Friday, February 10, 2006

Olympus Fashion Week

First Images

Click on the title to see images from today or click on each designer below to view the individual collections.

Chloe - Click here for the entire collection.

by Chloe Dao

Daniel - Click here for the entire collection.

by Daniel Vosovic

Kara - Click here for the entire collection.

by Kara Janx

Santino - click here for the entire collection.

by Santino Rice

We are still looking for exclusive photos from the tents. If anyone has photos that they would like to share, please e-mail either myself ( or Tbone ( this weekend only.


praddicted said...

From the pics, I would have no idea who would be the 4th designer!

Not wild about Chloe's fabrics or this design.

Daniels looks okay but model walking away looks interesting

Kara's looks unexpectedly up there!

I (surprisingly) like Santinos-including the ones walking away!

IMO, hard to tell!!

jmj424 said...

They all look good. I actually kind of like santino's. I is hard to really tell anything about daniel's. It doesn't look like the most exciting piece.

Kara looks so happy.

misterminm said...

kara's is right on point. from what i have seen, leggings are really big for fall.

j11358 said...

oh, this is quite unexpected.

santino's dress is very "aesthetically pleasing", and it has very few embellishments, which is suprising. i wonder if his whole collection took on that tone.

chloe's gold dress thing is very flashy. i don't know what i think about it yet.

kara's outfit is not terrible, better than i expected, she's got the whole layering thing going on, but i don't care for the color palette she used.

daniel vosovic's outfit is very typical of him, he's got that moody, chic, dark and simple thing going on as usual, but it doesn't really tell us too much elseabout his signature style.
overall, it's understated and pretty, nothing innovative.

i want to see more!

j11358 said...

oh and from what i can of santino's other outfit's so far, they are very nice!
this changes the whole game!

Hannah said...

I love Chloe's dress. I'm not sure about the gold fabric, but the look itself is great - beautiful but flirty.

And, I love Dan. All he touches is wonderful.

Impressed with Santino - flowy and feminine.

Anonymous said...

OMG for once I like something Santino Made! I can't believe it! I'm so excited to see the rest of the collections!

Anonymous said...

based on these pictures we are seeing the santino that won the first challenge and while not my favorite style i think he might win this if these pictures are an indication of each designers line.

JRT said...

okay, i will comment here, sorry for so many comments laura.

daniels looks classic and strong, but could be lost because of some blandness.

chloe's i really love it, and i am not sure i can describe why.

kara despite many people's wanting her to exit, has an awesome chance with this line(if she is in the final 3). it is very strong and very beautiful.

santino's- finally he cut back on the trims, etc. and it looks very good for santino's work, to me kind of gets the same blah reaction as daniel's though.

JRT said...

one of daniel's kind of looks like a take off on his chloe makeover dress from this week, and actually looks better in my opinion.

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

I actually love all the collections for different reasons. Chloes are pieces I'd really love to wear, Santino's are just beautiful, Kara's are playful and Daniel's are clean and very Calvin Klein.

And I don't know about anyone else, but I can't tell who the decoy is.

Mercedes said...

Let me start by saying that’s really hard to comment on just one picture without seeing the whole concept. Could this be the best outfit or the worst? We won’t know until we see the whole thing. But from this one picture from all of their collections I thought:

-Kara’s has that innovative touch Jay’s had last year.
- Daniel’s seemed very “Marc Jacobs-y” I hope he doesn’t get the same type of reaction Kara Saun got last year with her Calvin Klein inspired (I mean aviator…) collection.
-Santino’s stuff was actually kinda meh! I thought he could be more innovative, and of course that one dress is very simple but with trim. Exactly the type of dress Nick referred to in his interview with Andy.
-Chloe’s dress was pretty but like others said I am not so sure about the fabric choice or the shawl thing.

I am curious to see what the judges go with.

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

sassyone - there's waaaayyy more pics up now - you can see the whole collections!!!

jmj424 said...

I think the same thing can be said about all of the collections. Some pieces were really strong, some were not. Each designer seemed to have one or two duds.

I loved Daniel's white coat. I really liked Kara's use of color, and fabric.
I am not a huge Santino fan but I did like a lot of the pieces here, once he gets away from all the trims, his stuff can look good. I really liked most of Chloe's line, except I hated the big puffy purple thing.

loog said...

It's nice to see that I have been seemingly right about Santino! He's got really great creativity, and just needed time on his own for his talent to shine through.

his personality, on the other hand. . .

i like kara's top, and daniel's as well, but Santino's just really stands out. i'm voting for santino for the best line no matter where he ends up!

JRT said...

okay my final 4 in order based on these collections(and in no way will it look like what the judges choose):

1. Daniel
2. Chloe
3. Kara
4. Santino

Those the top two could be swapped and the bottom two could be swapped. But, Santino's red dress is by far my favorite of all the collections, and second favorite of the whole season.

jmj424 said...

One more thing, It's nice to see a lot of the models that got cut are being used in the show.

AJ said...

I'm ALL over Getty Images right now!

ChooseSuccess said...

At the show, Santino said: "Who knows, maybe next year...we'll see." Interesting.

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

If nothing else, I'm glad all 4 designers got to show such great collections - I'm sure none of them will be hurting for work after this.

Robin said...

My boy's stuff is gorgeous! Except for that leather thing (shudder) I liked That first suit of Daniel's...the white with black print, but the rest of I don't think Santino would have been the type of person who would have put such effort into his stuff if he was the decoy...maybe? If I had to choose a decoy, I'd definitely say it was Daniel. OTOH, WTF is up with Kara's HATS???? Is she channeling Jay?

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

choosesuccess, I'm hoping that doesn't mean Santino's was the decoy, because it looks amazing. It also looked expensive - how could he do it without the money for supplies they give the final 3...unless they give $$$ to the decoy as well.

AJ said...

I'm really liking Santino's right now! Kara's is really nice too. I've not seen enough of Daniel's and Chloe's is so wearable.

I like that after a few pictures, I could look at the designs and tell whose is which...they've really got such different styles.

JRT said...

yeah adrienne, you can totally read to whom the designs belong. after looking at daniel's further, i love the textures he put in the dress, which is a little hard to see in pictures. chloe's fabric choices i really liked. kara's layering was nice, but i wish she had left the hats off. and santino really stepped it up here. geez, i can't wait to the finale (but I don't want to be sad at the finale).

AJ said...

Daniel- so chic! Everything was so streamlined with a bit of an edge that just really set the clothes off and made them signature.

Chloe- I liked Chloe's, but didn't love it. I think it's just not my style, but the elegance of her designs were beautiful.

Kara- I'm so surprised! I really liked Kara's. I loved the funk she put into everything. WAsn't crazy about the layered ruffle pieces, but the colors and detailing on some of the gowns were fabulous!

Santino- I knew he could tone down the whickety-whack and pull it off. As many issues as I've had w/ Tino, I never once doubted his vision. I loved the flowy mint-green dress. He has a really youthful collection.

Overall, I think everyone did fabulous! I can't wait to see everything on screen when the finale airs. Our designers are growing up! I'm so

misterminm said...

I never thought that I would ever ever say this, but just based on the photos of this collection:

1. Santino
2. Kara
3. Chloe
4. Daniel V.

Santino's was so surprising!!

memee said...

Wow! That was fun to look at. They all were great - like everyone said, none of them stood out as particularly below any others though Chloe's did look a little 80's for my taste.

But I especially loved Kara's and Santino's! They were the best looking to me. I'm so happy for all of them, though.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I hate to say..but to me, it looks like Daniel's is the decoy.

Kara's is amazing..I actually liked it.

And that blue satin dress Chloe!!

Santino is kinda eh as well.

I am saying its either Santino or Daniel who is the decoy.

I REALLY hope it isnt Daniel :(

JRT said...

hey bettie,

i am kind of worried about the decoy too. geez, can't someone find a spoiler on this topic, who is the decoy? i mean i have searched every word combination there is in google to see if I can find anyone writing about it. I just wanto know.

but nonetheless, great showing by all.

Mercedes said...

After seeing all the pics available: I have to say I really like Kara’s funky style. Daniel’s is very wearable and Chloe’s is very elegant. Santino’s is a very feminine but it seems ill fitting to some models around the bust.

I can’t wait to see who makes it.

marion said...

I didn't see Heather in the group of photos from the Santino collection. Even if a celebrity model is used, it is surprising not to see Heather. Maybe I'm just hoping too hard that Santino is the decoy!

asiangirl said...

Really love Choe and Santino's line

Kara and Daniel too..

feels a little different from season 1... I feel like there is less of a connection between all the outfits.

and yeah.. Daniels does seem a little like the decoy.. it just doesn't look that flashy.. or special.

Mercedes said...

Heather is there and I also saw Rebecca, Danyelle and Rachel.

misterminm said...

could Heidi be wearing one of Jay's dresses to make up for the Emmy's fiasco??? It looks like it could definitely be one of his pieces.

Mrs. Garlic said...

i think daniel is the "decoy." his pieces look so simple - just in the construction of them. i think that the others have accesories (esp. kara) that would not be included (imo) if they were not really part of the top three.

i like that they give a decoy. it makes for more discussion.

Mercedes said...

I would think that even as a decoy, a designer would put out his best showing out there. After all, he or she may not get another chance to show his stuff during fashion week. IMO.

loog said...

yeah, Santino and Kara's collections were the strongest by far. I loved Kara's colors, and the designs were simple with great style and had her signature all over them. they were eye-catching and well-sewn.

Santino's were almost too toned down for me, but I like exciting clothes, so maybe this is all just crazy. Santino definitely looks the best to me. Great use of color, toned down the crazy embellishment, but you can easily still see Santino in it. The red dress was amazing, you were right, earlier-on-person!

daniel's were "nice". . . easy, well made, boring, normal. nice. i admit i liked the white coat a LOT, though. this collection gets a "yawn" and "pat on back".

chloe's just seem so tasteless. that gold fabric looks so old-lady. chloe is great for what she is doing already, the boutique. it's doing really well, but i don't think she's cut out for high fashion.
sorry chloe, i think you're an amazing person.
this collection gets an "80's-gross" rating.

dkellergrl said...

I can't believe that Santino was able to come up with a line that was really beautiful. Kara's line looked like a hot mess. Did she take all her "inspiration" from what Santino produced during the competition. Daniel was very classy, staying with the staple colors of black and white. Chloe's was very pretty and very girly.

I hope that Daniel and Chloe make the top 3 designers. I still want Santino to crash and burn, but I'm not sure if Kara can pull another non-elimination position away from him.

LauraK said...

The model in Santino's red that "our" Allison? I thought she was gorgeous with her dimples and she left too soon. What do you all think? THIS IS SO FUN!

Mrs. Garlic said...

p.s. now we really know debra messing was the celebrity judge

Jon said...

I find it funny that they keep saying only the final three designers will show at Olympus Fashion Week but yet this is the second time the final four have shown there.

AJ said...

I think that whether someone is a decoy or not, they are still showing at NY's Fashion Week for the first time in their lives. They aren't going to slack just because they are no longer in the Project Runway competition, ya know? I think that all of the collections were outstanding and really showed off the style of the designer that we have come to enjoy throughout this competition.

ellen, I completely agree about Chloe's! I liked it, but there was something I couldn't put my finger on that was bothering me. It's 80's esque!

As far as Daniel is concerned, I think that some people are mistaking chic for simplicity. There's something to be said for the "less is more" concept and the military style detailing (buttons, structure, etc...) really set off the pieces for me.

I'd have a hard time picking a favorite, because they are all so different in concept, although I will say that I liked Chloe's the least...

AJ said...

These pictures are great too. The one of Daniel behind Rebecca just looking shocked to be there is so sweet, and I love the one of Santino pumping his fist among all of the models :)

KCF said...

I think it's just ridiculous that we go through this charade of 3 designers when it's really 4!!! For God's sake, producers, either start the damn show a week earlier or just say that 4 designers will be showing at Fashion Week. Silly.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Just got back from lunch--this is the best surprise!
I'm smiling again!!!!!

jmj424 said...

I think Shannon (Emmett's model) is wearing one of Chloe's pieces.

Toothy Tile said...

As much as it pains me to say this, I like Santino's the best. His color choice and styling were right on, and there was a pleasant lack of whickety whack.

Chloe's was overall good too.. but I don't get the weird sleeve/shrug thing, and the poofy purple dress is just a mess.

Kara really surprised me.. I totally wasn't expecting her to go in this direction. Its such a hot mess, but its a cute, funky hot mess.

And again, as much as it pains me.. Daniel V disappointed me. I'm all for simple and chic.. but it just didn't click with me, with the exception of that white coat which I ADORE. It looks to me like he's the decoy.

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

After having a better look at the collections, I like Chloe's and Santino's the best. Santino just totally blew me away. His pieces are beautiful, make the models look beautiful and have a nice sophistication to them.

According to various articles, there was lots of 70's and 80's hommaging going on, so Chloe's right there on top of it. Her dresses looked lovely to me - especially loved the black one with the keyhole neckline and that blue she used was so delicious!!

Not for nothing...but if Santino was the decoy, he had a damn fine collection to show for it.

nsa said...

I think Chloe's the much as it pains me to say that...

Bravo...just start a week earlier already!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe when Santino made a reference to "next year", I think that he meant that he'd be back at Fashion Week next year. I couldn't love Santino any more if I tried, but with his ego, that sounds plausible, right?

On his site, a friend of his that was at the show said that Santino told the crowd that he hoped they enjoyed his stuff, and if they didn't, be patient, 'cuz he'd be back.

asiangirl said...

If we didn't have the decoy.. then we couldn't speculate and have such a buzz about the end of the show.

I think its fine to have 3 finalists and one decoy.. at least they get to show their stuff.. they just don't get a chance at the winnings.

In the end.. each designer really just wants to show their ability and get their name out there.. I think PR does a great job of that..
winning for the designers is possibly more of a pain? (from the previews of Project Jay)

AJ said...

MK is going to be all over the 80's power b*tch quotes!

The only other model I saw other than Grace, Heather and Rebecca was Rachel and possibly Danyelle in Santino's collection...anyone wanna throw me a bone and tell me who else is there. And where's Eden??

Anonymous said...

I think Kara is the decoy- I don't think she had the 8 grand to flesh out her vision.

Santino is too "one note"-as always no fit- all smoke and mirrors with sheer drapes hiding his models torso.
Chloe is heart meltingly beautiful at first view but is limited in the depth of the collection--not much day or office use. It seems to be all party dresses at different levels of formality.

Daniel's is not as eye catching at first but at closer observation, is deep and fully fleshed out, is highly wearable without being overtly commercial. Daniel wins!!

Anonymous said...

I agree Santino is finally out - his PR model is not part of his show but everyone else has their's, his models are not as pretty as Kara's (pretty but not as...) and there's good reason, for him to be out. He doesn't over embellish but he doesn't respect women's bodies - a lot of his pieces have the waist in the wrong spot - too high - just like Heidi said - Heidi hated that Nikki Hilton dress - only tacky Nikki would like it - I bet those rope for straps get very uncomfortable and would cut into your skin.

Kara Chloe and Daniel all did well, they all did "collections" which reflect their own styles, I have no idea who will win - will it be the no challenge winner Kara who has always been nice a la Jay or Daniel? I love Chole, I think she's a great gal, but some of her dresses didn't seem to fit well.

Can't wait to see Santino get his - arrogant, vulgar SOB - other than his parroting skills, no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

nsa said...

That's true...the speculation is fun...I'm just impatient, I think. At least it looks like Bravo gave the 4th contestant enough time to pull together something properly for Fashion Week.

AEon FluX said...

I liked Kara's collection, even though it seemed that she was trying to reproduce that Jay feeling from last year.
Dan's was boring, Santino's was as if Santino was not designing -and I am not sure whether that's a bad thing- , and Chloe's was too flashy for my taste. I did not like her selection of colors -it seemed like she went out of her way to design something non-blue- or fabrics.

I really hope they give it to Kara.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Ok--just looked at the collections.
REALLY looked--opened every pic.

I LOVE Daniel's. I know I've been a Dan Fan from the start-but I truly love his designs. They may not be as eye-catching with bright colors, but I love his look. (I'm always in black myself.)
He's still my pick to win, and I think he's best suited for the Banana Republic deal.
Love the collar work on the jackets! I want one!

Sam said...

Chloe's is beautiful and reminds me of Kara Saun's Aviator collection. Add a few leather touches and she's there. I thought Daniel's was classic and refined, kind of what St. John should be doing but isn't. I have to admit that I really liked Santino's collection even though I've never liked anything he's done on the show. It was surprisingly simple and elegant. I was prepared to dislike it, but have to admit that it was lovely. The biggest surprise to me was how much I loved Kara's collection. If I was a judge, I'd give it to Kara. It was young and cool and the most inventive. Overall, I have to say that this year's collections are a cut above last year's. Gorgeous.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Now, the others...
Do I dare say it? I like most of Santino's designs. I think he finally figures out that "less is more" with his designs, and they don't have to be so over-the-top.

Kara--great smile, she looks so happy. Pretty bohemian dresses. I immediately thought of Jay when I saw those hats though. One of the judges will HAVE to mention that.

Chloe--I'm not sure. I'm not into the gold. And some of them reminded me of an 80's prom.

Tbone said...

Here are the models I see in the collections:

Chloe: Grace

Santino: Allison (the first model aufed!) and Heather

DV Studly: Rebecca, Rachel (!) and Eliza (Lupe's model w/ darker hair)

Kara: don't see Eden

Any one else?

memee said...

From what I could tell, these are the PR models I saw...


Rachael, Rebecca

Danyelle, Tarah, Heather, Allison

Grace, Shannon, Lesley

Tbone said...

Decoy? I'm starting to think that maybe there is no decoy. If there is, they did a great job.

AJ said...

I wanna repeat what I said before...if there is a decoy, I don't see them not giving their everything, because whether you are still in the Project Runway competition or not, this is Fashion Week and the exposure is HUGE!

AJ said...

And where's Eden? I didn't see her at all...anyone want to link a picture of her. And Tarah for that matter...

Patrick Alava said...

Tough, tough call. For debut collections, good, but not a huge splash for anyone.

Chloe: gorgeous construction, meticulous workmanship. I'm not sure about a couple of the pieces though. The purple thing makes the model look like a walking throw pillow.

Daniel: yes, very basic Calvin Klein, but nothing I haven't seen before. Agreed - well made, but I don't feel the oomph. Maybe the pictures don't do it justice.

Kara: Dark horse Kara. Points for using a fuller palette, but as a poster rightly pointed out, a hot mess. Doesn't cohere. "Playful use of color" alone does not a vision for fall make. Also, I'm tired of the empire waist thing. Still, glad to see her. And the tiered skirt and leggings ensemble is bouyant, confident, wonderful.

Santino: So glad you restrained yourself. Great fabrics. Flowy, feminine. Very Bill Blass, but again nothing new.

So four (hate to say it) slightly underwhelming collections. Was hoping for more edge from Chloe, more in-your-faceness from Daniel, but well. At least it's a much closer race than it was last year? If Banana Republic is casting the decider, it's going to be Daniel. His is the most BRish of all.

Tbone said...

I agree with Ellen - that looks like Tarah in Santino's collection - the one with the leather half-pants.

I still don't see Eden though.

go mighty orbots said...

well, I'm underwhelmed. They don't really compare to kara saun's and jay's from last year; both of which I thought were brilliant and brilliantly executed. I like Dan's best. Santino's collection is a real let down for me; I was hoping for something bolder and with more "old/third world techniques." Chloe's didn't make an impression and I really liked some of Kara's pieces.

Toothy Tile said...

I could swear Chloe's model for the black suit is Shannon (Emmett's model).

Kara definitely has Eden. She's in the plaid jacket with the blue hat and blue socks.

Santino also has Danyelle (the mauve dress). It almost looks like he has Tarah too (the flowing top over the leather capris), but somehow I don't think that's right.

Tbone said...

Now I see Eden - thanks Toothy!

Divine Calm said...

I'm in love with Chloe's and Santino's designs. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! I was really disappointed in Daniel's designs. They didn't have that "Wow!" factor for me. I really enjoyed Kara's color mixing.

I can't stand Santino's character, but his clothes but him in a very elite group of designers.


Anonymous said...

I was pleasantly surprised by Santino. I think that he did finally listen to the judges, and thought of the woman. His clothes are wear-able, beautiful, and apparently if given sufficient time, he is able to put together well-made, finished garments.

I was REALLY surprised by how much I liked Kara's line! I didn't mind the fuzzy hats, either, I thought they were whimsical and attractive. I thought her line was the most interesting in her use of textures and layers. Good for you, Kara!

And as much as I like Chloe and Daniel, I wasn't thrilled by their lines. Beautifully tailored garments, but nothing innovative.

Anonymous said...

I was at the show this morning.

Santino DID say "maybe next year." Chloe said something like "it's been said that I don't have passion in designing. I think this collection shows I do." I felt that with Santino coming last, and him saying that, it would be too obvious for him to be the decoy. But I guess we won't know for sure until we see the episode!

Rebecca Romjin was definitely not there.

I agree that Kara and Santino were the best, surprisingly. I also agree that Jay and Kara Saun last year were better.

Anonymous said...

After looking through most of the pics on getty, I would like for Daniel to win, though I am pretty sure it will be Chloe.
I was very surprised that Santino's designs were very simple (for Santino).. seems like he has FINALLY taken the advice of the judges.

Daniel's collection was simple, beautiful, and classic. I loved it and would wear most of it in a heart beat.. but, that's my style- I'm not sure if the judges will like it or not.

I don't have anything to say about Kara. She was definitely the decoy. What's with the hats?! I have to wonder what Jay had to say about them - LOL.

Anonymous said...

I came in early to work today so I could see the pics. This one's so tough to call! I really wanted to love Chloe's but didn't. I liked Dan's designs but was disappointed not to see more color. I can just hear Nina in my head whining about it. Santino's looked very toned down. Is he trying to be more assessible or is he the decoy? It's hard to read. Wouldn't he feel more free to push the limits if he knew he would not have to defend his choices on the runway? Or if he did make the final 3, would he pull out all the stops regardless of the outcome?
Kara's collection was unexpected, like she pushed herself a bit, but will it be enough to win?

Miami Muse said...

I think that everyones looks amazing. Great ideas and work. It is going to be hard this season

Anonymous said...

A friend who attended the show said that Daniel's stuff looked ill-fitted and poorly constructed, and he's a Daniel fan.

I hate that layered Kara dress as it makes the model look pregnant, but he said it looked really beautiful on the runway.

Kara and Santino's collections were the best IMO. But understand that something that Santino said to the audience leads one to believe he was voted out.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm surprised at how different the opinions here are! My initial impression was that I liked Daniel's the least because it was boring. But after looking at the details, his and Kara's are my favorites. Daniel's attention to detail and fit are excellent. I just love Kara's use of color. Chloe's collection seems the least cohesive, and I don't like her fabric choices. Both gold dresses look awful.

Santino... his dresses look poorly fitted and too toned down. I normally love his ideas, but the execution on the show is rushed and bad. I would expect his fashion show collection to be much better, but it's not.

I'm at a loss as to who is the decoy. I want to say Santino because they aren't fitted as well as everyone else's. But if Santino was a decoy, he'd most likely do something WAY over the top like he said he'd do if he had immunity.

Anonymous said...

I surprisingly only really liked Kara's and Santino's (as much as I despise him) After seeing those pictures I hope Kara is one of the final three.

Anonymous said...

I think Karamay be the decoy because I didn't see her model. All the others designer's models were shown wearing the evening gown except Kara's model.

hellparadiso said... THIS what Santino could pull off without time/money constraints? So I guess he actually IS good when he's not desperately trying to make a statement. I'd wear almost anything up there. Chloe's and Daniels seem...I dunno, boring. Well, safe might be a better word for it.

grudge girl said...

I was, surprisingly, bored and disappointed by Daniel's collection. It looked... matronly to me. Chloe's also underwhelmed. I will be the first to admit my shock that I liked Kara's the best. It was such a pleasant surprise to click on the link and see all that gorgeous color! I could do without the hats, but they were cute, and tied the collection together. I also, major shocker, liked Santino's. Where has he been hiding this designer all season? Gone are all of the over-doings.

And, loog, I totally thought the exact same thing about Rebecca Romijn. I thought it was her, and that she is the supermodel, and he won her to model his collection. It wouldn't surprise me, because of the way he finessed Nicky Hilton.

It is pleasant indeed to be surprised at this stage of the game! Sigh. I love this show so much.

loog said...

stampen, i couldn't agree with you more!!

boo hoo that it was Romijin!! i think it's a good idea, though, for next year's final challenge-- the winner gets the guest-judge-supermodel to walk in their show!!

This is really fun, though. i'm so excited that i'm ashamed (laughingly)!!!

thanks for making this such a great experience, laura k and the rest of y'all. i've learned a lot this season, especially my love of fashion!!

May said...

I think they all look really great, and I'm really looking forward to the next couple of weeks.

Really, though, the first thing I thought when I saw Kara's hats was that they were Jay-derivative. If she's not the decoy, I'm sure she'll be defending that decision to at least one judge...

Anonymous said...

knuckles, I agree, I felt the hats were a tad "Jay" as was the layered dress... it reminded me of Jay's final piece.

May said...

Also, I think that Santino does have Tarah. The very first photo in his set on the Getty set, it looks like the 2nd model in line is her.

Anonymous said...

I am happy to see the Kara love here. She has been an underdog all season and although I think Chloe will win, I hope Kara gets to the final 3 with this collection.

Anonymous said...

I think Daniel's looks very sophistocated and Italian.

Kara's was the most fun and full of surprises.

Santino should have "Santino-ed" it up a little more, but I did really like his collection, especially the green dress with black lace (although in a way it reminds me of something Lillian Munster might wear).

Chloe's were cute and pretty, but so shiny.

Everyone's reminded me a little of Wendy Pepper last year, so much shiny material, like things from the costume or bridal pattern books you see at fabric stores.

But a lot of the "real" fashion shows this season have shiny stuff too, so I guess it's in.

Tina Bean said...

I am blown away by Kara's collection! I want every single piece for myself, and love love love the hats and the way they tie the collection together. Kara is my new favorite designer!!! I hope she wasn't the decoy. Shoulda known our little pothead had it in her. ;)

Santino is my favorite, but his collection is not at all what I expected! I LOVE all the ridiculous couture-iness of his work on the show. Still, toned-down Santino is lovely indeed!

Chloe has some gorgeous pieces, but she also has some real stinkers. You could seriously jump out of an airplane with that purple thing on.

Daniel - UGH, WTF?! The Daniel who designed this collection must be the same Daniel who came up with that Grandma's-girdle skating dress. It looks like he actually *went* to Banana Republic and bought his entire collection - which could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it!!

All in all, I'm impressed with all four. Can't wait to see who wins!!

asiangirl said...

Santino's blog has got some other pics of the cast and friends.. with a commentary of Santino's stuff..

if you wanna check it out..

nsa said...

When did anyone say that Chloe had no passion in her designing? why would she say that to introduce her collection? Did I miss something?

Red Guffer said...

Gawker has a post from a reader about the experience.

Anonymous said...

I wish Andrae had had a show. : (

nsa said...

I love Kara's designs. I didn't think I would, but I do. The only one I really don't like is Chloe, which I thought I would love. So weird.

Anonymous said...

I was disappoinetd with santino..he seemed to given up his idenitity, or signature or whatever, in favor of what the judges seemed to want to channel him to . It puzzles me because, i'd think that a person of his ego would want to stick to his signature. a poor showing from santino....

Anonymous said...

I dont know why everbody has taken to kara so much. I think it was the poorest show. there didnt seem to be any theme..on one hand frumpy jackets, tees and hats; and on the other charmuse gowns. and yes, the jay factor was very obvious

geekygirrl said...

Wow. Love them all. Kara's dress with the bronze/aqua combination just blew me away. Santino's collection really felt like a collection - it really hung together. Love that Daniel did pants! Love that Kara did SHORTS! What diversity!

These guys are all so good. I wish I could see collections from some of the others, too.

Robin said...

I quickly looked at all four collections and I have to say that everyone has something that was beautiful and would look great on women who are not models. I probably liked most of Daniel and Chloe's collections and I like some of Santino and Kara. Kara is a real surprise to me because her whole collection is unexpectedly funky. Santino's is unexpectedly pretty. Wow. From the collections you can't really tell who was really in the final three and who wasn't. Amazing. I wish the New York Fashion Week people would put the four collections on their website so I could just watch a slide show of each collection with each outfit smoothly transitioning to the next without the closing and opening new photo breaks in sequence. Wow. I'm just blown away.

monkeyboots said...

First off, I am so delighted to have found this place...I had no idea that others shared this guilty pleasure with me!

Secondly, did I miss something? Why are there 4 designers up, why has the surprise of their collections already hit the web-way. I am disappointed that their collections won't be a surprise. Can't stop the flow of information, I guess.

Thirdly, although Santino makes it difficult to like him, (I secretly do) I hope that he turns it around. It looks like his collection is the softer side of Santino...heck, I didn't think one existed!

Only 5 more days...

AJ said...

CUTE! In this one you can see Andrae and Diana giving a standing O :)

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed looking at all of these pictures (and avoiding work) today.

Some thoughts on the collections-

Santino had some pretty, beautiful stuff. He did indeed tone it down but I thought he had some lovely results. However, he did have some things with odd waistlines. And I felt that this was not really a cohesive F/W collection, but more just a bunch of dresses. Still, pretty.

Kara- I either really liked her stuff or really didn't like it. But she had some fun color and I felt that it did seem like an actual collection. I thought it was a surprising and good collection from her.

Chloe- She had a couple of dresses that I adored, but a few things that I hated. (The gold lame dress for instance). They did seem to be well made.

Daniel- His improves I think a lot on more viewings. He has some really nice detailing. For example, from an initial look at some of his pictures, I thought that he had some plain black pants. Turns out that they are not plain but have some nice jet detailing on one and cute silver buttons the other. I have noticed the same with some other pieces as well- that there are some really nice touches. I thought his, like Kara's seemed the most like an actual collection.

Here are some more takes on the shows by the press:

I just can't wait to see the collections in action!

Unknown said...

Not too crazy about Chloe's line, which shocks me because I usually love her stuff.

Daniel's line is... Okay. Again, shocks me because I love Daniel.

Don't like Kara's line at all.

Surprisingly, I adore Santino's line. It's not overly Santino. I like it.

Anonymous said...

Articles on the PR show are coming out!

Chiffonista said...

Where is Nick in all this? I've seen pictures of Emmett, Andrae (who looks so supportive!). Did I just miss Uncle Nick? Or is he dissing Fashion Week out of pique?

nsa said...

Did you guys catch Santino's Lederhosen? I chuckled to myself when I saw that.

Anonymous said...

Nick was there. Cheery and smiley--such a joy to see him after this week's heartbreaker.

I do think that all four collections look good in the pics. But wait until you see them in motion. Many of Daniel and Chloe's don't fit very well at all. Santino's and Kara's pieces fit perfectly!

I agree that Daniel and Chloe each had some great individual pieces, but as a whole they were really disappointing. Before I saw the show this morning, I was sure one of them would be the winner.

lem0ntart said...

At first glance I was surprised that Kara's collection stood out the most for me. I haven't been a fan of her work this season, except the garden party dress. Kara's stands out for her use of colors but I'd only wear maybe one piece in her collection. I'm not surprised by Santino's collection because we've known all this time that he can make pretty dresses. Chloe's is well done but I also don't like those puffy shrug things. I'm relieved that upon closer viewing of the pictures that I do like Daniel's collection best.

Gutter Glitter said...

Before I saw these pictures, I thought that Kara should be auf next week. She never impressed me. I know everyone likes to bag on Santino but I wanted to see his collection, Kara- not so much.

But now, I like Kara's collection (and Santino's) more than Chloe's and Daniel's.

One thing is for sure, the next show is going to be really interesting in light of the collections at fashion week.

Anonymous said...

I think it's Kara who is the decoy, considering some of her dresses were already on her website before fashion week. It seems she tries to incorporate other people's style into her designs, such as Jay's & Santino's. Just have a look and you'll wonder if she really is the decoy.

Anonymous said...

OMG- I really LOVED Santino's collection. Lierally, when I was looking at the dress on Heather and a few other pieces, I got chills!!! I thought Chloe's collection was good looking. It had some great pieces but to me they were mostly very simple silhouettes. Kara-yeah-her hats reminded me immediately of Jay, as well as the layered dresses. Daniel's was really bland. I was expecting more I guess. Like someone said, you could go out to any Gap or Banana Republic and find similar stuff. Ooooh, I'm hoping that Santino will win because his collection was... I'm totally at a loss for words... magnificent.

Anonymous said...

Loved Kara's, especially the tiered dress, although it was definitely reminiscent of Jay's last year. Chloe's looked really sleek and expensive, which seems to be her trademark. Daniel's was unremarkable and I was really surprised at Santino's. I was really expecting them to all come out looking like a baboon had exploded on their backsides but oh well.

Anonymous said...

santino's work is amazing. i loved his collection.

Anonymous said...

Okay, my opinions for what they matter:

Santino's--Although the color was good, the actual designs of the outfits was boring. They didn't look Santino at all, and for any designer to sellout is not good.

Chloe's--80's, but in some way it was interesting. The metallics were different and maybe her collection was the most inspired.

Daniel's--His attention to detail (and the correct use of detail, take note Santino) could very easily win him this challenge. His was the only fall collection I saw of any of the four finalist (Chloe's might be, I would just call her's evening, not fall).

Kara's--I am happy for her, she has worked very hard, and again I like the colors in her collection, but it just fell short to me. It was too contrived.

Come on Chloe or Daniel win this!

Selestar said...

My two cents:

I found I liked about half of Chloe's designs. What I liked I really loved, what I didn't like I really hated.

Daniel's was just boring.

I liked Santino's, but it really seems to me that some of the tops don't fit the models very well.

I liked Kara's. It's so fun and interesting. I bet this will win because it reminds me of Jay's and I think the judges will respond well to it.

Anonymous said...

Is this a clue to the identity of the "decoy"?
Two weeks ago the preview showed Nick jumping up supposedly in reaction to Tim saying the winner of "Garden Party" would have immunity. Last week we saw that jump in its actual context, which was when Tim announced they would be modeling their own makeover outfits. One week later. Soooo, where I'm going with this is the Nina comment "I'm not impressed anymore", which hasn't made an appearance yet. Could it be that Daniel screws up again after the disappointing makeover for Chloe and Nina is "not impressed anymore" with his offering for next week? I hate to go down that path, but I just can't think of any other scenario- unless the comment never surfaces at all. Which is possible. Let us now pray, just in case.......

Frances in Seattle

ps- I was the poster who made the correction about "fishtail vs fishbowl" a couple of weeks back. No harm meant - I MISS NICK TOO.

christopher.john said...

i am SO rooting ofr kara!!!!!

nsa said...

I'm rooting for Kara too! And I've never rooted for Kara before.

Anonymous said...

I wasent all that impressed with any of these collections. Karas was a knock off of santino & jay.., Santino seemed to have toned it down..a lot. I like his collection best but it just seemed so plain though the colors were nice. Daniels was boring, not "chic". Chloe..well i don't like any of her stuff. shes too plain and hasent made anything thats caught my attention. I hated the innovation dress and the nikki hilton dress. The contestants from season 1 had a lot more talent and their collections were amazing. This year it's just.. bland and boring. Compare last seasons 4 to this years and it's just disapointing. I would have loved to see what Andrae and nick would have made if they had made it to the final 4.

westcoastmaven said...

I think Cathy Horyn's article in today's NY Times is instructional in thinking about how critics judge collections (not to mention her comment about Michael Kors)

westcoastmaven said...

This is the right link to the Cathy Horyn story although I don't know how to make it into a hyperlink:

jchristen75 said...

i was under the impression from the show that only the top three get to show at fashion week. why are all four showing?

Sassi said...

The top four get to show because the Olympus Fashion Week runway shows happen before the airing of the episode that determines the top three.

The same thing happened last year, which is why Austin got to display his collection, too.

Michael said...

Well, I've seen the full collections of all four, and I'll give my overall opinion of each...


I'll start with my favorite, Chloe. I must be honest, when I first watched her show, I wasn't that impressed. I thought she'd done a so-so job, but hadn't put that much into it. But the enxt day, looking at it again, something clicked and I totally understood it all. I'll go through it piece by piece.

The first dress, the puffy pink one, was a little out there for my taste, and not very wearable, which is what she's known for. However, I thought it was amde exceptionally well and was a great powerful starting piece for the whoel collection. It was out there, but man did it get your attention.

I wasn't so exstatic about the fabric on piece two, but I thought the satin ribbon softened it and took it away from the curtain-y look that it could have had. It was playful and very wearable and oh so cute. It was fantastic in my book.

Piece 3: same not so great fabric as piece two, but this time it was floor length and with no ribbon to break it up. I thought this was overpowering and not all that innovative. It looks like she's done some datailing around the bust, but because of the fabric you can barely tell. I didn't liek this too much, because this one did look curtain-y.

I though the mini-dress and shawl in the fourth piece were amazing looking. I thought the silhouette was phenominal and the whoel look was unique but fun adn wearable. I though the detailing along the hem at the bottom of the dress really gave it something. It was weird but worked.

To me, the fifth piece was everything the fourth piece could have been if done incorrectly. It truly looked like she was forced to work by deconstructing a curtain (why do I keep getting that vibe?) and was all wrong. Standing alone, the dress was fine, and it certainly needed something. But what that shawl? It was sooo not flattering and looked rushed and unfinished.

I didn't get the sixth piece. Sure, a pant suit was a nice twist that really gave new depth to the collection as a whole, but this was poorly fit and just bothered me--particularly the weird lace neck thing that just aghhhhh what is that?

The bust on seven was small, but that's what she was tryign to acheive and I believe she did what she set out to. It was very precious, but wearable too. I thought this was soft but sweet, and I liked it.

8 was one of my favorites. It was elegant and powerful, adn that keyhole neckline was amazing--what she was tryign for in the last challenge. I though that the lace applice at the bottom softened what michael might have called "80s power bitchy," and really completed this fantastic look.

9 was also amaizng in my book. I can't decide if the top is supposed to kinda b cut in that weird way halfway down or if it justw asnt fit well, but either way I liked it. The wide-leg pant was a little too wide, but it balanced out that shoulder piece, and I so enjoyed it.

Piece ten is soooo heavenly, and was one of her strongest pieces for sure. It was really sensational looking. My only complaint was that awful bathing suit like that the model had. I mean CUMON. But I'm sure Chleo ahd no idea until just before the show, so that is not her fault, it's the model's.

11 was probably the one I could see the most people wearing. It was soo elegant and wearable but still had a unique edge and looked sensational.

Piece 12 looked good. The dress certainly needed soemthing else, and that other piece balances that really well, but I didn't like either too much on their own. It was ok, but I wasn't blown away.

Grace looked amazing. It was the perfect summary of Chloe's collection. Really really amaizng, and she better win!


Ok that took forever so I'm gunna be brief and give overviews of the other 3.

Daniel's I've been told by Chloe's sister was sooo much better in person, but I didn;t get it from here. It was simple, but much too simple and I was honestly quite bored with it. It wasn't at all what I thought he'd do, and I was not impressed.

Santino's was surprizingly good. I liked it a lot, and it wasn't at all over the top (except for a few pieces). Many were Oscar-ish dresses that I loved. However, I did not liek the peacock pixie thing he did on so many dresses. They were overdone and not attractive. He also ahd a lot of issues with consistency and each outfit had soemthing in it that bothered me.

Kara was a surprize. I think she and Chleo were the best. Her collection was mixed but balanced and looked sensational (especially her gowns). She has what it takes to make it in fashion, and she'll go far (my one complaint is that so many of those looks with the t-shirts and pants and jackets could have been found anywhere and were not creative enough).

Anonymous said...

Interesting...if you look at santino;s design style on the show is not the same style on Olympus fashion week..It is like he is another person...I my opinion, the clothes are more wearable...
Im impressed with Kara's work...It is very interesting, and in my opinion she was even more creative than Santine...I'm not thrilled with Daniel and Cloe.. although they are great too..

WOW! said...

longtime reader, first time poster. Im a little curious to see if JACKIE actually reads these. I mean im embarresed enough that i looked at her away message because i was bored, and actually bothered coming here, buts its 2:14 and im talkign to brian so what am i supposed to do. Well in case u havent figured out who it is, its adam.

Jack Smith said...

Chloe - even a bad patternmaker should come up with something better than silk puff pastry trimmed with fabric lady fingers. The textures were all over the map - solids, prints, patterns, lace - gawd - make a collection not a random grab bag. Didn't even have 14 looks, just 6 with variations.

Daniel - the coat worked, but one hit and 13 misses by my count. A lot of talent - with credit generously given for a few other hits from the episodes not at Olympus.

Kara, Kara, Kara. How you can make anorexics appear rubenesque is a talent that has no demand. Not sure if a color palette would help the color blind. Bag ladies have a better eye for fashion.

Santino. The guy everyone loves to hate, actually pulled well ahead of the pack on this event. A truly amazing transformation compared to the competition episodes. Despite a few off notes, the melody came through. Compare the color palette layering of the pleated dress with its subtle hues to the garishness of Karas showing. His full lengths flowed like waves of sensuality - the red being the hottest piece of the entire Runway collection. Daniel showed talent, but Santino was brilliant. Chloe and Kara, give'em a tie for fourth.

sheera said...

Everyone sucks except for Santino. He is the most talented and deserved to win hands down. I mean come one...what was Chloe thinking with that first purple disaster that came down the runway. She should have lost based on that alone. ALVEEDAZEIN CHLOE! SANTINO ROCKS!

Ben Sig said...

I've set up a new religion, it's called SANTINOISM. If anyone knows where we can start buying his things... PLEASE DON'T KEEP IT A SECRET!!!