Saturday, December 17, 2005

Only Two Left

I forgot to mention that I did pick up the "Project Runway" magazine at my local Banana Republic on Monday. I didn't see any on display so I asked at the chek-out counter and the salesperson told me that there were only two left.

I was a little disappointed in the publication. It's so thin! There's not too much new information in it either. But there was one feature that I thought was fun. There's a page with quotes from the series and then we are supposed to try to match them up with who said them. Of course, for a die-hard fan like me - they were super-simple.

So for fun - and for your amusement - and because I have GOT to get a life - I thought I'd make up a similar quiz for you!

For instance if I said "It's aesthetically not pleasing...." You'd answer "Nina Garcia." This quote comes from this week's promo. I'm going to start with quotes from the first show "Road to the Runway." These are pretty easy. Ready?

Here we go!

1. "I'm going to do whatever it takes to win."

2. "I like to do stuff with wearable computers."

3. "We are very entranced by you."

4. "I had this aura around me..."

5. "There's a website about my ass..." (note to self: find this!)

6. "I get all nervous, I'm like a spazz...."

7. "Can I hug y'all?"

8. "I have business-plan writers..."

9. "I call this the tornado print."

10. "There's going to be less talk of bliss, that's for sure."

11. "We have to caucus."

12. "Yeah, I got a haircut. I look like Bruce Lee."

13. "It's like, you know, "Smoke gets in your eyes" time..."

14. "I'm actually self-taught."

15. "Who's the mystery person?"

16. "....humbled through humiliation..."

17. "...muslin is unbleached cotton..."

18. "I like this. That'd make your boobs look big."

19. "My whole design thing is like sophisticated funk."

20. "Hours and hours, right?"

21. "I think I still have a little bit of time."

22. "Usually I use a lot of color."

23. "This GLOWING human being...."

24. "....and it has kind of an arty, organic feel..."

25. "How pretty are YOU?"

26. "I loved the way Claudia's hair was doing exactly what it was supposed to do."

27. "Fashion's full of people who kind of bounce in and bounce back."

28. "....this little doily effect in the back...."

29. "I did it in 8 hours."

30. "It doesn't neccessarily TAKE a week."

31. "You could find that dress...I don't know...on the back of a Rit dye box."

32. "I told you, no, I TOLD you...."

33. "There's a plan I know there is and I just gotta have faith and keep on truckin'"

The answers are in the comments. These are in sequence - next time I'll mix them up a little. I know these are too easy - but it's just for fun. Sorry I don't have any prizes!

1 comment:

LauraK said...

1. Zulema
2. Diana
3. Tim (to Diana)
4. Wendy : )
5. Robert
6. Heidi S
7. Heidi S
8. Kara Saun
9. Nick
10. Daniel F
11. Tim
12. Lupe
13. Andrae
14. Marla
15. Zulema
16. Daniel F
17. Nick (ever the teacher)
18. Heidi S
19. Heidi S
20. John (to Zulema)
21. Daniel F (maybe you should have fixed the cups, Daniel.)
22. Lupe (This was supposed to show who you are, Lupe, if you usually use a lot of color, why did you leave this plain?)
23. Andrae
24. Marla
25. Heidi S
26. Kirsten
27. Michael
28. Heidi S
29. John
30. Michael
31. Nina
32. John
33. Heidi - who managed to fit three cliches into one run-on sentence.

How did you do?