Sunday, January 29, 2006

More Daniel Love

I have a son named Dan - and he hates to be called "Danny." So I wondered about Daniel Vosovic. Does he also prefer Daniel? And, I had to satisfy Jan's curiosity about the tattoo. Here is Daniel's response:

To address your questions regarding what I'd preferred to be called, I'd have to say "Daniel". For some unknown reason Heidi opted to call me "Dan" and "Danny" in the last episode and I think it kind of opened the doors for the variations, but unless you're one of two women in my life (my sister and/or my old HS friend) "Danny" will you usually never merit a response from me!

Oh, and the tattoo(s)... well, the arm one is a tribal design I created I think when I was...18 give or take? I must admit that it was a bit of a gut reaction to retiring from gymnastics; After 12 long years of very tight, restrictive competition, always looking presentable and professional I think I wanted to do it simply for the fact that I could! You can see the transformation take place: crew-cut to shag, baby-faced to tattoos, and the ability to eat pizza and other junk food without worrying about a diet! I have a design in the works actually to take it down to a half sleeve, incorporating a family crest and a needle and thread into one harmonious design - but for something that's permanently on your body you better love it! I also have another one on my back that I share with my older sister - we're extremely close and it very much represents our love for one another.

Lastly (wow this is becoming long, I apologize), the reason I don't have a website up and running is simply the fact that I haven't yet compiled all the ingredients! I just graduated in June and with side projects/photo shoots/lack of money - c'mon I have student loans - everything must wait it's turn but rest assured that it is very much in the works and will be nothing short of gorgeous when it's finished!

I hope, for the moment, this satisfies the seemingly unquenchable thirst for personal information, though I offer myself up not only graciously, but willingly. Thank you for the overwhelming support and for this opportunity Laura.

Sincerely yours,
Daniel xx


LauraK said...

Wow, Daniel is exceedingly eloquent and gracious! What a guy!

Anonymous said...

Daniel it is!!!

Anonymous said...

What a nice, classy guy!

I really love the part about being so close with his sister. Maybe it's because I have a sister that I'm extremely close to, but that part really stood out to me.

I wish him the best of luck in everything that he takes on (although with his talent he doesn't really need any luck!)

Jan the Dan Fan said...


I can't stand it! I love him more and more. He's the best!

Laura--I can reccomend him an incredible tattoo artist in NYC that did my brother's sleave that just happens to be our family crest along with some celtic designs.

I also have a shared tattoo with my cousin/best friend. it's so special to share permanent artwork with someone.

All these Daniel connections!!!

AJ said...

Dude, that tatoo sounds like it'll be really gorgeous!

I love that he mentions student loans...I'm so feeling that pain right now!

On top of being adorable, I just feel like Daniel V has really proved himself in this competition. I love everything about fashion and design, and watching a reality show (well done) about it is fabulous! Seeing raw talent on screen like this season has brought us makes it even better;)

And thanks to Laura, we have connections to our favorite contestants and a wonderful place to share ideas and opinions!

Anonymous said...

He does seems like a genuinely cool guy. Well spoken, down to earth, and real... Plus, he's a versatile and creative designer. Daniel, I'm impressed.

Marley Gibson said...

Thanks so much for sharing the e-mails with us, Laura! Daniel V. is a great person and it's wonderful to get to know more about him. Thanks for all of your hard work to keep us informed.

= )

memee said...

He seems so sincere... I think he just won himselves a few more devotees.

What does he mean by "side projects," I wonder? Aside from...

Bie said...

But.. he introduced himself as Dan Vosovic (rewind to episode 1). Ah well.. :)

Anonymous said...


I can dream, can't I?

Anonymous said...

ooh he;s definetely goign to fashion week

PhillyKat said...

aw how sweet. hmm sounds busy. maybee... designing a collection busy?

Bonnie said...

Thanks for asking him about the tattoo -- I've been dying to know what it was... ;-)