Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Project Runway News!

I lifted this from the "Entertainment Weekly" website!

''Project Runway'' losers become real winners -- We look at recent successes by alums of the Bravo reality show by Lisa Costantini
Those first-season Project Runway alums are continuing the grand reality-show tradition of losers becoming real-life winners (see Clay Aiken and Trista Rehn). While champ Jay McCarroll will star in his own Bravo documentary, Project Jay, early next year, runner-up Kara Saun styled TLC's T-Boz and Chilli for their reality series R U the Girl and Amanda Bynes for What I Like About You. As for fellow losers Kevin Johnn (who'll continue dressing Heidi Klum for Runway's season 2) and fan favorite Austin Scarlett, they'll both unveil their new collections in September during NYC's Fashion Week. And what about childish, scheming Wendy Pepper? She just opened her own clothing store, and she's creating a ready-to-wear collection aimed at ''mature'' women. Now that's designing against type.

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