Friday, December 30, 2005

Home Again - Now to Catch Up!

I have a lot to catch up on - look forward to a bunch of posts. First is this article about Chloe Dao. I'm worried about the possible implications of this quote..."Dao, owner of Lot 8 Boutique at 6127 Kirby, survived four cuts during the filming and says the experience proved to be a lot harder than she anticipated."

Never mind - Chloe's probably going to be around for quite a while!


Marsha said...

Oops...can't believe she let that slip.

Robin said...

That's so disturbing!!! Chloe is one of the better all-around contestants. I hate the thought that she could go. Okay, if she survives four cuts that means what? Episode one cut 2 designers whose names I can't remember. Then
Episode two cut scarf girl. Episode three cut Barbie as mom guy. Then Episode four cut Daniel Franco. Does that mean Episode five-the socialite will cut Chloe?