Saturday, June 25, 2005

Episode Three Re-hash

First of all - I thought Chris S. was great eye candy. I kind of had a little crush on him and kept waiting to see more from him. Unfortunately in this episode we saw and heard more from him and now he is gone.

I thought the disco was great - but I did spot the cds! What were you thinking? There were no cds in the 70's. Also the girl jumping out of the cake...Ummmm... What was all over her? cherry pie filling? Whatever - it was BAD.

But when they entered The Cotton Club I was BLOWN AWAY! Wow - the swing dancers - the menus - the hairstyles - the costumes - the music - the smoke - did I say the menus? With the appropriate fonts, menu items and prices? Now that was attention to detail. It felt like a scene from a really good movie.

The funny thing is that I don't recall seeing any of this stuff discuessed on air. I did record the episode and I'll probably (maybe not...) watch it again - but who came up with this stuff? Who made these decisions. The whole thing was FABULOUS!

Tommy H was definitely right to choose the Cotton Club team as the winner. Hands down, no argument. The disco was not even in the same league.

Now, to the party in the Hamptons..... Jeff has once again proven himself an arrogant jerk. Princess is incredibly trashy and seemingly unaware of the wretched impression she makes. Ugh. She has got to go.

More later!

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