Thursday, June 01, 2006

BPR DFilm Contest Rules

Hey, this would make a great gift if you didn't win it!We have several entries already in our new DFilm contest - thank you! These films are really easy and fun to make, so why not give it a try? At stake is an original handmade, beaded necklace from designer and BPR friend Kenneth Fron! Here are the rules:

1. Create a short film with a Project Runway theme using the D.FILM Moviemaker here.
2. Be creative! You can re-create a scene from Project Runway, or develop an original story using characters based on Project Runway designers and/or personalities.
3. As with all things here at BPR, keep it clean! Please, no profanity.
4. E-mail your entries to Team BPR
here.An example of a Kenneth Fron necklace you could select.
5. You may enter as many times as you wish. Deadline for entries is Midnight June 14, 2006 (EST).
6. Laura K., The Scarlett, Tbone and Kenneth Fron will judge the entries and choose the winner.
7. The winner will receive his or her choice of any necklace from Kenneth Fron's online catalog!
8. Most importantly, have fun!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's beautiful jewelry. I like the "Emerald Fever" and all the ones with cmeos or enamelled pendants.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I meant cameos. : )
I feel so tacky, an anonymous poster with typos!

LauraK said...

We LOVE our anonymous commenters - as well as our lurkers.