Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Morning News

Be sure to check out Diana's blog for new photos of the designs she showed at "Seamless." (Thanks for the heads-up, Joe.) Be on the lookout for the bright green shirt of BPR's own Christine as well.

Here is a link to a great article about Emmett.
(Thank you, Allison.)

This is my favorite part:

For menswear designer McCarthy, who had never seen the show, the casting process happened swiftly, and took a bit of prompting.

"I was at my office and my friend called me up and said she was reading on the Internet about auditions for "Project Runway." She said 'I wouldn't send anybody other than you on this audition, because you make decisions really quickly, you make really good TV. I think you should do it,'" McCarthy remembers, adding that having second thoughts was not an option, as filming began two weeks after his first audition.

Many reality show contestants eager to take part in a series spend time studying up on their favorite show, but McCarthy believes that if he had seen a "Runway" episode, he would have never auditioned.

Bunking with the other design candidates in Manhattan's posh Atlas studio apartments, McCarthy explains that between field trips to select fabrics and the tight deadlines imposed to complete garments, there wasn't much time left for sleep. "(We worked) 20 hour days," he says. "(The cameras) were in your face every single waking moment."

I still remember the priceless scene where Emmett doesn't recognize Rob. Now we can understand why.

Meanwhile, here is a link to the Today Show interview with Andrae for anyone who missed it. Doesn't he look great? And couldn't anyone have come up with better interview questions? Grrrrrr....

Oh,and Grace has been spotted at Fashion Week.

That's all the news for now!


OurBoyDaniel said...

re: interview questons for Andrae on Today -- i would have been happy if they'd assigned an interviewer who had actually seen the show once or twice...

memee said...

I agree! When she was going to show a clip from Timpressions she said something like "I guess this was one of the funny bits with, I think, your supervisor?"

Oh well, Andrae did good!

AJ said...

The backstage interview at bravo.com was MUCH better! Lemme see if I can't find that link.

Try this:

It was clear that the backstage interviewer was much more Project Runway savvy and knew about fashion and the show...

AJ said...

I don't know if it worked...try this instead:

If not, go here:
Click Episode 9 and it's the top video there:)

I have no clue how to link in comments...

Anonymous said...

she needed to shut the hell up and let andrae actually finish a sentence. she's a terrible interviewer. she was completely unprepared. she makes way too much money to be unprepared. and i do want a shirt that says "where the hell is my chiffon?" where is it? and why did the video seem like it was mostly santino? it was andrae's airtime!

Kim said...

Hey Fluffsters

I just recieved my t-shirt today, wearing it right now!!!!
"Where the h*ll is my chiffon?"

My husband totally got it, but my son didn't have a clue.

The website for ordering is back a few threads, only took 1 week to get it. Sizes run VERY small

nsa said...

Sorry about the post removal! I was trying to get the links to work.
and I finally gave up.



I posted the links to two versions of the Where the Hell is my chiffon shirt on my blog. The links are above if you still haven't been able to find them. If you have, well, I've just used up bandwith. Sorry!

Moi ;) said...

Grace just always looks so depressed. It's not just the non-expression face. It's really kind of sad!