Monday, January 23, 2006

Speculation Time

Who will win this week? Who will lose? Let's review what we know for sure: First, the title is "Inspiration." TV Guide says "the remaining designers try to find inspiration from their surroundings." That doesn't help much. And it doesn't seem grammatically correct. But what do I know? I start sentences with "and."

Anyway - We also know that this is the episode where Zulema asks for her "walk-off." It looks like the walk-off is between Shannon, Danyelle and Tarah. But who will she choose? Or will she keep Rachael?

We also know that Jay McCarroll with be a guest judge. He says something like "That's a big talk...the talk doesn't match the dress." Who is he talking to? We also hear a Zulema on the runway saying "What Tim says you have to listen....." and Nina interrupts with "Tim did not make this dress."

Also, on the runway I definitely see the arm of the model with the tattoo on her arm next to Kara. Who is this model? Eden? Eden is Kara's usual model. I'm not saying that they stay together for sure, but Eden is definitely still in and is standing next to Kara. It looks like she is wearing something white. Another model appears to be wearing a white halter.

So, who do you pick to win this week? Who will be out? and Why?


Anonymous said...

This week's speculation is truly that - SPECULATION. No tidy screen cap available with a missing designer to help us along.

I've been focusing on the previews and this is what I've got so far. Left on the runway for judging are Zulema, Kara, Nick, maybe Andrae and maybe Santino. I say maybe on the last two because Bravo has shown at least two different edits of the preview, and it's hard to say if the shots of Andrae and Santino are in front of the judges or not.

We do not see Chloe or DV at all on the runway. I am going to assume that both are safe this week, probably middle of the pack finishers.

Anonymous said...

Now, I am really going to stretch things. I'm guessing from the edited previews that Nick, Andrae, Zulema and Kara will be the ones left out for torture. I know this goes against logic since Santino has been left out every week and makes good TV. But he also states in the preview that he was going to try not to go "over the top" this week. The preview edit with him in it looks fishy to me, though. I think he is a safe middle of the pack finisher with Chloe and DV.

Anonymous said...

That leaves us with Kara, Zu, Nick and Andrae. Based solely on their design work up to this point, and the judges preferences, I am predicting NICK as the winner of the challenge, and KARA as auf.

Kara is the weakest, IMO, of those remaining and her time has come. I reserve the right to change this forecast if a new preview pops up this week, though! I think arguments could be made for Zu and Andrae as well.

Okay everyone, have at me!

LauraK said...

I'm picking Nick to win too. Wishful thinking. I'm between Zulema and Kara for "auf." It would be poetic justice for Zulema to lose. But since we see her arguing with Nina, we know that the producers are messing with us and she will be safe. Maybe.

AJ said...

I definitely picked Kara to be aufed.

Now I'm sort of middle of the road on a winner. I have to check my picks on the website, but I think I originally picked Chloe...okay j/k, I did pick Nick.

Now I'm sort of wondering if I shouldn't throw it over to Andrae for a win. If Nick wins, then he can steal back Tarah (assuming Zu takes her). But Andrae has been making some really nice pieces lately and hasn't won anything on his own. Nick has won twice? Or only once? I know he won the Barbie I making the other win up??

I'm thinking also that if Tarah is taken, then Nick will work extra hard to get her back!

Katey said...

Well, I'm going with one safe prediction, which is that Nick's model gets stolen. The current preview isn't all that obvious, because we get both Nick's exasperated look and Andrae's bug-eyes, but we all remember that first preview with this same walk-off and Nick's response, "I can't believe this bitch did this." Given the intelligence level of the previews so far, it seems like they might put it past us to put two and two together.

As for who's the winner and who's out... it seems like, as always, anyone could be the winner, but I always hope for the usuals of Chloe and Nick. They're my two solid picks for Fashion Week. I would like to see Kara out this week, because she is obviously the weakest, and if we think she's out there for judging then that makes it a fair guess.

So, my picks. Winner: Nick (just out of loyalty). Out: Kara.

Anonymous said...

My predictions:

Zulema takes Nick's model, Tarah. Nick takes Shannon, everyone else sticks with their models. Zulema promptly loses the challenge and is eliminated. I'm going out on a limb and picking Andrae for the win this week. Next week, Andrae sticks with Daynelle for his model and Nick's muse, Tarah, is sent home. Nick then cries for the camera.

AJ said...

anonymous...that would be awful...feasible...but awful :(

Anonymous said...

Based upon how outrageous and unreal some of the challenges have been, I predict the designers will create day to evening ski wear for a family of one-legged midgets.

Anonymous said...

Here is something they could throw at us:

Zulema doesn't chose Danyelle, Tarah or umm..Emmett's model. And choses one of the other models instead.

This is unlikely, but it could be something that occurs.

Or she could stay with her model, liking her model's walk better.

You never know.

The editors could be doing this to mess with our heads!!

and what is with Santino actually saying he wants to do something safe!! wooooah!

....and on another note, Daniel was so damn cute with his "It's a M*ther F*cking walk off." Hee.

Anonymous said...

Question for the group: is there a chance for one more double elimination episode? PR2 designers show on Feb.10 at Fashion Week, but if they eliminated 1 designer each week between now and then, there would still be 4 left after the Feb. 8 episode.

Since we will know the Final 3 on Feb. 10, shouldn't there be only 3 remaining after the Feb. 8 episode - or am I missing something?

LauraK said...

Remember, they actually had four designers show at fashion week last year. Austin made a "decoy" collection.

Jenks said...

I really don't see the problem with Zulema asking for a walk-off. Would you not want to be sure the model you select has the walk you're looking for?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to go with Andrae for the out. I think Jay's comment will be directed at him--it reminds me an awful lot of Andrae's behavior during the Clothes Off Your Back challenge (a spectacularly over-the-top monologue with a subpar outfit, at least according to Tim's podcast). However, they do have a habit of focusing on a decoy, as someone else pointed out, so it could be that Andrae will get called out by Jay and someone else will leave, and if that's the case, I'd pick Kara.

I -wish- it were Zulema, but I think with her win last week, plus Tim's focus on how he just started getting to know her during this challenge in his podcast, suggests to me that she'll be around for another episode or two, although I'd be surprised if she made the top three. Evadne.

Moi ;) said...

I think Kara will go. Just becuzzzzzzz..... Yeah, I've been waiting for this. I don't know why but I just don't like her designs, I think it started with the Barbie. And you know Jay won't be into her stuff.

As for the winner - wouldn't it be neat to see Andrae win one? He's done such nice work the last two epis.

Anonymous said...

I'll be happy as long as Daniel makes it through to another episode so I may enjoy watching him work some more.

I think it will be Kara or Zulema OUT this week.

Moi ;) said...

aj - I just saw what you said about Andrae the last couple of weeks, too, lol. :D Great minds!

If Santino wants to play it safe, I would think that the week where Jay is a judge would be the wrong week to do

LauraK said...

So Andre or Nick to win and Kara or Zulema to be out. That helps. Hmmmm.... unless someone really convinces me otherwise, I'm going with Nick and Kara.

Anonymous said...

well, I am hoping that if Z steals Tarah that Nick wins so he can get her back. I would be sick if Tarah was stolen only to be out with Z, because I dont see any way that Z makes it to the final 3.. She isnt consistent and frankly I thought her win was a little odd this last week too, and rather a fluke. But then I wasnt that bowled over by anyones outfit this week. I rather liked the way they chose the models last year, allowing the good models to make it to the end. I see why Z would want to choose someone else, rachel has such deep set eyes that she always looks a bit hard edged on camera.

prediction, Nick wins and Z is out. I think Kara has been more consistent than Z.

Anonymous said...

Based solely on the facial expressions of the designers shown in the preview, I am convinced that Zulema will lose and Andrae will win the "Inspiration" challenge.

fashionasart said...

MANY intriging ideas being posted here--and, alternately of course, I seem to agree with them all.
(It's great to have Chloe and Santino out of the equation for once, "clouding the waters".)

Tend to favor Nick or Andrae to win: Zu or Kara to lose. I'll pick Andrae for top honors--it's his turn, isn't it?!!

For the loser we'll just have to wait and see. Will the flaw that will auf them this time be lack of inspiration, muddy design or sloppy execution? I think Kara will underwhelm and Zu will confuse/infuriate. It's anyone's call though.

Who among these four would be most likely to beecome involved in an animated debate or defense of their design with Jay? Not Nick, probably not Kara. My choice: Zuleema or Andrae, especially if they thought they could be out.

Andrae's riff would be quasihysterical and possibly forgiven on that account: in other words, it would fall into the meltdown or emotional implosion
category, rather than a personal ATTACK against any of the judges (Jay?), and he might get a pass.
Zuleema, on the other hand, would have her claws out, and definitely be in "full frontal attack mode", which could alienate one of the judges (Nina?)
There's a subtle divide here between strongly defending your design/vision and letting people wipe their feet all over you. It
haunts us in all areas of our lives,
and never more than when we are confronted by someone who has some power or authority over us.
Santino, God bless him, among others is still finetuning this delicate maneuver.

Of course, all this falls even beyond SPECULATION. It's pop psychology (I have a PhD in this) and should not really play any part in the final decision. But, fortunately or unfortunately, the judges are not automatons; they do not leave their humanity, together with its whole armory of quirks, biases and eccentricities behind when theey enter the


AJ said...

Ack! Now I'm torn! Nick and Andrae have both won one challenge so far...although technically Andrae has won two including lingerie, but neither have been on his own...

I still have Nick as the winner under the theory that Tarah is stolen by Zu and he works his tootie (HA!) off to her back...

I'm wondering if I shouldn't switch to Andrae...

And on another note, I'm curious what everyone thinks the CHALLENGE will be. We know several things...Jay is a guest jusdge, the show is about inspiration and Santino appears to making something similar to (maybe INSPIRED by...) Austin's Grammy dress.

Someone had mentioned in another post that they might have to be remaking a garment (hrmmm...where's Marla when you need her). I'm thinking that with all the clues above that the designers are remaking garments from last season's least maybe...

What does everyone else think?

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping Jay's talking to Santino, trying to knock that chip off his shoulder, which I think is more from self-doubt than arrogance or being overly confident. I fear Santino will end up like Austin did. They keep him around because he's so talented, but when it counts, he's out. Zulema is just messing with people's minds. Who said that they wanted their model till the end? Santino? I bet she picks a model just to get a jab in at someone more talented than her, like, uh, everybody else. Almost. I think Kara's going home. i think andrae's gonna last it out longer. he could pull out a surprise when he needs to, like Wendy did.

Anonymous said...

After reading numerous articles and all these comments tonight, I see Zulema losing this week with Andrae as a surprised winner. Maybe it's the late hour, but I see the final five as Santino, Nick, Daniel, Andrae & Chloe. Santino goes, then our hearts will be broken as Nick becomes the designated decoy but his fake show wins him much admiration and a strong client base for his new line leaving us all to wonder at the end, as Chloe walks off with the prize, who is the real winner after all?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Don! I hereby nominate you as Medical Director of the BPR insane asylum. Any treatment recommendations you can provide for us PR2 addicts would be most appreciated.

fashionasart said...


ROTF, literally. If you were here you'd see all the dustballs accessorizing my sweats. (Maybe Santino snuck in while I was dozing and did his wicketywhack with me. lol)

Don, MD (hon.)

AJ said...

The Santino Effect is taking over!