Thursday, December 22, 2005

Who's Your Momma?

Momma Klu! That's who! (Inside joke - that's what my students call me...) Anyway - thank you to all who recognized that I predicted Daniel F to be "out" and Daniel V to be "in" this week. I also predicted correctly last week. I have no idea who to pick for the next challenge but I'll be watching carefully for clues. Right now I'm thinking either Emmett or Marla will be out - but I THINK I spotted Marla in a clip from a later challenge. So I'll probably go with Emmett. Even Tim admits in his podcast that Emmett isn't quite the patternmaker or sewer that this program requires.

I checked the PR website and sure enough they have credited me with my points. However I fully expect them to disappear by the next time I check. I'm sure I will once again have to re-register and start over at zero. Maybe I'll take a photo of the screen.... Oh well, it's just for fun anyway, right? It's not like I'm obsessed with the show or anything. Maybe I'll just write to the Bravo people for the fifth time..... : )


Anonymous said...

If Emmett & Marla don't have the skills to compete in a competition such as this, why are they even there? Surely the producers could have & possibly should have picked people with skill worthy of this competition. There's a lot of people out there. Two people who can't sew or make a pattern! That's just dumb!

christopher.john said...

I like Emmett, but Marla...she's got to go.