Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Thanks for caring, Esq.Lady!

I'm picking Daniel F to go and Daniel V to win. Here is my logic: I kind of started this on the thread below.

1. I don't think Santino's team will win - why would he be arguing if he wins?

2. I don't think Santino's team will lose - Santino and Nick on the same team is just not going to lose.

3. Kara is upset with Daniel F - later Daniel F is upset - They aren't going to win. They might lose.

4. We've seen the Lupe/Diana/Marla design. It's the thong and I don't think it's going to win.

5. So - even though I have no idea what this design looks like, I'm figuring the Andrae/Daniel V/Zulema team to win. I believe Daniel V is the leader because he is standing in the middle. I'm just guessing that the leaders are responsible for the win or the loss - so I'm picking Daniel V.

Now for the loser.

6. I definitely saw Diana in a preview for a later show. Her team won't lose. So Daniel F's team loses and since Daniel F (according to my previous assumptions) is the leader - he will take the fall.

ONLY GUESSING FOLKS - I have no inside knowledge. I just read all of the boards, all of the bios, etc. like anyone else can and try to come up with something.

Now won't it be fun to see how they decide the teams?


tonedef said...

i love the daniels; in fact, they're my favorite. i always cheer them on. daniel f just works so hard, and daniel v is just so goddamn gorgeous.

if i had to pick one to stay around, it'd be daniel v. i had a dream last night where i was on a date with him: i'm convinced we belong together.

LauraK said...

During your dream was Daniel V wearing his hair in that ponytail thing? Just wondering....

ABC said...

Gosh! I can't stand it when reality shows give away stuff in their previews. I too was able to see the teams and predict that Santino would lose.

I don't want to know until the exact moment it happens on my TV. Stop it BRAVO!

LauraK said...

I don't think Santino's team is going to lose - only that they don't win. We'll see..... The footage could be misleading.

Brooke said...

Love your site and most glad to see I'm not the only one ridiculously excited for this evening!

Mia said...

Just found you're blog via Manolo's blog... only read on post and I'm already hooked.

Those are good picks - I doubt Daniel F. will last to much longer, too. I almost picked him to lose tonight but then went with Emmett instead. And as much as it pained me, I picked Zulema to win.

I can't see Zulema lasted a long time but going by the "model walk off" in the season preview, guessed that she wins a challenge at some point. So, I picked this one. Because the earlier she wins the earlier she loses.

I never know who to pick for the loser. In my opinion, Emmett's designs haven't been very strong... and the preview seemed to suggest that he would have some troubles tonight, too. That's why I went with him.

tonedef said...

damn, you're good!

tonedef said...

haha! and no, he had his hair down in all it's stunning glory.

Anonymous said...

Damn, you are good! I'm going to have to start watching those previews more closely.