Saturday, June 03, 2006

A Note From Nick

Hi Nick, What's the latest?

...I am currently finishing an article that I have been asked to write for a Los Angeles gay-themed magazine called Frontiers. (They have hired me to write a "fashion and style" column). I will also be in San Francisco on June 20th to present a special award at the SF GLAAD Gala, which I am very honored to do. I am also prepping for next month's Learning Annex shows that I am doing by myself in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco--I asked the organizers if they wanted me to join Andrae and Daniel F. but they insisted I do it ALONE(daunting task--I hope someone shows up, otherwise I will cry!)

I'll keep you updated, of course, on all the other upcoming projects, especially the ones I am taking a part of for the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (I will be a "special guest" at the Graduation Ceremony on June 17th plus a "Three Day Fashion Bootcamp the week after) as well as a possible "Trunk Show" with the lovely Emmett and Chloe in the East Coast.

All my best to you, Scarlett and T-bone!

WOW! Nick sure is busy. Be sure to check out his totally awesome and always-updated blog for even more Nick News!


The Scarlett said...

Okay, Nick is making me swoon. And, I'm jealous of the folks that can take the classes out on the Left Coast.

praddicted said...

I know-he is so cute. I'm hoping he does do the Trunk show with Emmett and Chloe in NYC-I'll be there!!

Tbone said...

An East Coast trunk show with Emmett and Chloe? Count me in!