Thursday, February 02, 2006


With your input I have updated our top ten list! It's now a Top Twelve List!


AJ said...

I cried a bit last night over Andrae:( He's so flipping likeable!

Anonymous said...

They sew, she cuts, and we cry.

miss you Andrae..

Jan the Dan Fan said...

But Laura, there was immunity given last night. Can we replace that reason and give Daniel his own slot???

And Kara was shown smoking last night on the roof.

Anonymous said...


I just watched video! Daniel is 80% gay, 20% straight!

I have a small small chance!

And I love in the bonus video:
Chloe: "I have this bisexual friend who is so interesting and amazing..."

Dan: "I'm right here, sweetie."

Chloe: "No're 80/20. You don't count."