Thursday, December 15, 2005

Another Great Episode!

I love this show! Nick is completely likeable. He is really sweet and talented. I'm sticking with my original choices of Nick, Santino and Chloe for the final three. These early standouts are just so far above the rest of the pack - I don't think any of the others have the combination of skills, talent and personality to make it to the end. Of course...anything is possible...

I loved Nick's dress. One thing that is certain in this season of the show is that the winners - so far - have been pretty obvious. Even in the previews, when I saw Nick's dress, I was like - "Show me more of THAT dress, please!"

Daniel Franco is looking like a one-trick-pony. His stuff is so dark - Dan listen to me - I'll tell you one more time - BRIGHTEN UP! This is Barbie! The bright stuff looks much better on tv anyway.

Does it bother anyone else when Heidi says to the models, "Models, this is also a competition for you as well." Isn't that redundant? Poor grammar? Yet, she says it every week like it's her latest trademarked phrase. "Models, this is also a competition for you" or "Models, this is a competition for you as well" would be better, right?

Speaking of models - Daniel Franco has probably the best model ever. She was holding on to those open waistband seams with beauty and poise and I'm sure that the judges never knew - phew!

Okay - I have a busy day - I'll post more tonight!


Joanne said...

Maybe Heidi is reduntant because English is her second language? And, also, she speaks German? Ha!

tonedef said...

i ADORED nick. he's really loveable. his design was beautiful, too. halfway through, you could tell he was going to win, because tim was so extremely positive about his design. "are you comfortable with your design? you should be very happy with it."

i guessed nick on the fashion faceoff, so that's kewl. i thought daniel v would be going home. his stuff is so freakin' boring.

reall cute episode, i'll miss raymundo, just because he said "well, i AM really gay." that was classy. his other stuff was good, but today was pretty inexcusable.

Marsha said...

I'm glad Nick won. Santino is a brilliant designer (at least so far), but his attitude is starting to wear on me. Poor Raymundo -- his design had some interesting features, but it was so NOT Barbie-esque. Kara's design was embarassing -- very pre-teen trendy, but no style or imagination. ** I'm totally sucked in now! :D

ABC said...

Santino's behaviour was completely unacceptable. He made a beautiful dress that everyone appreciated, but because he didn't win he sulked in the corner and couldn't even congratulate the real winner.

Had Santino won, I am sure Nick would have jumped up and down for him.

Anonymous said...

I guarantee we will have to look at Santino's sour puss until the bitter end. Will it be worthwhile just to see him lose? We'll see. Lucky for Andrae that Raymundo's design was pretty bad. Andrae's skirt reminded me of one of those seed pods you find in a dried flower arrangement. Someone on thought it looked like it needed lancing. :-)

I was so annoyed when Marla couldn't figure out how to rethread the serger needle. What's up with designers who can't even operate the equipment? Hmm, she can't drape, she can't sew - what can she do? She must be on the show for her entertainment value alone. Why, oh why, is it always the middle-aged women who have to look like complete dorks? You girls are letting down the side!

So far I'm enjoying the expressions on the judges' faces even more than the runway show itself. :-)

Anonymous said...

I loved Nick's design too -- but I was confused that none of the designers used anything sparkly or glittery in their designs. It just might be my little Diva, but anything pink and shiny instantly grabs her attention.

Speaking of attention, I think Santino is an attention whore, and if he can't get it by winning, he'll get it by pouting.