Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Happy Wednesday!

Did you wake up with a smile?

Okay, as usual, just in case we have some newbies, I'll explain about the live-posting tonight. Our east coast friends will be watching the show live and posting what happens in the comment section of a designated post. There will be one thread for Tbone and another for everyone else. Those of us on the west coast can check in on the fun and read along. We can even pose questions or ask for clarification. Those who are not able to watch tonight because they are working or don't have cable or whatever, can read along and feel almost like they are watching it. Everyone is welcome to join in on the party thread. I'd like to keep TBone's thread nice and clean with only his voice so that we can have two distinct options.

I have turned off anonymous commenting so if you would like to take part in this, please register with blogger. It only takes a second and you do not have to start your own blog.

Meanwhile I have lots of fun news today. What an exciting week. If you want to check in on the Fashion Week Shows there are many great sites to visit. The top link over to the right there is a live video feed from the actual shows. There is a lot of waiting and then the show is very brief. and are just two of the sites featuring snapshots of many of the individual designs organized by designer and easy to navigate.

BPR isn't really a Fashion blog - there are lots of those, I'm trying - TRYING to focus on Project Runway only - but wow - the clothes are fabulous aren't they? If you're wanting to read more opinions about Fashion Week visit Manolo and check out his fashion blogger's links.

Meanwhile it's not too late to enter your speculations here, or here.

More later!

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AJ said...

LK, thanks so much for the links! I've been a bad fashionista and haven't been keeping track of the shows. I LOVE Carolina Herrera's collection and Marc Jacobs new take on Seattle Grunge is sheer genius! Everything old is new again, no?