Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I Got The Season One DVD Yesterday!

Naturally I started with the "Special Features." There was a design gallery of fashions that are almost the exact same things that are on the website. There were some deleted scenes. Nothing too special - there's a reason that this stuff was cut. I did enjoy a scene where Austin was upset because Rob stole his nice clean towel - Rob's towel is hard to miss since is it covered in self-tanner....ugh. I'd be mad too, Austin. Meanwhile Jay is explaining that Austin and Rob are actually in love with one another.

Also, it's pretty apparent that Vanessa has a drinking problem...

Now, for the good part. It's called "WEAR are they now?" We start with Jay and the photo shoot for his disappointing "spread" in Elle magazine. He is insulting and crude as usual. The stylist, the hair and make-up people and the photographer are all very professional and polite. Nina Garcia and Tim Gunn and encouraging and supportive. Everyone is very patient with Jay's rudeness and interference. He expects that he will have a twelve-page spread with each outfit styled exactly like his runway show. The sylist patiently explains that perhaps it is more appropriate to mix and match the pieces in his collection with a pair of jeans or a t-shirt "like the girl on the street" would actually wear it. After the Elle shoot is complete we hear Jay's reaction. He complains, claiming that Gilles (the photographer) "Hates me because I swore in his studio." Yeah, Jay, that's what happens when you insult and offend people. I was disappointed when I saw the meager spread in Elle. Now it makes perfect sense.

Next we see Kara Saun. She is polished and lovely as usual. She might have lost some weight. She is very excited about her new opportunities. She is completely positive and professional. We see her at a Hollywood party. I featured a photo from this same party earlier in the blog. It is interesting to see the same fashions from the runway featured on different models in a more intimate setting. Go Kara!

Next is Wendy. She is focusing on a line of "mother-of-the-bride" fashions. She has moved her studio out of her basement and into a retail space "down the street." She also has an on-line boutique and seems very happy.

Next is Austin. He is in full Austin mode in his interview sporting a silk scarf nattily tossed over his shoulder and secured with a corsage. Austin is working on a Spring 2006 collection. Shouldn't we have seen this by now? Maybe he means it will be ready in Spring. Or maybe I missed it - sorry.
Austin claims that receiving the criticism from the judges was "one of the best parts" of the show. On this day Austin is serving as a judge at the New York City auditions. They admit that personality is as important as talent. On personality Austin definitely scores high. He is adorable.

Last is Robert. He is the same lovable yet really really stupid character that we saw on the show. He describes how he was a designer in Russia in 2000. We see a couple of slides of these designs. He explains that although his real last name is Plotkin, even HE has trouble pronouncing it so, he went by the very professional name of Robert Trebor. Pronounced Tray-BOR. He explains - in case we missed it - that Trebor is Robert spelled backwards. Gotta love that Rob.


Anonymous said...

Since you subscribe to Elle, you've probably seen it already, but they featured Austin's spring collection -- from what I could see in the small photos, it looked characteristically gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

where is nora?