Friday, January 27, 2006

Be sure to visit the Bravo site!

Be sure to visit the Bravo site for some recently-added features. First, Tim is finally answering the questions that we have been submitting. Second, Andy's blog has a very interesting interview with Chloe.


LauraK said...

Yes, dear readers, I did point out to Andy his incorrect usage of "complement" in a previous post. He called it a "typo." Hee hee....sorry Andy!

Tbone said...

Wow - great interview with Chloe. Everyone needs to read this. My favorite: "I'm not gonna compromise my integrity to win this thing". And her comments about the editing should put an end to that debate.

Love how she dishes on Santino and Anne Slowey. So spot on. Chloe has been my favorite from Day 1 and this interview just nails it for me. I so hope she's going to Fashion Week!

Anonymous said...

I love the interview. Thanks for linking that. So dead on. No wonder Nick said he doesn't want to see Santino ever again. And Anne Slowey...her desperate attempt to be the villain on the show doesn't work. Her comments make no sense.

Anonymous said...

Many interesting comments from Chloe! But I'm confused. Chloe says, "Zulema put [her model] in some outfits that weren't fair - like exposing her butt and gluing sequins on her." Where did I miss the gluing on of sequins? At first I thought it must have been in the ice skating challenge, but later in the piece Chloe says, "Zulema exceeded the challenge. It was so well done. She wove sequins into that dress it was amazing." Anybody?