Friday, June 02, 2006

Project Runway - The Musical

Sing to the tune of "Ode To Joy" by Beethoven (Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee.)

Project Runway, Project Runway, when will season three begin?
I’m so bored on Wednesday nights. I need my weekly dose of Tim.
New designers, what will they think of? What in the heck will Nina say?
Project Runway, Project Runway, only forty days away!

Project Runway, Project Runway, Season Three Designers, Whoo!
We would love to see your photos and to read your bios too.
Every day I check Bravo’s website, dying to see a page that’s new.
Every day I’m disappointed, what the heck does their staff do?

Please feel free to add your own stanzas!


christopher.john said...

You guys are too funny!

Tbone said...

Michael, Michael how we miss you these guest judges have no sway.

Abner, disco, dowdy, cocktails, please come back to the runway.

Vera, Slowey, Badgley, Leiba,
there's no snark it's just a snore.

Dearest Nina needs you back without you here it's just a BORE!

Anonymous said...

Skirt and bodice, skirt and bodice,
Plaids and prints and paisleys, too.
Broken zippers in abundance,
Sighs, complaints, and gossip do.

Short of time, materiel and patience,
Out comes magic from a whim,
Skirt and bodice, skirt and bodice,
We need more of our man Tim!

Anonymous said...

A prayer of thanks from the desertwind --

Bravo, Bravo, oh dear Bravo, when’ll you get your site t’gether?
It is lame, still the same. You should be ashamed for evermore.
Those w’out cable, yes, we’re able to enjoy our Project dear.
Bravo! Laura K, T-Bone, the Scarlett, Manolo, Dan Renzi and FourFour.

Anonymous said...

"Joyful Joyful, We Adore Thee" will be the processional hymn at my wedding this summer ... think I can sneak these lyrics into the bulletin? =) Maybe best kept as a secret joke between me and the maid of honor (also a PR fan.)

Anonymous said...

thread and needles surge ahead now
all we need is patience, dear

long and leggy models waiting
in the backroom to apear

tim gunn watching ; voice of wisdom
'let's make it work now' loud and Clear!

to the runway eyes are watching
season three is almost here!

The Scarlett said...

Nina, Nina are you so lonely with designer Michael Kors not there?

Don't you fret dear Ms. Garcia, Anne Slowey isn't in his chair!

Underwhelmed and looking for errors.
No glued-on sleeves on THIS Runway!

Sweet Nina don't be a terror;
As Elle's sage you're above the fray!

TropicalChrome said...

Welcome, season three designers! We have some advice today
It's too late to really help you, but we'll sing it anyway.
Fabric shopping makes you or breaks you,
Keep an eye on your chiffon
Vulgar means there's too much tootie, make it work and carry on!


LauraK said...

Marcia! Your cadence is impeccable!