Monday, December 19, 2005

Help! I'm stumped.

Oh, I was just so proud of myself for picking the correct winner and loser last week and now I'm completely stumped. For this week, here are my clues.....

First we have Santino arguing with Nina. This tells me that his team didn't win. We also have Daniel Franco crying and whining - and not in a good way. His team probably didn't win either. Maybe Daniel Franco is out this week. His sobbing in the previews might just be to mislead us though....

Anyway I'm figuring that the winner must be from one of the two remaining teams. That would be the Andrae/Daniel V/Zulema team or the Lupe/Diana/Marla team. Now, the Lupe/Diana/Marla team is the team working on the thong number which IMHO is pretty awful. I don't think this design will win. But what does the Andrae/Daniel V/Zulema team come up with? I don't know! And...apparently Kara has some experience with designing lingerie. Her "boy shorts" are for sale on the PR website. Is Daniel F's little outburst of emotion maybe because his team WINS? Hmmmmm.... I might have to have another look. Somehow I doubt it.

We also see a clip of Zulema asking for a "walk-off." Is this because her team wins this time and she gets first choice of the models next week? I don't think so because there aren't enough models on the catwalk. This must be from a later episode. I think this bit is a red herring. But I'm just guessing.

Well...onto the losers.... I'm pretty sure that if Santino's team loses it will be Emmett who bites the dust. Santino refers to him as "dead weight" after all... If Daniel Franco's team loses then I think it's him who leaves. Chloe is so competent and mature, I'm certain she won't do anything to let the team down. In fact I can't even imagine this team inventing a crappy design. The only problem could be that it isn't finished in time which would be Daniel's fault and Daniel will go.

I'm thinking that "team Zulema" will win. If so, then who will be declared the winner? How will they determine the winner? Will the leader be considered the winner? Is Daniel V the leader? He is standing in the center. Santino is in the center and speaking for his team. Daniel F is in the center and speaking for his team. So, does that mean that Daniel V is the team leader? And what the heck do they design? If you listen to Tim's podcast you'll hear that Zulema insists on working in the sewing room. (Where she can sabotage the machines by putting elastic thread in the bobbins and unthreading Marla's machine - JUST KIDDING OKAY CHILL OUT!)
So, perhaps this team works in the sewing room and this is why we don't have any hints of them in the background of any of the shots. Or do we? I'm going to have to watch this one more time.

Meanwhile...anybody wanna help me out with this? My head hurts!

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ABC said...

Zulema is really shaping up to the be the evil bitch this season. I wouldn't be suprised if she was rethreading machines. I also think the walk-off shows that she wins this weeks challenge. I hate it when I get spoiled!

I think Zulema will win and Emmett will go. I like Emmett but he's just too much of a gentleman to be able to handle Santino - that boy needs a good slap in the face.