Project Runway in U.S. News & World Report

Marie-Claire? I don't think so! Thanks, Y

"Rate the Runway" Results

While deciding who would be the winner of PR2, the judges were shown reflecting on the body of work each designer had shown throughout the season. I thought it would be interesting to look back at Bravo's "Rate the Runway" pages and see what the viewers thought of each designers work. Here were the averages scores for each of the "Final 5" designers based on their solo designs during Season 2:

Chloe - 3.71
Nick - 3.54
Daniel V - 3.40
Kara - 3.08
Santino - 2.76

To me, this really shows how consistent Chloe performed on each challenge. She never had a clunker. Now let's look at the averages from the Final 3 collections:

Chloe - 3.58
Daniel V. - 3.52
Santino - 3.41

This one really surprised me. If you only listened to the armchair pundits, you would have thought Chloe fell flat on her face. But when you examine the collection piece-by-piece, her quality won the day. So, did the judges make the right call?

Need More Grace? Click Here.

Amazing Grace is modeling for ONG. Thanks for the link, Rebecca!

Click Here to Visit Diana's Blog

There's a new post about Chloe, Diana and Grace at a photo shoot!

Kara's 13th Look

I know you've been wondering which one was Kara's 13th look. I have been too. I never guessed it was this beauty though. This is my favorite!

Laura hi,

Sorry I didn't get beck to you sooner. Hoping you are well

The 13th look is the teal and bronze dress


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Click Here For an Article About Daniel V

Some Santino Love

Click on the arrow to watch.

Jamey over at Santino's Blog has posted this video of the viewing party that Santino attended last Wednesday to watch the Finale. He's adorably humble.

A BPR Contest

So, here we are, between Season Two and Season Three. There is a new crop of potential designers out there readying their portfolios, hoping to make an impression. And I know that our own BPR readers are a creative force that not only love Project Runway but are armed with a sense of humor and creativity. We haven't seen a Project Runway-themed wedding (not yet) or Project Runway Action Figures (which I would soooo buy); it's only a matter of time, isn't it? I found myself asking the question, "What am I going to do with my Wednesdays?"

Then I got an idea! We could have a contest. It would be our first BPR contest so it would have to be fun! It didn't take long to decide on a theme. So, here goes:

The First Ever BPR Recreate Your Favorite Scene Contest!

1).Your challenge is to recreate a favorite scene from Project Runway. You may use any materials that make sense but we encourage creativity. Barbie dolls, G.I. Joe's, Bratz dolls, Trolls, etc. may be used as well as clay or even food (vegetables, cheese, dried pasta) to fashion your characters. We suggest that the costumes may be the most important element but they needn't be made out of actual fabric. Drawings, paintings, etc. will also be accepted. Please, nothing vulgar or showing too much 'tootie.'

2). We would like for you to photograph your entries, post them on the internet*, then send me** the link along with a title and full description of the scene you are recreating. I will share the entries with Laura K., Tbone and Dr. Don and we will narrow the selections to the top 3. Then a panel of PR insiders will select the winners which will be featured on posts right here at BPR!

3). Deadline for all entries will be Midnight Eastern, May 1, 2006. We will count down the top three including the descriptions; Third Place will appear May 8th, Second Place on May 9th and First Place will be crowned May 10th! All runners-up will also receive a link to their entries with their title in one post on May 12th.

4). You may enter as often as you like. By entering you agree to allow a link to your entry as well as permission to post your title and description. Real names are not needed to enter; in the event that you win, we will need a way to contact you via e-mail to determine where a prize will be sent.

5). Prizes will be announced after the BPR New York trip. We wanted to give you adequate time to work on your entry (and to build excitement).

So, if you've ever wanted to cry and cut, have a walk off or dress Daniel Vosovic in a towel, here's your chance.

Sound like fun? Now make it work.

*You may host your photos at TinyPic or ImageShack without setting up an account.

**Send entries to with the subject 'Contest.'

Red Lobster - Delicious

Readers, these aren't Photoshopped. They are from the Bravo site. And, believe it or not, I hadn't seen them but alert reader Kathy did ... and there are more.

You just have to love that our Tim has such a delicious sense of humor!