Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Preview to a Daniel Vosovic Interview

It seems one of our readers had the opportunity to interview Daniel for an upcoming issue of INLA Magazine. I'd like to offer caution as his website contains language. Also, if you're reading this at the office, you might want to turn your sound down as he has some music embedded on his site:

The Interview

Thanks Kevin K. for sharing this with us!

More Video for Mac Users

By popular demand we have more video for our readers that use a Mac and can't watch it on the Bravo site.

Tim Video Blog episode 4

Preview to Part 1 of the Finale (episode 13)

Again, check here for the other videos, all created by Abhinetri. Thanks again!

Project iTunes

As of today, all twelve episodes, Road to Runway through Reunion, are now available on iTunes. You can purchase them individually at $1.99 each or get the entire season so far for only $9.99.

Here's your opportunity to carry around PR on your video iPod or to just watch it again and again on your computer since you don't even need an iPod to enjoy this service. You will be able to do great screen caps using clear images (for Windows users, that is using 'Alt' and 'Print Screen' at the same time). But most of all you will be able to have the complete season before it comes out on DVD and at a great price.

Personally, I'm waiting until after the next two episodes and then I'll make my purchase. This is a great deal!

Make it work!

Santino As Jafar - This is Cute!

Thanks, T. Cow!

Click Here For A People Magazine Q&A With Tim Gunn

The BPR Top 5: 2nd Place

Daniel Vosovic was in trouble. On returning to the Parsons workroom from Mood in Social Scene, he discovered that he had a big problem on his hands. He had found a beautiful geometric print that he planned to pair with a black stretch satin for his Nicky Hilton dress. The only problem was that the black satin turned out to be chocolate brown instead. So he started scrounging around.

Marla and Kara happened to have the very fabric he needed to complete his design, and he was hanging his hopes on their leftovers. So he waited, and waited, and waited. At the end of Day 1, he knew there would be no black satin. Time was running out and with his back against the wall he had to "make it work".

2nd Place, Daniel Vosovic, Social Scene ChallengeEven though he was coming off his first win in Team Lingerie, Daniel V really hadn't impressed us much up to this point. The 24-year old Michigan native had shown great leadership skills and came up with a good collaborative effort for the win, but he had been flying under the radar with his solo designs. With the pressure at a point that would make many designers crumble, he had this to say: "You can sit there and complain about it or try to be creative and think of another solution. So, I just let the design process revolve around this great print..." The result was nothing short of stunning.

He created a sexy, sophisticated silhouette with the print that had his model Rebecca Holliday rocking the runway. This is the dress that made us all sit up and take notice of Daniel Vosovic the designer. His cool, calm head and poise under pressure that he displayed throughout Season 2 belies his age. It also carried him straight to the tent at Bryant Park. The design may not have won this challenge, but it landed him in the runner-up position on BPR's Top 5 Looks for Season 2. Congratulations Daniel!

Monday, February 27, 2006

From the Mailbox

Andrae as The Riddler? Hmmmmmm - I can sort of see it, Thanks Anonymous.

Next - once and for all - it's ARION. ARION. Not Aryan. Not Arian. Not Arianne. It's ARION. Okay any idea how to spell Shetangy? And no, I don't think there's an "i" in it - thanks. Can we go with Shetangy? What do you think? : )

Meanwhile here is a great article about our favorite show from the Seattle Post/Intelligencer. Thanks Wendie. Diana is selling her scarves, and here is part two of an excellent Tim Gunn interview.

Emmett's First Newsletter

Dear Friends :

I was so pleased to see all the designers again at the reunion show and at Bryant Park during the taping of the final runway shows during Olympus Fashion Week. Chloé, Daniel, Kara, and Santino put their best work on the runway--I was especially pleased that Chlóe and Kara where there, as they both have become very close friends to me since our bonding experience under the intense scrutiny of the Project Runway cameras last summer. I loved both of their collections and was happy to see Kara get raves afterwards from none other than Womens Wear Daily and Fern Mallis, whom apparently didn't know Kara was the decoy and declared Kara the winner! Kara actually lives a few blocks from my apartment and I talk to her and Chloé almost daily. Chloe showed a passionate collection focusing on luxury fabrics with beautiful and unusual construction.

Chloe's generosity for sharing her experience, insights, and advice regarding my new EMc2 boutique have been incredibly helpful. I also liked Daniel's collection, it amazed me how young and sophisticated he is as a designer. Santino's left behind his television theatrics for his presentation and his designs had both beautiful use of color and silhouette. After the filming, I hosted a cast party at the boutique. It was nice to relax and get to know one another better and, with the cameras finally off, see each other as individuals not TV characters.

Since November, starting my own brand and opening the boutique (more on that later...) has been the most exciting, terrifying, and challenging experience of my life--much worse than wearing that skintight pink shirt during my final episode as a Project Runway contender. My family, friends and colleagues have come out to support me as well as thousands of supporters who have emailed me from all over the country. Thank you, thank you thank you! It's a huge risk but I know I am not alone.

The grand opening is set for March 17--Saint Patrick's Day--wish this Irish lad luck.

much love,


Could we get an "Official BPR Field Reporter" over to Emmett's Store on March 17th? Who is game?

The BPR Top 5 Looks: 3rd Place

We here at BPR like to spread our love for the Project Runway designers and personalities with unbridled passon and abandon. But to be frankly honest, there is a pecking order. First and foremost, comes Tim Gunn. There is no debate on this subject, it just is. If Tim were to write us a note suggesting that we all start wearing Shetangy sunglasses then by golly, that's exactly what we would do. Among the designers, one of our favorites from early on was Nick Verreos. No, make that Uncle Nick.

In All Dolled Up, the 13 remaining designers were told that they would be designing for a fashion icon. A BIG fashion icon. And they were going to meet her at her house! In what proved to be maybe the most fun challenge of Season 2, the designers ended up at the Times Square Toys 'R Us to meet their muse - Barbie! They soon learned that the winner of this challenge was not only going to move on, but their design would end up on a special edition doll with their picture on the box. How cool was that?

3rd Place, Nick Verreos, All Dolled Up ChallengeThe stakes were high and the competition was stiff on the runway. The Barbie designs from Chloe, Daniel Franco, Diana, Emmett, Kara, Lupe and Santino all received votes on your Top 5 lists. But it was uncle Nick who had the winner. His apple green dress with the ruched bodice, beautifully layered multi-color skirt and matching headpiece looked fabulous on his model Tarah, and was the perfect fit for My Scene Barbie. On the runway, we heard the story of his niece and when he told us "I'm a different type of Uncle Nick", he stole his way into our hearts.

Our mourning over Nick's auf in the Makeover episode continues. (Why, oh why Nick could you not have heeded Tim's advice at Mood?) But there was no getting past the Golden Girls suit. We are comforted by the fact that Nick has parlayed his experience on PR to further success. There he is sending Brenda Strong down the red carpet, and oh, look at him having fun at the Olympics! Nick, we didn't get to see your show at Bryant Park, but they can't take away your Barbie. Congratulations on making the BPR Top 5 Looks List from Season 2!

Click Here For Andy's Interview With Daniel Vosovic

Edited to add: Here's another new article on Daniel. I was thrilled to open up my hometown paper this morning and see his face above the fold! (Tbone)

Åndrãé's Ącĉentś

Click on the arrow below to view.

This segment was my personal favorite from the reunion show and I know that there has been popular demand for us to post this.

Thanks again to Abhinetri!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Tim's Video Blog

We know that our BPR readers that are Mac users have difficulty watching the videos on the Project Runway Official Site. We have links here that we think should work for you.

Tim's Video Blog episode 1 - Newly added!

Tim's Video Blog episode 2

Tim's Video Blog episode 3

Best Moments of the Cast Members

Cast Members Tell What is Was Like Watching Themselves

Cast Members Tell Their Wednesday Night Rituals - Newly added!

Cast Members Tell Their Worst Moments - Newly added!

I would appreciate it if the Mac users out there can tell us if these are helpful!

Thanks so much to Abhinetri for posting these!

From The Mailbox

Hey Laura! I want to start out by telling you that I love love love your site. I'm so sad that the show is almost over.
Last night a friend of mine had a loft party in SoHo and guess who was there? None other than Heather herself.
She is truly beautiful. I know that she looks great on Tv, but in person she is just stunning. She's really tall and thin, much thinner than she looks on Tv, with really long dark hair. I didn't want to gawk or annoy her so I didn't approach her about PR, but throughout the night everyone was talking to everyone else, so we did get to have some small talk, none PR related though. She is such a nice, classy and sweet girl, and when someone dropped a bottle she went and got a broom and swept it up. Another thing that I found cute was that even with a huge selection of fine wines and liquors, she chose to nurture a bottle of beer throughout the night. Oh, and she definitely does not have that stuck up "I'm better than you" attitude, it seems like her PR success did not go to her head at all.

Thats all. I just thought that this was a cool spotting that I wanted to share.


Coming Soon....

Daniel Vosovic's Website!

Edited to add: More images! Thanks Miriald who picked these up at the TwoP Site posted by Hartichoke.

BPR's Youngest Dan Fan!

Happy Third Birthday Caileigh!

Tim Gunn Network

Click the arrow to watch.

Here's the segment from VH1's Best Week Ever.

"Orange? That concerns me."

Manolo, they totally got the idea from you!

Also, click here for Part 3 of Tim Gunn's video blog.

The BPR Top 5 Looks: 4th Place

Chloe Dao is living proof that the American Dream still exists. Born in Laos to Vietnamese parents, the political climate in her homeland forced her family to emigrate when Chloe was only 7 years old. With money literally stuffed in their shoes, her parents managed to bring Chloe and her seven sisters to Houston, Texas to begin a new life.

After graduating from FIT and spending several years working in the industry in NYC, Chloe moved back to Houston and opened her own boutique, Lot 8, named in honor of her siblings. Chloe brought a formidable combination of experience and design talent to Season 2 of Project Runway. Although her stature is small, she packed more fashion sense per inch than any of her competitors. She clearly was a force to be reckoned with.

4th Place, Chloe Dao, Clothes Off Your Back ChallengeIn Clothes Off Your Back, the 14 finalists were presented with an imposing challenge: How far would they be willing to go for fashion? After being wined and dined by Heidi, Tim delivers the shocking news. Using only the clothes off their backs, they were to create a new design. No one was wearing less than Chloe! With only a short jersey dress and a jacket at her disposal, she created a gorgeous halter dress with pockets. The design exemplified Chloe's aesthetic - minimal, modern shapes, clean lines and impeccable construction.

Chloe's showing in this episode helped define her run to the Final 3. She performed consistently challenge after challenge using her signature "Chloe Blue" and model Grace to their full potential. This dress garnered her first win on the show, and a spot on the BPR Top 5 Looks from Season 2. Congratulations Chloe!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Recap-alooza! Episode 12 "Reunion"

There certainly wasn't a lack of material this week to hold back our happy stable of recap experts! We had Loopy Lupe, Shetangy, PR The Musical, and, uh well, lets just let them tell us all about it:

Did you know that PR was primarily an educational program? Rich lays it all out for you at FourFour, in the must-read classic recap of the year

Katey at Totes Umbrellas has raised the bar this week when it comes to screen caps. Fabulous and funny, as always

AJ keeps getting better and better every week, and there's a lively discussion going on in the comments sparked by a "friend of Zulema's" that you don't want to miss

This week, The Manolo, he was bored

Mags thinks that all 16 designers were looking pretty hot at the reunion

Needs Inspiration is nuts about Diana, ain't we all?

Shawn over at Getting to Maybe best captures what bewilderment looks like on your face when confronted with the problem of Lupe

And of course, our own Dr. Don provides his usual in-depth analysis

Okay, who'd I miss? E-mail me at culta64@yahoo.com to get in on the fun!

Tim Gunn - Best Week Ever

BPR reader Bethanne has alerted us to this week's episode of VH1's 'Best Week Ever'' featuring a segment on what television would be like if Tim Gunn had his own network. Click here for a schedule. I know I'll be watching this later today as I'm told it was hilarious.

Also, be sure to see Part 2 of Tim Gunn's Video Blog, click here. And don't forget to check the '14 Days of Finale' page daily on the Bravo site for new video content each day.

ETA: Anyone willing to transcribe Part 2 of Tim's video blog for our Mac using friends? If so, please let Tbone or The Scarlett know so we can post it. Our readers really appreciate it. Thanks!

More PR - The Musical

We found this over at Santino's blog and decided, well, to give him some of our love. Should he ever decide to switch careers he should seriously consider musical comedy.

Click the arrow to watch.

One of Santino's commenters suggested the title "Vest Side Story or "Beauty and the Baste."

The BPR Top 5 Looks: 5th Place

Santino Rice makes strong first impressions. His deep voice, towering height and endless self-confidence are very seductive at first blush. His wit and humor in the workroom helped temper some of the piercing criticisms he would frequently bestow on his fellow designers. He is a larger than life character and one of the most unforgettable personalities to ever hit reality television.

Santino is also, undeniably, a very talented and visionary fashion designer.

5th Place, Santino Rice, Road to Runway ChallengeIn Road to the Runway, the 16 semi-finalists in Season 2 were sent 6 yards of muslin and $20 for supplies one week before arriving in New York, with the instruction to create a dress that best expressed who each of them is as a fashion designer. Given far more time to complete the design than in any subsequent challenge, Santino made the most of it. His deep jewel tone baby doll dress (modeled by the lovely Heather Brown) was fun, flirty and fabulous. The judges agreed, making this design the winner of the first challenge. It established a style that would be instantly recognizable on the runway throughout Season 2, and carried him straight through to Fashion Week.

Congratulations Santino, you made the cut on the BPR Top 5 Looks List from Season 2!

The Saying Goes "Money Talks ..."

... and, well, you know-what-walks. That sounds fitting for a runway, doesn't it?

This is in from BPR reader Lissette (she even compiled a spreadsheet!):


Who's your favorite designer? We each have an opinion, but if you judge who this season's best designer is, based on the total gross sales of their garments (from the Project Runway online auctions of the season two episodes' garments*), you may (or may not) be pleasantly surprised!

The "best" season two designers (based on total sales*) are as follows (dollar figure represents total sales gross**):

  1. Nick.........$4,967
  2. Santino.....$4,611
  3. Daniel V....$4,169
  4. Chloe.......$3,931
  5. Kara........$2,183
  6. Andrae.....$2,098
  7. Emmett....$1,336
  8. Diana.......$1,220
  9. Zulema.....$1,112
  10. Guadalupe....$875
  11. Daniel F.......$870
  12. Marla..........$635
  13. Raymundo....$505
  14. Heidi...........$90
  15. Kirsten.........$75
  16. John............$65

* The auctions considered for these results include: all garments from episodes 1 - 11 (except for the Episode 9: Garden Party outfits) and each designers' MyScene Barbie from episode 3 "All Dolled Up".

** All sales figures were rounded up to the nearest dollar. Auctions not considered or included in the Total Sales Gross include miscellaneous projects, such as:
1) the MyScene Barbies sold with Nick's autograph (Sales of which totaled $1465)
2) Olympus Fashion Week - Project Runway Fashion Show Tickets
3) the yet undetermined, Designers' Original Sketches

Friday, February 24, 2006

Professor Nick Verreos

Yes, he is a beloved instructor at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Click here to see how he is viewed by his students!

Thanks, Meg, for pointing this out!

The BPR Top 5 Preview

Thanks to everyone here and at TwoP for voting in our "Five Favorite Looks" from Season 2 poll. We've tallied the scores and the judges will reveal the winners beginning tomorrow! Actually it is you, dear readers, who made the decision. There will be no blog producer influence on the outcome here at BPR!

We tallied 176 responses between the two boards and one thing is clear - our individual tastes are all over the place. Of the 93 possible designs from Season 2 that could have been chosen, 54 of them received at least one vote. And there were , er, some interesting choices:

Santino received 2 votes (!) for his "Makeover" jumpsuit and one brave soul included his "Team Lingerie" collection on the list. (No one dared vote for his ice skating costume). Garments that earned their designers the auf made some of your Top 5, including Andrae's garden party dress (2 votes), Diana/Marla's Banana Republic outfit (1 vote) and Nick's "Makeover" suit (1 vote). In fact, the only designers who didn't get at least one vote were Heidi, John and Kirsten who barely had a chance to unpack their suitcases.

So make sure to check back tomorrow as we unveil the 5th place finisher. You'll have one more chance to reflect on the designs and share what you liked so much about them. We will then count down the Top 5, one each day, leading up to the winner on Wednesday, just in time for Part 1 of the finale. We'll see how many of your choices made the BPR Top 5 !

Suited for Off-Broadway?

You know the costumes would be fabulous!
Not a real Playbill ... yet.
They laugh. They cry. They cry and cut. They cry on the runway. Imagine the walk-off scene! Oh, and the tearful auf wiedersehens are Broadway moments waiting to happen!

Memo to Heidi Klum:
We already have the songs ... "Lighten Up It's Just Fashion!" ... "Daniel Franco, Where Did You Go?" ... "Tim Gunn, Tim Gunn, If He Calls Your Name You're Done" ... "What's the Matter With Andrae?" ... "Kara the Overlock Downer" ... "Don't Let Emmett On the Serger." You have a ready audience. We just need you to produce this.
Your fans at BPR

Oh, and wouldn't this make a nice stop on the BPR tour of NYC?

Early Recaps of "Reunion."

AJ's Recap of the Reunion episode is up. The Manolo has an article as well. I understand that the reunion was about 8 hours of filming condensed down to 45 minutes. No wonder everyone was looking a little sweaty there at the end!

ETA: Four Four is now up! And it's another must-read. (Thanks Shawn!) And hello there Mags, we finally caught up with you. Also, please say hello over at Needs Inspiration, home of the "Danservice" craze.

But wait, there's still more! Katey at Totes Umbrellas has more screen caps than you can shake a stick at. Huh-larious!

This weeks recap-alooza will go up over the weekend. Please send Tbone an e-mail at culta64@yahoo.com to get your recap included. We don't want to miss you!

Nick in Torino

Nick on Ice, as drawn by BPR reader George
According to Nick's blog, you should be able to see him today on USA Network's Olympic Ice program tonight at 6:00 (Eastern). It sounds like he is part of their in-depth analysis of Women's Figure Skating. Expect lots of commentary on the costumes (four-way-stretch! illusion-mesh! sequins! chiffon!) and much love for Sasha Cohen. I know I'll be watching!

And, thanks to our reader George who provided the sketch of Nick on Ice. It's a very good likeness!



1) The opening was wonderful. The designers arrive by cab in the order of their eliminations, intercut with film snippets of their final appearances before the firing squad (the judges), accompanied by an ominous soundtrack of brutal/bit*hy oneliners, usuallly delivered by the verbally lethal MKors, PR's resident ogre, then the coup de gras, the dreaded Aufwiedersehns, It was fun, it was delightful, they all seemed pleased to see one another.

For more of the post, click here.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

'Lupe, the Video

Click on the arrow to view.

Walk the line ... Period.

A Note From Daniel Franco

Hi Laura,

want this?

This is probably not worth writing about, however...

I am trying to just laugh off the awkward editing-gag-gone-lame between Me and the Lovely Heidi Klum "I Love you" train wreck moment but....

As a man who believes in priciples & honor, I must let it be known that I would never ever approach a happily married woman with any awkward intentions at all. It does not match up one bit with my ethics.

When I said "I Love You Heidi.." It was because she said something incredibly complimentary about my lingerie collection, not shown on the special, and I meant it as a great term of affection, respect and admiration. She said something that was to me, a great validation of my work. (Confidentiality agreement kicks in now.)

Heidi Klum created Project Runway, an amazing forum for fashion designers. So I consider her a "patron saint of the arts". I meant "I Love you Heidi", as a...Thank you and I look up to you, for the opportunites she created for all of the artists on the show.

I think maybe the producers wanted a good laugh like the one in the Lingerie episode during the presentation of our groups to Heidi. Remember the 70's guitar in the background as I say, "I want to show you something beautiful?" But this time the editing seemed slightly rushed, they got this episode out in 2 weeks...amazing actually. As compared to 6 months for the Lingerie episode.

So, there it is...my official response to that.

By the way I LOVE ALL OF YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!! With No awkward editing in sight! Direct.

; )


Any Amateur Travel Agents Out There?

Wouldn't it be fun to schedule a BPR tour of NYC? We could go whenever these auditions are. Anybody see a date? Then we could take field trips to Emmett's store and to Parson's (You have to schedule tours WAY in advance) and to Mood and Atlas and then we could finish up with dinner at Red Lobster! My daughter lives in NYC so I'm always game for a trip. Who's "In?"

BPR Loves Emmett!

Dear Emmett,

We at Blogging Project Runway are in universal agreement that there was "Not Enough Emmett" in the Reunion Show! You looked fabulous. How are things going?

Have you been able to watch any of the Olympic Figure Skating? : )

Laura Kluvo

Dear Laura:
Was I really on Project Runway or was it a decoy?
I watched yesterday the reunion show and l think l said maybe 5 words!
They focused on the dramatic designers, Andre, Daniel Franco, Santino and not enough on the others.
It is TV.
You are so sweet to say: not enough Emmett.
I am busy working on my newsletter so hopefully you can give me your feedback.



Click Here For A GREAT Article About Chloe

Thanks, Bridget!

Check out the Latest Entry at GFY!

Ha! Thanks Christine!

What is the Surprise Next Week? The Twist?

Here is an interesting suggestion from Goglowgirl:

"What does everyone think the surprise is next week, the twist. Kara looked like she wanted to explode last night and did not focus on her very much.

I think she fully competes in fashion week and that the final judging is on four, not three. I think that may be why Chloe gets so upset. Kara's collection was so great, solid and well received that PR just may be connected to it."

Wouldn't that be great? HA! Of course, we know that Heidi announces "three" finalists at the actual show. Hmmmmm..... What do you think? Any other ideas about the surprise?

Season 3 Casting - Click Here

Think you have what it takes to be on the show? You could meet Tim Gunn and former cast members along the way. Sound intriguing? You have a month to create 3 looks that define your design aesthetic. How much fun would it be to have a Blogging Project Runway reader on the next season of Project Runway?!?

Now, go practice threading the serger and fixing the overlock.

Sketch Auction

Clockwise from top left, sketches by Santino Rice, Nick Verreos, Daniel Vosovic and Emmett McCarthyThis week the designers' orginal sketches are up for auction. Of varying degrees of complexity, detail and condition, these sketches are relatively affordable works of art. Click here for the auctions.

Now, if only they would tell us the size of the sketches.

Feeling Loopy?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Anyone Game to Transcribe Tim's Video Log on the Bravo Site?

The now-famous "Nethra" has made the request! Actually I get lots complaints from mac users who can't hear any of the podcasts OR watch any of the bonus videos. TRAGIC!

Edited to add: Thanks, Bella!

Post Your "Project Jay" Reactions Here

Reactions to "Reunion" Here

Also, Don't miss the bonus videos on the Bravo site!

This Post is for the Party!

I'll be home early tonight so I'll be able to join you. Have fun!

This is For TBone and Matthew's Live-Posting of "Reunion."

Have fun!

Click Here For Another GREAT interview with Tim!

Thanks Dorian!

BRAVO Press Release!

This is big - you can download the Project Runway Reunion episode right onto your iPod! I just checked the website and there it is. My kids have iPods but I have no idea how to work them. Of course I wouldn't want to spoil things for tonight! : )



Burbank, CA - February 22, 2006 - Bravo today announced that its critically acclaimed original cable programming will launch on the iTunes Music Store(www.itunes.com). Viewers will be able to download tonight's reunion episode of the Emmy-nominated hit series "Project Runway" in advance of Bravo's television premiere.

Beginning Tuesday, February 28, viewers will be able to download the entire current season-to-date episodes of "Project Runway" as well as the most compelling episodes of Bravo's eleven time Emmy-nominated "Inside the Actors Studio" featuring this season's interview coups with Dave Chappelle and Angelina Jolie. Also available will be some of the most acclaimed episodes from last season's "Inside the Actors Studio" including Jim Lipton's interview with Michael J. Fox.

"Bravo continues to provide some of the most talked about, water-cooler buzz shows on television today," said Jeff Zucker, CEO NBC Universal Television Group. "We are really pleased to be able to offer a show like 'Project Runway' on iTunes. This show was not only the single cable show nominated for an Emmy in its category last year, but it has grown to be an even bigger hit this year. iTunes provides the perfect platform for Bravo's acclaimed programming and we're confident that they will find the same success as our other offerings."

"We're thrilled to bring great original cable programming from Bravo to the iTunes Music Store," said Eddy Cue, Apple's vice president of iTunes. "We strive to bring the best content to iTunes and we think customers are going to love the addition of 'Project Runway' and 'Inside the Actors Studio.'"

"iTunes gives our passionate 'Project Runway' viewers the first chance to watch premiere episodes on their iPod," said Lauren Zalaznick, President, Bravo. "Marrying the coolest technology to a really cool show lets our loyal viewers watch the best and buzziest Bravo shows in a completely new way."

Pricing & Availability

iTunes 6 for Mac and Windows includes the iTunes Music Store and is available as a free download from www.apple.com/itunes. Purchase and download of songs and videos from the iTunes Music Store requires a valid credit card with a billing address in the country of purchase. Television shows are available in the US only, and video availability varies by country. Television shows are $1.99 (US) per episode, and music videos and short films are $1.99 (US) each."

Click Here For An Article About Skating Costumes

Don't miss the slideshow. Meanwhile....THIS article has an even better slideshow. What a hoot! Please do not send in caption entries for this shot. No matter how tempting.

Go ahead and make your "Flower Power" references though!

Thanks for the heads-up Scubaotter!

Here is a link to the Manolo's post about this "fashion sinkhole!"

Project Jay Buzz

There's an article about Project Jay in the Chicago Tribune (Thanks Pam.) and another one in Slate. (Thanks Rebecca and Florrie.) Popsugar has a blurb here. (Thanks AJ.)


Dying to see Diana? Wondering about Kirsten? Will she be wearing a scarf? Maybe the "magnificent" Napoleon scarf? Did she design her own maternity wear? How did John lose the weight? Is Heidi Standridge still impossibly perky? How about Daniel Franco? Has he found his bliss? What has Raymundo been up to? And "What happened to Andrae?"

Who are you really looking forward to seeing again tonight? Here is a link to the Bravo preview.

Is everyone staying up for Project Jay?

In an effort to serve the fans, BPR will once again provide live-posting of tonight's shows. We'll have the usual Party thread for Project Runway, as well as the individual commentary provided by Matthew and Tbone. Immediately after I'll set up a new post for Project Jay as well as a reaction post for the Reunion Episode. I know that a lot of folks will sign off to visit the Bravo website and read Tim's Take or listen to the podcast but just in case anyone wants to hang out here, or to return, we'll have this available. So....who will be joining us tonight?

Meanwhile, today is the last day to vote on your five favorite designs of the season. TBone is going to compile our results along with the favorites on the TwoP board and reveal the top five winners in a super-suspenseful build-up not to be missed!

Last...Don't miss Heidi Klum on "Live With Regis and Kelly" today!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What's a Vlog?

It's a video log! And Daniel Franco has one! Check it out! I love it. I'm wondering if Daniel's fashion sketches are available for sale. His stuff truly is art. Keep following your bliss, Daniel!

Tootie Time

Thanks Florrie.

Hmmmmm...What could this be?

That's right! It's a detail from The Outcast's Olympics Fashion Weak Collection. Now, think about it...Of all of the designers who made it onto the show (and were eliminated) how many of them have produced a collection and shared it with us? How many of them have subjected themselves and their designs to public scrutiny like The Outcast? I have a genuine admiration for Karen Garrett. She is certainly dedicated and I hope she tries out for PR3!

From The Mailbox

First, here is an article about Jay McCarroll and "Project Jay." I am really looking forward to this! (Thanks Florrie.) Then be sure to visit Santino's blog for video of his appearance on Regis and Kelly yesterday. (Thanks, Jamey.) Finally here is a link to an interview with Tim Gunn. Don't miss this - it's great! (Thanks, Mike.)

Another Olympic Figure Skating / Project Runway Connection

Check out Nick's blog to read about his opportunity to report on Figure Skating "Fashion" at the Olympics. Have fun, Nick!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Click Here For Tim's Take on the Olympic Figure Skating Costumes

Santino Rice- Always on the Cutting Edge of Fashion!

Thanks, Marissa!

Click Here For An Interview With Kara!

Thanks, Jen!


Oh, I am really looking forward to the Reunion episode, aren't you?

Questions For The Designers?

Several weeks ago there was a feature on the Bravo website where we could submit questions to the designers. I assumed they might be posed during the Reunion episode. I asked a couple of questions. Did anyone else?

My questions (as I recall) were these: First for Kirsten, "After the watching the show this season, do you regret not using your scarf for the the COYB challenge?"

Then to John and Heidi S: "We barely had a chance to get to know you. Will you try out for Season Three?"

I also asked if "SOMEONE could explain to us, once and for all, exactly what is meant by, "A mentorship with the Banana Republic Design Team."

Did any of you present questions? It will be fun to watch the show and to listen for these!

Meanwhile, here are a couple of new articles to read: First the Village Voice and then This one about Project Jay. Thanks Teresa.

Remember, On Wednesday night we'll be watching Project Runway - "Reunion" at 10:00 and then we'll stay tuned for Project Jay. Maybe I'll even set up a party thread for Project Jay. What do you think?

Don't forget there is a PR marathon today!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The BPR Top 5

We want to encourage everyone to keep voting for your Top 5 favorite looks from Season 2. The designs most frequently listed will be tallied to create the first ever BPR readers-choice design awards! Beginning next week we will count down the Top 5 vote getters (one each day) with pictures of the design, commentary and the chance for you to share your thoughts on what made each one so special. Official voting ends on Wednesday, so if you haven't done so yet, vote now!

Saturday, February 18, 2006


We're now in the limbo between FW and choosing the final winner of PR season II, sort of like the iceskaters at the Olympics waiting in their box for their scores. Yes, there's the Reunion, which should be a blast, and purging for the designers. It seems from the previews that Nick in particular dredges up a lot of angst from his subconscious. Old wounds die hard. And there's Tim's series of "at homes" with the designers. That's always both charming and illuminating, like everything else that Tim touches. It'll be especially fascinating to hear what he has to say to them about their concepts, and whether they incorporated his advice (which has usually proven to be very perceptive and even prophetic) or not. Then it's on to Fashion Week (no matter that we on the Blog have [vicariously, it's true] already been there), and then final critiques, "grades" and awarding the golden crown to the Victor. It's hard to imagine that for two million viewers tuning in they'll be experiencing FW for THE VERY FIRST TIME!!!!! We've been spoiled, which is perhaps not the blessing that it seems at first glance. It makes the rest of the season mildly anticlimatic.

My Scores (for FW): Daniel and Chloe, even odds; Santino, the dark horse (a role that he seems to play quite naturally). As I've already stated elsewhere, I feel that he should have gone bigger, more outrageous, more in-your-face, more Santino. He can never beat Daniel at his game, which is exactly what, it seems, he has tried to do. (Kara's startlingly fine and inventive collection, my personal favourite --for its risk, vision, stretching the limits, fun, distinctive personality and POV--is unfortunately out of the running. But hopefully some magic happened for her at FW, and she made some valuable connections within the industry.)

If I had any power at all over the final decision (Lots of Luck!!! lol), I'd make it a three-way, or at least a two-way, tie. But that won't happen. You can bank on that. I'm afraid that the Banana Republic judge will tip the balance toward timid, bland and impeccable, their industry signature.( Does anyone here know whether the runnersup win ANYTHING, other than the national exposure which is, of course, priceless??)

We can now do an overview, albeit slightly preliminary, of PR season II, especially the high and low points. Here are mine: please chime in with yours.


High: BR team challenge/with Chloe
Low: lingerie team challenge/with Santino+Nick
Comment: More than any other designer he seemed ready to leave when he was aufed. He left with characteristic good grace, even humour--not the usual teary exit with undertones of either exaggerated gratitude or "I was robbed"

High: Inspiration challenge. Runnerup: BR team challenge/with Daniel.
Low: Clothes Off Your Back challenge+accompanying runway meltdown
Comment: Should have won Inspiration. Meltdown totally understandable, if totally "inexcusable". It certainly individualized and humanized Andrae, if it rendered him somewhat eccentric. (By the way, I LOVE eccentric!!!) Andrae's Inspiration design was for me the most beguiling, magical, delicious and sensuous garment of the season.

High: Barbie challenge.
Low: the Zuleema raid on his model, the exquisite Tarah.
Comment: Nick was a favourite of many, especially after Daniel F's elimination. He may simply have peaked too early, or not wanted the win passionately enough. He also seemed to start missing LA (friends, partner, favourite haunts) desperately about midway through.

High: Fashion Week collection. Runnerup: Garden Party challenge
Low: TIE: BR challenge, Zuleema in s/m mode; the makeover challenge (Santino)

High: NHilton, need you ask?!!!!
Low: Kara's makeover, need you ask?!!!!
Comment: things are always so clear with Santino. He doesn't evoke a shred of ambivalance in either his friends or his enemies.

High: BR team challenge/with Emmett; Runnerup: Makeover challenge (Nick--at least it allowed Nick to exit in High Style)
Low: lingerie team challenge/with Daniel F. The Freakout that caused Daniel's early , and probably undeserved, departure
Comment: Some here have speculated that her comment to Daniel, it's better to be a great human being than a great designer, carried a nasty. negative vibe. I don't buy that for a minute. I felt genuine compassion, affection and support in her remark.

High: Inspiration challenge. He really pushed the envelope in this one.
Low: Chloe's makeover. Was it deliberate, was he subtly/subliminally thumbing his nose at the judges because of his immunity??
Comment: his spectacular, eyecatching design for the Inspiration challenge was pure Objet d'Art, minimally wearable, if that, except on the runway.

SEASON HIGHS AND LOWS, FOR THE VIEWER (this one at any rate):

BR challenge. All of the designs were wonderful, probably better then BR deserved. AND Daniel/Andrae's winning design was not, in my opinion, the best. True, it had very clean lines and was, for once, very wearable.
Runnerup: Daniel Franco taking the hit for his lingerie collection, refusing to blame anyone else. Compare this to Santino's now famous/infamous, if unheard, tirade/defense of his collection, too characteristically blaming everyone else in the universe, except, of course, himself. (In hindsight, however, the collection does seem to have staying power. Who can remember anything about Daniel's, except for the bustier?
Santino's is edgier, and as only he is capable of accomplishing, marries kitch to high concept in an astonishing fusion. Wow!!!)

Hands down, the Makeover Episode. There was all-around bad chemistry and lethal vibes floating through that on!!. Chloe alone seemed to stay out of it, AND WON. I call this episode "Andrae's Wake". His presence was critically missed, especially by Santino. All of the designer's work this episode, Chloe excepted, was "off the mark".
Runnerup (by at least five or ten heads, but still grueling emotionally): Andrae's meltdown. Being almost pathologically empathetic by nature (simultaneously a blessing and a curse), I responded deeply to the inner panic, grief, trauma and chaos that he so clearly was experiencing.That one was a REAL rollar-coaster ride.


Don here, signing off.

Recap-alooza! Episode 11 "What's My Line"

Remember the early,early days of BPR (like about a month ago) when all we had to look forward to were post-episode recaps from Mom? Well we've grown just a little, thanks to all of you, and can now offer up a virtual Red Lobster-sized smorgasbard of recap fun. So let's take a look at the menu, shall we:

First up, our beloved Blogfather The Manolo, who likes to refer to us as "Blogging the Project Runway"

Next, the must-read standard bearer of PR hilarity Four Four

Katey at Totes Umbrellas has a nice screen cap of Uncle Nick's farewell message on the 35D chalkboard

Our in-house stable of recappers include uber-commenter AJ, Dr. Don, and The Scarlett

Needs Inspiration provides a little "Danservice", if you need it

Both Mags and Elisa really didn't like Heidi's phony drama runway question

Nice to see Shawn at Getting To Maybe check in again this week

It's "Bad Boys Like Goldfish" over at Fans of Reality TV

And as if that's not enough, there's always tvsquad, Orwell Project, and the Reality Shack to keep you going until Bravo's next PR marathon

Last but certainly not least - Dan Renzi still hasn't posted his recap, but his caption contest continues (I'm not sure I want to know what the prize is for this one...)

ETA: Dan Renzi has his recap up now!

Did we miss you? Send us an e-mail and we will be happy to edit you in!

Do You See What I See?

Yep. Another cannoli. At the Olympics.

ETA: More Cannoli-spotting - thanks Jillian!

What is This?

What will it be? Stay tuned.

The Latest....

First, AJ's recap is up! Second, thank you Miriald and Kate for links to this Santino tribute video. Mags has a great recap as well.

Please continue to vote in our "Five Favorite Looks" poll below.

Visit Nick's blog for information on his TV Guide channel appearance and a link to his exit interview.

Last, a reminder about comment etiquette, just in case we have some newbies. Please be polite. Do not argue with one another, simply state your case and let it rest. We're all friends here. Thanks!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Five Favorite Looks?

Madpawn had a great idea over at TwoP and generously agreed to share it with us! Now that we've seen all of the designs from all of the challenges, which are your five favorites?

Just to be consistent let's list them by designer and then by episode like this:

1. Daniel V - Social Scene
2. Nick - All Dolled Up
3. Andrae - Inspiration
4. Chloe - COYB
5. Santino - Road to the Runway

Also, if you have voted at TwoP, please don't vote here because in addition to our tally, Madpawn is keeping track over at TwoP. Eventually we can add them all up in one super-duper count!

Edited to clarify - please put them in order!

Don't Miss This Anti-Recap From Our Resident Philosopher

Click on the title above for a direct link to Don's post! Meanwhile,
Fourfour's recap is up. Also, Elisa, Manolo, aj, The Scarlett, Katey and...well.... Dan Renzi's recap isn't quite up yet, but... ummm the "teaser" is worthwhile - trust me...

Click Here For An Article About Santino

Thanks for the link, Angie!

Click Here To Bid On Andrae's Famous Orange Shorts!

There are too many of you to thank who sent me this link - I've been getting notices for two days! I wanted to wait - but obviously there is a lot of interest....Will the shorts sell for more than the dress? Oh, and on a related note, Raymundo's Barbie is still available. If any of our readers wins these, please let us know!

Project Runway Word Search

Reader Bebop Daddy and his wife have created a Project Runway Word Search. This is perfect to keep the kids busy while we watch the PR Marathon on Monday! Click here to print out your copy.

Carry on!

Were Season One Designers Better?

Now, bear in mind that we haven't actually seen the runway show yet. These designs will look much better in motion, I'm sure. Also, there are surely some back details that we are missing. Here are some more images of the collections including many of the backs.

Anyway, I've been reading on the message boards that many viewers feel like last year's collections were better. By the way - I loved all of the season one collections. It's bothering me right now that we might only get to see three of the season two collections.

I don't think we ever saw Austin's collection except for in still photos. (Did we ever see a video? I can't recall...) There's no way to make this up to Austin but surely the producers will air Kara's "decoy" show as well. Andy says: (We'll post the fourth person's entire collection soon.) Well, we've already seen the still photos - it would be nice to see a video. Also, I'm sure I'll enjoy hearing Santino singing during his show!

Okay, back to the point. I loved all three collections last year. I believe that any of them could have won. I thought Wendy's designs were gorgeous. I was literally crying at the end of her show (when we saw Finley skipping along behind the scrim.) Of course, I didn't have all of YOU to share with. I didn't know one single person who watched the show and I wasn't really aware of any on-line "fandom" except for the message boards on the Bravo site. So I didn't have anyone to talk with about this.

Meanwhile, after the whole shoe-gate fiasco, I knew that Kara Saun couldn't win. It would be just opening up a can of worms. I could easily see Wendy complaining that Kara Saun was in violation of her contract. I could even see a lawsuit. No matter that Kara Saun's collection was supposedly judged "without considering" the shoes, you just know that it was impossible to see the outfit without seeing the shoes. It was completely unfair. Kara should have read the contract more thoroughly. I knew when she sent those shoes down the runway, there was no way she could win and it was a shame because her collection was wonderful.

Then there was Jay. How could this mom ever root for a designer who worked in porn? Ugh! But there was his collection - completely spellbinding. Unlike anything I had ever seen. Once I saw it, I knew he would win. Oh, I was kind of in suspense during the judges deliberations. But I definitely saw it coming. It HAD to be Jay. It couldn't be Kara Saun and nobody really liked Wendy. No one was rooting for her. If she had won, no one would care. (Seriously, anyone want to watch "Project Wendy?" Well...actually I would...but I'm in the minority!) It would be the typical reality show outcome where the most devious person is rewarded. But for Jay to win would be the triumph of the underdog. And he certainly deserved it.

So, what do you think? Were last year's collections better than this year's? Was this season too focused on drama and personality and not enough on talent?

I don't think so. I think these designers are just as talented. Also, there was more depth in this pool. Last year, when Robert was eliminated, it was like "How did he survive this long?" And he was FIFTH! The equivalent of Nick. And who was sixth? Kevin? (I'm not totally sure, so correct me if I'm wrong.) How does he match up with Andrae? What do you think? Were Season One designers better?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

When is a Recap Not a Recap?

Answer; when it is not strictly linear (a>b>c), when it pauses to analyze more than merely report, when it attempts to sketch in flavours and atmospheres and psychological subtexts, commonly overlooked or ignored by others. Granted, it's not to everyone's taste, but it does help to fill in the gaps, connect the dots, negotiate the dizzying leaps and glaring omissions, left unexplained, in the offical "map".

Whereas reporters are mapmakers, fixated on local history and interstate highways, I would prefer to get down in the grass for a different perspective, creep up close, hoping to discover the face that's hiding under the public face, peel away the surface illusion (the by now infamous, almost too familiar who/why/what/when/where equation) and disclose in its place, under the surface glibness and superficiality, a hint of the real essense and the dense, microscopic, human ecosysem that lies just underneath.

For openers, I loooove this show. In different ways, to different degrees I love and have grown attached to all four surviving designers. Each of them can be proud. Fashion week was an extravagant feast--for the eyes, for the imagination and for the heart, somewhat like seeing your children accomplish wonderful things. And it was no coincidence that it almost coincided with St Valentine's Day.

This recap will not be as expansive or comprehensive as the one I did last week, (thanks, Laura, for hosting me), nor does it need to be. They'll be almost no pseudo-meta-freudian analysis (a new school of psychoanalytic theory that I've singlehandedly discovered), you'll all be relieved to hear.

After some initial sniping at each other and a few glancing blows, but no mortal wounds certainly, primarily between Daniel and Santino, the focus graduated to where it neeeded to be, around the work and the judging. I think that by the end of this session a kind of group healing, gradually and by little increments, had occured, as a new and vastly challenging horizon--fashion week--opened up for all of them. (in this regard the party was a most welcome tonic. ) consequently I will not obsess over the minor friction and verbal squirmishes that did occur. I will merely note that afterwards the rhythm and group energy seemed to smooth out and, if anything, accelerate. Under the smokescreen, which of course the devious editors deliberately highlight with their technical wizardry, hoping for high drama, it's obvious they all do have genuine respect for each other's work.

(Continued in comments section)

Transcript of Tim's Podcast - #11 "What's Your Line?"

Thanks, Joanne!

Hi, I'm Tim Gunn and this is my podcast for Project Runway Episode 11. What's Your Line.

Heidi instructs our designers that they are each to make an evening dress that
demonstrates the work that they would show at OFW at Bryant Park. So they
have got to rally all their resources, wrap their brain around the concept for their
collection and create a signature design. It's going to be a big challenge. In our last challenge, Nick was out, Chloe won and that brings us down to four designers, one of whom will be eliminated in this challenge, and the remaining three will move on to OFW.

So that just heightens the degree of anxiety and frankly stress that exists in the workroom. I have to stress how incredibly important OFW is in the whole scheme of fashion. This is the first fashion show for the first fashion week in a whole string of fashion weeks that happen worldwide. It all premieres in NY, we're really the focus and being even more blunt about it, Paris and London look at what happens in NY and those collections are tweaked accordingly. They see what we're doing and they - I won't say that they follow, but they're certainly influenced. And it's an advantage to being first...In some ways you could say it's a disadvantage, but we're the leaders and I'm proud of that, I'm very proud of that.


Click Here For a People Magazine Poll

Who will win Project Runway? Right now Daniel is in the lead, followed by Chloe and then Santino. These polls don't stay up very long so be sure to get over there and support your favorite! Tbone, surely you can enter a couple hundred votes for Chloe before they close the poll!

JK Tbone!

This Dress

was universally panned by the critics. It's often described as one of Nicole Kidman's "rare missteps...."

Kara The Amazing Decoy

An amazing showing at Olympus Fashion WeekIt really was remarkable how different the opinions were regarding the Final 4 Fashion Week collections. Looking at the pictures alone, no one could say for sure who the decoy was! Most of that credit has to go to Kara and the incredible passion and energy she put into her work.

Andy's Blog has a nice interview up today with Kara about her Fashion Week collection. How about a little BPR love to Kara Janx and her amazing run?

Who is Game to Transcribe Tim's Podcast?

Thanks Joanne!

I receive many notes of thanks for this valuable service.

Also, here is Christine's insightful response to last night's episode! Please send links to recaps to my e-mail address kluless7@cox.net. Thanks!

Click Here For an Interview With Jay

Thanks Dorian!

Ten Remarkable Things About Episode #11

1. Santino can pronounce "paillettes." Of course it was a voice-over so he might have been coached, but I tend to believe it. LOL

2. Iman is MORE than fabulous. Could there be a more amazing well-established fashion authority and supermodel to advise and promote these novice designers?

3. Along the same lines: Project Runway has arrived! It's obvious that Project Runway has established itself as a show with genuine clout and professional appeal when we have people like Iman, Diane Von Furstenberg, Cynthia Rowley, Sasha Cohen, Debra Messing and most important - BARBIE appearing this year! Compare these celebrities to last year - Sarah Hudson? Post Office Becky? (Okay, honestly I loved her.) Parker Posey? Congratulations on a show that is clearly growing in respect.

When I posted that photo of Iman, I was just guessing. I just picked out photos of any "supermodels" that appeared in the Getty photo archives with a Project Runway tag. Honest.

4. Did anyone watch that horrible Project Runway rip-off show called "The Cut?" This is something that Tommy Hilfiger would do. He would ask the contestants who THEY thought should be off. Basically the best strategy was just to repeat whatever the first person said. That way it would seem that everyone was in agreement. It was ridiculous. Anyway - here is my point: Chloe said "Santino." The rest said, "Chloe." (Yes, I understand it was because she admitted that she wan't sure that she really wanted it...) BUT who was off? KARA. Whom no one chose. So what was the point of even asking them this? Just to create drama? There's enough drama without manufacturing it!

5. I LOVE Austin. He is adorable. I want more Austin. Could we have "Project Austin" please? I think Nick is this season's Austin - the super-talented designer whom everyone loved and was cut too soon.

6. Michael Kors is really orange. I feel a limerick coming on....

7. It's always a highlight to see what Heidi will be wearing each week. I didn't think she could possibly be any more lovely and then I saw the new haircut. Thanks for always keeping things interesting for us, Heidi and for always changing and updating your look. You provide style tips and encouragement to pregnant women everywhere each time you step out from behind the scrim. Heidi Rocks!

8. BPR readers were of course, right about Kara being the decoy. Yet, her designs for Fashion Week were awesome. If only Kara had truly represented herself and done something like this: (or the lovely copper-skirted halter gown) for the episode, I'll bet she would have won.

As usual I am leaving numbers nine and ten for you, dear readers!

And Then There Were 3 ...

Daniel, Chloe and Santino at Olympus Fashion Week
In the 'What's Your Line' challenge the designers were to create a gown to reflect their prospective Fall 2006 collection that they would show at Olympus Fashion Week.

Did they achieve that goal?
Click here for Daniel's collection.
Click here for Chloe's collection.
Click here for Santino's collection.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Reactions to "What's Your Line?"

Hi everyone! Please post your reactions here.

This Thread is for the Party!

Have fun kids!

This is For Matthew's Live-Posting of Episode #11

Here's An Interesting Poll...

Today's poll question on TVGuide.com is about Santino! Check it out!

Everyone Set For Tonight?

Just in case we have some newbies, I'll review things for tonight.

Our east-coast friends will be live-posting during the broadcast. There will be one thread for the "party" - where everyone is welcome to contribute. All of the posting will be in the comments section. West coast folks (like me) can read along. We can even post questions along the way for clarification. This week TBone will be joining the party. He was getting lonely over there on his own. : )

Tonight, BPR welcomes Matthew who will be live-posting in a second thread as one single voice. For those who want to just follow along in a cohesive sensible manner without a lot of confusion - this is for you. Of course, most of us will be switching back and forth!

Remember to be polite and to have fun. Invite your friends!

Who will be joining us?

Click Here For A GREAT Interview With Tim Gunn!

Thanks Vicki!

More Runway in the News

Click on the image for a larger view.

First, People Magazine (Thanks Huda!):

Click here for a larger view.Well, this day has been a love fest for Tim Gunn ... and I wouldn't have it any other way. I hope Tim considers this the BPR equivalent of a belated Valentine!

And, click here for a column from the Sun-Sentinal from South Florida from a reporter that went to the Bryant Park show last Friday. Ah, he had a Gunn encounter along the way. I'm Verklempt! (Thanks Teresa!)

Santino at Red Lobster?

You gotta see it to believe it!

Season 2 Guessing Game

Ah, the things you can learn from Project Runway, The Magazine! See if you can guess who:
(highlight the line below each question to see the answers):

1. Ditched her training as an architect to design clothes.

  • Kara Janx
    2. One of his sisters was a fashion model in the 80's.
  • Emmett McCarthy

  • 3. Finds inspiration from European fashion magazines like Hola!
  • Nick Verreos

  • 4. Likes French-kissing and French fries.
  • Santino Rice

  • 5. Still listens to a favorite Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker album.
  • Andraé Gonzalo

  • 6. Decided to study fashion after seeing Dead Poets Society.
  • Chloe Dao

  • 7. One of his favorite songs is Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls.”
  • Daniel Vosovic

  • 8. Designed prom dresses before getting tapped for PR.
  • Zulema Griffin
  • Predictions for tonight?

    Well, it seems that most BPR readers feel that Kara must be the decoy. Bear in mind that this is NOT because of the quality of her Fashion Week show, but rather because she didn't use as many PR models as the other designers!

    Most agree that her show was surprisingly excellent. Well, we will see tonight...

    Meanwhile it's not too late to add your prediction here.

    I'm going to add another option though - the "I can't tell who the decoy is" option. That would be my entry! If this is your opinion, please add it.

    All four of these designers created fabulous collections for Fashion Week. No matter what happens tonight - congratulations to all!

    Jay and Tim in TV Guide

    Click on the articles to see a close-up version.

    Click on the image to see a larger versionJay is featured in the February 20-26 edition of TV Guide. I'd rather not see Jay in Celebrity Fit Club; as entertaining as that would be, I'd rather have him spend his time working on fashion.

    Click to see a bigger version.Tim Gunn received a 'Cheer' in the 'Cheers and Jeers' section of the same issue of TV Guide. Don't you wonder what took them so long? Tim is extremely cheer-worthy! But as much as I like Christopher Guest, he is no Tim Gunn.

    Project Runway Designers in "Out" Magazine

    We received a scan of the article from Bill, one of our readers. It is interesting to learn of each designer's influences and who they consider to be their style icon.

    Click on each article for a larger view.


    First, the news: Tim Gunn is one of the honorees at PETA's Fashion Week Bash for initiating a program at Parsons to encourage alternatives to leather and fur in fashion design.

    Also, Kara Saun is one of the designers showing at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Weekin Los Angeles March 19-23. (Thanks Gliterati for these items.)

    Now, more fun from the Project Runway magazine! Thanks AJ!

    Hair and Make-up 1

    Hair and Make-up 2

    Meltdown highlights

    Daniel's Comments

    Baby Game

    Wait...Is that EMMETT?

    Jay and Fans

    Okay - that's it for now - more later!

    Tuesday, February 14, 2006

    Is It Rebecca Romijn? Iman? Carol Alt?

    Let's see who is at this party with Heidi and Michael Kors on August 25, 2005. Why it's Debra Messing and Rebecca Romijn... Hmmmmmm.... Didn't someone say that one of the finale models looked a lot like Rebecca? Hmmmmmm...Look who is at the Season Two Premiere party on December 7th... Iman! And Carol Alt.... Hmmmmm... Supermodel central!

    The Latest....

    Thanks to the great folks at Open All Night Media for these photos.
    Here is a link to their site and their coverage of the show.

    Second, I'm hearing lots of speculation about "So-and-so has revealed the top three" or "So-and so has inadvertantly revealed who is auf this week." Well, first of all, there are lots of conflicting reports. And second, at BPR, we don't really want to know! So, please don't spoil our fun. Yes, it's fun to guess as long as you don't really know for sure. If you do know for sure, it's not really guessing is it? I am really admiring the producers of the show right now for keeping us guessing and I hope I will be guessing until the very end. Don't you? I just want to enjoy things from here on out.

    I have a couple of messages that Project Runway is mentioned in People magazine and also in WWD and the March issue of Out. BPR reader, Bill S. shares, "As one of the gay fans, I enjoyed it especially knowing that Chloe's designer influence is "Anyone that is gay, of course." : )

    Does anyone have these magazines? Could you transcribe (or scan) them for us and e-mail to kluless7@cox.net?