Thursday, September 22, 2005

Heidi Klum's Emmy Dress...

...was lovely - I thought. But it was not designed by Jay or Kevin or any of the Project Runway designers. Here is what Page Six had to say:

"September 22, 2005 -- SURLY "Project Runway" winner Jay McCarroll is said to be furious with his patron saint, Heidi Klum, because she nixed the dress he made for her to wear to the Emmys in favor of a wispy, floral, off-the-shoulder Christian Dior frock. McCarroll, who is now filming 12 episodes of "Project Jay" — a follow-up show to "Project Runway" — whipped up an outfit for Klum, who had given birth just six days earlier to Henry, her and Seal's son, all of which was documented by a camera crew. McCarroll was said to be shocked that his dress was not picked. But a rep for Klum said that McCarroll's design was just one of the dresses she tried on. "The day of the Emmys, the gown just did not work. It probably was the most challenging task of 'Project Runway' ever — design a dress for a woman who has just given birth."

Now, first of all I can't imagine Jay "surly" can you? Second - TWELVE EPISODES of Project Jay!!!! Now that's exciting news!!!!!

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