Monday, June 05, 2006

Jay McCarroll - Puttin' on the Spritz

BRP reader Christian passes on this event involving Season One winner Jay McCarroll. Jay was channeling all his 'Innovation' energy along with costume designer Chris March at this runway event that benefited America' Second Harvest and hosted by fitness guru Richard Simmons.

You can see an assortment of photos from the June 2nd event here. And, according to this source, there will be a 'behind-the-scenes look' available after June 9th! I only wish we had known about this ahead of time; can you imagine how fun it would have been to be a BPR reporter covering salad couture?

Thanks, Christian!
New meaning to the phrase 'dressing up'


LauraK said...

"Salad Couture!" I love it. Jay McCarroll and Richard Simmons in the same room? What fun! Did anyone see this?

Anonymous said...

Wow this is fantastic. Love those fruity outfits! I had the pleasure of meeting Richard twice in the '80's. He is an authenically caring, warm person.

America's Second Harvest is an organization that food cooperatives donate to. They do extremely good work to help people in need. After Katrina they were a serious presence in the Gulf providing food to victims.

Gotta love that Jay would do something like this! And two of my favorite people helping out one of my favorite causes! Awesome. Bravo guys!

LauraK said...

Didn't Santino do an aluminum foil and cabbage outfit for Kelly Ripa?

Anonymous said...

"Lettuce see the frocks!"

Hee hee. The Scarlett is goin't to town!

XOXO - desertwind

Marsha said...

Holy fruiteria, Batman! (or maybe "lechugeria")