Wednesday, February 08, 2006

From The Mailbox : )

Dear Laura-

I know you must get tons of emails, so I will make this short: First, love the job you are doing with Blogging Project Runway. Lots of news you can use, and lots of enthusiasm that’s just infectious!

I just went to Banana Republic today to buy a pair of jeans, and got the free Project Runway magazine, which you mentioned sometime in December but I don’t think since. It’s full of funny, silly info about the show, and there is a great picture of you, as I am sure you know. You should do a shout out to the readers about this magazine, it’s really fun. I especially love the picture of Diana as a kid, in a Halloween costume as a COMPUTER FLOPPY DISK! Some things just don’t change.

Again, keep up the great work!

WHAT?!?!? I haven't seen this! I'm so excited. A reporter from Elle magazine interviewed me many months ago and I never heard a thing. I never mentioned it, figuring, "Oh, well, if anything ever comes of this, then I'll say something...."

This must be the second issue. I have the premiere issue but never heard a word about any others.

Did they quote me? I said something about Project Runway being great because it encouraged young people to learn to sew. I said that so many love fashion and design, but no one teaches sewing any more. Most young people have not seen their moms sewing like I did. So, Project Runway hopefully will turn this around.

Thanks so much - I'll look for it tomorrow!

Well, this dear reader sent scans of the pages and here they are:

Diana as floppy disc for Halloween! Awwwwwww....

And here I am with my head cut off!


Tbone said...

HA! Congratulations, LK! Scarlett -a new Avatar please. I want one with Laura's head saying "Hi everyone, Mom's home!"

Marsha said...

*woot woot* Go Laura!!! As cute as floppy-disk Diana is, floating-head Laura is more adorable! *muah*

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Congrats Laura!!! You have to get a copy now, and one for each of your family and friends as well!

Blogging Project Runway should have also been mentioned by name, you deserve to be credited.

AJ said...

How cool is that?!

I'm thinking that I need to pick a copy up

congrats LK! How long has the blog been running?


Go girl! You have really made the grade! Your blog is altogether proof positive Tim-style grace and wit is all that is required to advance one's own opinion. See you on the web!

ABC said...

Congrats! You really have become a PR cast member. I'm so happy that all your hard work on this blog has gotten you featured in the official magazine. And you've gotten to form relationships with Tim and some designers.

Lucky gal!

The Scarlett said...

Congrats, Laura! That is just too cute.

Tbone, I have a fun idea for the Laura head. I won't get to it until a little later. ;)