Wednesday, June 14, 2006

With 4 Weeks to Go Until Season 3 ...

...we knew you would appreciate a reminder of things to do today.

So, shop BPR to support our Parsons Scholarhip and to insure your things arrive prior to the premiere.

Watch Andrae today at 11:00 am PST (2:00 PM EST).

Call Andrae at (323) 603-6312 between 11:00 am and noon PST (2:00 - 3:00 PM EST).

Enter our contest by Midnight, Eastern tonight.

Plan your Project Runway party: tell us the details!

...oh, and I nearly forgot, watch cricket.


Jan the Dan Fan said...

Cricket, huh?
My household is too engrossed with the World Cup to allow for another sport to be shown on TV.

LauraK said...

I wonder who won the Tim Gunn Cricket Match.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Not sure about the Tim Gunn match, but England won this week's game and is onto the next round of the World Cup!
We're currently a very happy soccer family.

The Scarlett said...

Yeah, I keep wondering who won, too. And I'd like to see pictures of the Tim Gunn Cricket Match.