Sunday, June 04, 2006

ChrisMac Receives Her Sketch From Jay!

Our own ChrisMac was lucky enough to win one of the sketches that Jay McCarroll offered on eBay. It didn't take long for her to receive the sketch, have it framed and send us a report! Thanks very much Chris - you look so happy!

Hi BPR Team!

I received my sketch in the mail on Tuesday in a beautiful turquoise envelope with the sketch wrapped up in a holder with a black ribbon.

Thank you Jay!!! I love it! Jay had sent me a really nice email after I won, saying that he enjoyed the ebay process and was working hard on putting all the elements of his business together while working on his collection to show in the fall. I had told him that I worked at a food cooperative and he said he likes earthy crunchy people! Here are the pictures with great Project Runway fans from work; Ali, Alex, my daughter Celeste, myself and April.

We love Project Runway and BPR!


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The Scarlett said...

WOW! The sketch looks fantastic framed! Congrats, ChrisMac on successfully bidding on this work of art. I really loved that one when I saw it on eBay and it looks like it went to a good home. Enjoy!