Sunday, June 11, 2006

Chloe's Finale Dresses Available at

Two of the dresses from Chloe's Finale Collection are available for purchase at If you would like a piece of Project Runway history and a Dao Original, now is your chance. Click here and scroll down a little. The green dress is $2775 and the blue is $2475. There are several wonderful detail shots of each dress. Ah....If only I were rich and thin! Thanks for the link, LC.


praddicted said...

Me, too, Laura-these pieces are beautiful. Good luck, Chloe, hope they sell well!

Anonymous said...

Gee why on earth would anyone want to get rid of these beautiful dresses? .....duh

Anonymous said...

Well, gee, anonymous, maybe to make money? These originally sold for much less.

Anonymous said...

More like, once they saw those pieces o' in person they realized what straight crap they were, they knew they needed to dump them off on someone else, and quick!
Chloe Dao's collection will become the fruitcake of project runway! The gift that keeps on given.
Come on are you guys as blind as the pr judges?
Look at that fabric! Eckh! What was the theme of her collection? I want to know! You guys should ask her!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with sewlikethewind. While Chloe was not my fav designer she won fair and square and anyone would be lucky to own some of her clothes. I love the green dress and would wear it in a flash (ya know after the magical weight loss that would allow me to fit into it lol).

Anonymous....are you santino and still jealous?

Anonymous said...

Err... stupid questions:

Weren't the collections already been auctioned off? How many sets of the same collection did the designers actually make?

i like the detail on the green dress.

LauraK said...

I assume that the person who won these in the auction is now selling them on this website. There is only one of each dress - as far as I know.

Anonymous said...

thanks, laura... although i wonder

What is the timeline for each of the finale collections? Between appearing on the runway, being auctioned off, the designers having private shoots for their portfolio, and others in-between, etc...

Anonymous said...

Yeah santino must still be jealous
leave his good name out of this mess.
Kay, you should buy them and let us know how great these pieces are. Even if you, yourself can't squeeze into them, buy them for posterity!
Then let us know when you're gonna try to unload them on some other poor unfortunate soul.