Monday, September 05, 2005


I've completely lost interest in "The Cut." At first it seemed like it might be a show to fill the empty place left at the end of Project Runway, but as the show goes on I just can't continue to watch it. The problem is Tommy Hilfiger. He seems like such a jerk.

Project Runway allows the designers to be the stars. Their creativity shines. Tim Gunn is there as support - he doesn't overshadow the personalities of the designers, he just serves as a very helpful sounding board and mentor. Heidi is very low-key. Sure, she gets to dismiss the loser each week, but she doesn't CHOOSE the loser - a TEAM of qualified judges decides. Heidi is the hostess as well as a producer, but the show is not about Heidi.

Tommy gives his contestants ridiculous, humiliating, pointless assignments. This is not entertainment. Tommy sets them up to argue and criticize one another. This show is strictly a vehicle for Tommy, Inc. The winner will be the biggest Tommy-butt-kisser. You know who I'm talking about. No contest.

So, I'm sorry.... no more posts about "The Cut." I haven't even watched the last two episodes. Does anyone even care about The Cut?

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