Saturday, December 31, 2005

Thanks everyone!

Well, now that I've had a chance to read through my e-mails and comments I want to thank everyone for keeping my blog going. Frankly, I never heard of Brittny Gastineau. After several of you mentioned her, I figured I'd better find out who she is. She must be REALLY IMPORTANT. The next Paris Hilton - WOW. You all are great. : )

I've received e-mails from Nick Verreos and Daniel Franco as well. Daniel was generous enough to send me some photos which I have permission to feature here. Trust me - these gentlemen are very judicious about what they say. No spoilers or even HINTS about what is to come -just kind and encouraging words. The model in the photo with Daniel and Nina is named Liz from New York Models. She's wearing one of Daniel's looks at the premiere party on December 7th. Thanks Daniel!


christopher.john said...

what's nick verreos's email adress if you please?

LauraK said...

Just click on his website (link on the right) and then "enter" and then click on "contact." I think it's That's the one I used.