Monday, December 12, 2005


The Project Runway Website has a contest where we can choose who be think will win and lose each week. I've chosen Nick to win and Raymundo to be "Out." I'm just guessing that since Nick is super-talented and fun - he is due for a win and I don't see Raymundo in any of the previews of upcoming shows. So, Who do you think will win this week? Who will go? Sadly, I don't see Daniel Franco in any of the previews either.... My January Elle had BETTER arrive today!


Anonymous said...

Seems we are the same - I too think Nick might win and Raymundo will be off soon - those were my picks

ABC said...

I predict Nick will win (as he should have the last two contest!) and the other Daniel will go. He just hasn't gotten much camera time, so he can't be long for the show.

Anonymous said...

I know nothing about fashion but was channel surfing & happened to come across this show, which I quickly became addicted to:)

At the moment, I can't decide between Nick or Chloe - love both of their designs.