Tuesday, May 30, 2006

More from our International Readers

(Click on the image for a larger view.)
Thanks, Kestrel!In addition to the countries mentioned here I have noted readers from Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Norway, Macao, Barbados, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Argentina as well. Project Runway is truly international!

Best of all, we are hearing from more of these "International BeePeRs." First, Kestrel from Singapore sent us this article about Jay McCarroll. Season Two is just starting there. Also, Yuki from Japan sends us this scan of a newspaper article featuring interviews with Daniel Vosovic and Tim Gunn. I asked Daniel if he knew about this and he was like "Thanks for the headsup Laura, but yes I was aware - I had to do the interview!" Oh...yeah...


Tom said...

I can make no promises but I will do my best to translate it. Translating it will not be the problem; finding the time to do it will. I will try to get it done within the next 48 hours.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Wow, thanks Tom!
You're one dedicated BPR member!
Good luck in your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Not only in those countries, in Taiwan, there is also have many people are like this program. =)