Sunday, December 25, 2005

Episode Two Quote Quiz

As I reviewed this episode I was wondering how many times we had to hear about Kirsten's scarf. Can you guess? The scarf is clearly the star of the show. First we hear about the scarf as she gets dressed. Second we hear about it after she learns about the challenge and has to place her clothing in the sack. Later when she is working on the design we hear about it again. Again when she is defending her design on the runway and finally during her exit interview. I doubt there is any other item that gets as much mention as Kirsten's scarf. And you know I'll be keeping track. Obsessed?

Now on to the quiz:

These are not in sequence -

1. "After I heard from Tim, I didn't know what to take care of first."

2. "How can I take this and make it the absolute opposite of what it is now?"

3. "...well, that's kind of nervy..."

4. "Other people didn't take the time element into consideration."

5. "I really felt that I failed."

6. "This is going to be a really tight day"

7. "I know it's very bad...."

8. "It's par for the course for me to be a little nervous."

9. "She's dropped out, which isn't good."

10. "I don't need to hear all this."

11. "It was totally tacky."

12. "We thought that your taste level wasn't there."

13. "I just about peed in my pants."

14. "I want to be like Shakespeare."

15. "Tarah, my little Naomi Campbell, part two."

16. "It's a print of Rasputin, dude."

17. "That's not going to happen."

18. "I was like 'holy crap.'"

19. "At first I put on what was my old prom dress."

20. "We have to do a little makeover for Diana."

21. "I'm going to miss the coat a little bit."

22. "Hopefully there's a sink with soap."

23. "Poor girl, you've got nothing on."

24. "There's no material possession that I have that I wouldn't let go to gain more."

25. "I cut when I'm certain."

26. "Do you have a compass?"

27. "I always make my deadline."

28. "I went for that sort of very urban Oliver Twist hipster look."

29. "Mine doesn't have to be most brilliant. It just needs to be good enough to keep me hangin' in there."

30. "Lemme explain the scarf."

31. "I was bedraggled!"

Answers are in the comments section.


LauraK said...

1. Kirsten
2. Andrae
3. Nick
4. Emmett
5. Daniel F
6. Tim
7. Zulema (referring to the length of her dress.)
8. Andrae
9. Tim
10. Nina
11. Heidi (to the judges about Kirsten's design.)
12. Heidi (to Kirsten about her design.)
13. Nick
14. Santino
15. Nick
16. Daniel F
17. Zulema (About sharing closet space)
18. Rebecca
19. Diana
20. Chloe
21. Andrae
22. Nick
23. Chloe
24. Santino
25. Zulema
26. Kara
27. Zulema
28. Kara
29. Marla
30. Kirsten

LauraK said...

Of course you know who made the bedraggled comment, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Hey Hey,
I saw Zulema's Website. Intesting.

Anonymous said...

I have seen most of the sites from
project runnway cloes was so weak LOL.
I like Zulemas the best did you hear The Grace Joes music in the BackGround LMAO!!!