Saturday, January 28, 2006

Did You Know?

There is a new feature on the Bravo site where we can ask the designers a question. Presumably, they will present these during the reunion episode. Let's send in some interesting questions!

Meanwhile, here's something fun from Scarlett: Copy and paste!


AJ said...

Okay, you know the first thing that popped into my mind?

Did any romance happen in 35D??


Also, on a more serious note...

Will you be able to relate these challenge into your lives outisde of BPR?

Jan the Dan Fan said...

I want to know about Daniel's tattoo, and if he has any others to show us besides the arm band.

fashionasart said...

What was the most challenging challenge?
What was the most stupid challenge?
If they were able to change ONE THING about the PR format, what would it be, and why?
What are their gut feelings about guest judges?
What are their feelings about immunity, and team challenges?
What was the most fun challenge, experience relationship, etc?
Do they think that anyone was unfairly eliminated, and who?
Any "words of wisdom" for designers planning to audition for PR3?
Did anything "tootie (as in...) fruity" happen at the Atlas during their residency/imprisonment there?
Did they have any free time at all (to take a walk, have a drink, see a movie, visit with friends) or were they "under surveillance", so to speak, all the time?
What committments did they have to make to the producers (read that contract), regarding secrecy, behavior, etc?

And about a hundred other questions!!!! I'm a very curious guy!!!


Anonymous said...

Here's another....

"Where the H*LL is my chiffon?!"