Friday, December 16, 2005


It's a problem.... This morning I went to the 10-second preview of next week's show and pressed play-pause-play-pause-play-pause to try to figure out what is going on. This is the "Team Lingerie" challenge. The teams are Emmett-Santino-Nick (We hear Santino referring to Emmett as "dead weight" I think....) then Chloe-Daniel F-Kara, then Andrae-Daniel V-Zulema, then Lupe-Diana-Marla.

The Santino team is working on something with a ruffled panty... Ahemm... rather sissy in my humble opinion.... We see another part of the ensemble in a brief glimpse on the mannequin.

The Diana team is working on the strappy thong number referred to in a previous post. They add some floaty-sleeve thing. Tim asks, "Is it I Dream of Jeanie?"

I am looking for more clues so I went back to last week's preview (obsessed?.)

I don't really see anything else that could be from the lingerie challenge so I don't know what the other teams have designed.

Is this the week for the smackdown between Santino and Nina? We hear Santino say "This came organically! I'm not copying anyone!" Does this mean that this team is the loser? Hmmmmm....

I was so proud of myself for correctly choosing last week's loser and winner. I entered my choices on the Bravo site and I see that I now have 60 points. But, this week I'm stumped. How will the loser be determined?

Wouldn't it be great if the LEADER of the losing team was eliminated? That would be the best. Earlier clips showed a whining Daniel Franco - maybe he is going to go. Also Marla is weak. I'm so disappointed in her lack of skills. How does she make her original garments if she doesn't really know how to drape?

Emmett is not getting a lot of airtime - is he just boring? Come on Emmett - you could be the "Dapper Gentlemen's Designer" on the show - please try to be more interesting - give us some fun sound bites! Be snotty. Be anything. But be SOMETHING!

Daniel V is really cute but none of his garments fit! You can almost forgive it in the first challenge - but a really intelligent designer would have taken into consideration the fact that since he didn't know the proportions of his model he shouldn't make a fitted garment and opt for a more "flowing" design..... For the second challenge, he made his jacket into a skirt and it looked like the "fly" was gaping. Very distracting... The purple dress in the third challenge was just meh.... Came on Daniel - you can do better than this...

I'm going to have to do a little more research before I make any predictions....any suggestions?



Marsha said...

I don't have suggestions, except that I don't want to wear any lingerie Emmett has designed. He's OK, but he doesn't have a very "intimates" sensibility, IMO. I'd choose him to design a suit for me -- or cruise wear, but not undies. :P - marsha

ABC said...

Emmett is getting enough airtime for this early on, I think.

The person who is really getting ignored is the "other" Daniel. Does he have no personality? He is practically invisible on the show.

christopher.john said...

where is the 10 second preview???