Thursday, June 08, 2006

Reminder for Fantinos

BPR friend Miss Tanya reminds us of two Santino-related events happening within the next day. The Fantinos should plan to watch the MTV Movie Awards tonight at 9pm EST. You should be able to see SuChin Pak working her Santino original that we reported on here. And tomorrow, June 9th at 11am PST, you can call in to speak to Santino on the Ring My Bell show. Dial (323) 603-6312 and give Santino our best!


christopher.john said...

...Is Santino floating???

Anonymous said...

Right on Santino, You are the people's winner!!!!
I demand a re-count!
Watch this one, he on fire!

christopher.john said...

Fire engine red! Hot Santino on fire!

~Quote for Project Jay, edited for content.

Miss Tanya said...

Thanks for the shout-out BPR!