Friday, June 09, 2006

Video - Santino Rice and SuChin Pak

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Jamey posted these fab clips featuring Santino and his darling dress for SuChin Pak, the perky MTV reporter. Watch his design process and then his red carpet appearance at the MTV Movie Awards.
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Thank you Helen!
ETA: Here's an MTV's story about the dress. You can click on SuChin's face (with the words 'Overdrive' underneath) and watch some extended videos as well.
Thank you, Tanya and again, Helen.


LauraK said...

I can't believe I'm going to say this but SuChin AND Santino are both adorable here. Awwwww....

The Scarlett said...

I know, Santino is just darling. He wants to make SuChin happy and pretty. And he succeeds!

Anonymous said...

Santino is the man!
Wow - it's so obvious it hurts. It's sooooooo unbelievable that the project runway frachise would let someone like Santino go!!?!
Santino will have a huge career and you won't even remember those other "designer's" names!
Go Santino!