Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hey Kids!

Why is everyone so glum? What did I miss? Oh, it's okay, kids, Uncle Nick will be just fine, don't worry! And Tarah too! Some people are just far too talented for these silly game shows that you all watch while I'm out.

JK : )

Oh I can't believe it! Arghhhhhh! All of you that were telling me that "Nick couldn't be making gowns for celebrities if he was working on his collection for Fashion Week" were right! Bye Nick....see you around.....

Meanwhile, we here at BPR are fans of the whole show, right? Not just one particular designer. Especially now. It seems that after Zulema left - the remaining six were all favorites...well those six plus Diana...and Emmett...and Daniel F...

And hey, Diana and Emmett and Daniel Franco are doing really well right now and so is Nick, so things are okay kids, really. Don't cry.

Meanwhile I still have 30 minutes until the show starts here... Do I point that out every week? Sorry.

Okay, I'm off to visit Tim. Who is game to transcribe Tim's podcast this week? Bettie?


Shevawndruke said...

nick is already doing well! did you see his dress at the SAG awards on Brenda Strong?
She loved the nicky hilton dress so much that he made one for her in purple!
I will always love nick...

Bettie Bloodshed said...

Yeah I've got the podcast.
I'm working on it as we speak

I do have to say:


I have already encountered transcription problems. Hahaa..

I <3 you Tim. I do I do.

ABC said...

Santino will probably win. He's the only one that Bravo can make a reality show out of (a la Jay).

praddicted said...

Oh, my. It's not that Nick is gone-it's sort of the whole episode. I can't honestly say that his design/execution was worse than Santinos-why did Zulema get aufed for execution problems and not Santino (IMO, his were worse than Nicks). What about the total look?-I thought Kara looked horrible, those colors did not suit her and her hair wasn't anything special. I thought Nick could have done a lot more with Daniel, too. And Daniel-NOOOO-don't get snarky on us, sweetie!! Let's just say you are young and you were upset but man, were you a little sarcastic last night or what? Santino gets carried away-bless him, I think he has some major issues handling stress and the attention. Look at the poor guy saying he's so happy the L'Oreal guy recognized his strong jaw line and he's going to be better looking than Brad Pitt (realizes he crossed over and makes a joke of it). I'm glad Kara and Chloe did well, no question but IMHO, 35D imploded last night. I'm disappointed all around.

Tbone said...

JK - in order for Bravo to keep me as a fan of the whole show, a bit of integrity needs to maintained. Most of us generally want to see the best designs win and the worst (and I include construction here) out.

With Santino, the producers have essentially thumbed their noses at us. In his case, the persona wins out over the design, the "show" is more important than the work. And that makes me sad.