Friday, February 10, 2006

Model ID

Okay, Santino has Heather, Allison, and Danyelle. (Also, it's possible that the "lederhosen" model is Tarah. Can anyone confirm?) Chloe has Grace, Shannon and Lesley, Daniel has Rebecca, Rachael and Eliza, and Kara has Eden. Where is Claudia? Cara? Does this mean that Kara is the decoy? Hmmmmmmm.....

ETA: Yes, that's Tarah!

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Tbone said...

That was definitely Tarah walking for Santino, confirmed by Christine.

The only models that apparently didn't walk were Alyssa, Cara, Claudia, Maria, and Melissa. We saw so little of them (except Claudia and Cara) in the show, though I'm wondering if they were in and we just didnt recognize them.

Hmmmm....another afternoon wasted away in pursuit of PR frivolity!