Friday, June 16, 2006

Heidi Power!

Photo by Jurgen Frank/Corbis Outline

She's selling like bagels! Or something like that according to Forbes.


Anonymous said...

Congatulations Heidi!!!
Her ranking is down from 2005,
prior to Project Runway.
Listen Heidi, do you hear the bell?
Yes, it tolls for thee!

Justin Couture said...

Hmmmm ... I didn't notice any 'anonymous' on that power list!


JRT said...

someone (mainly anonymous) has some issues, and needs to get them checked out. if you have issues with what is discussed or the people discussed in the blogging forum, please just leave and don't spend your time responding. most of us people here that are interested in most aspects of the people and show desire to get on this forum and talk about our interest and not read about useless anger bashes, especially at characters from the show that have done nothing to deserve them.