Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Thank you, S. R.

Dear Laura,

Spent way too much time trying to compose a well-written appreciation of your blog after you posted AMG's thoughtful comments. Also didn't want to interrupt or post on an incorrect thread. So let me just say **thanks** and cut to the chase:

(1) Daniel Vosovic. I noticed you added the link to Daniel V's Friendster page a few days ago and that Nick's blog now features a photo of the two of them New Year's Eve in NYC. I am hoping you have managed to elicit a comment from quiet DV, as you have from some of the other designers . . . or that DV is too busy working on his final 3 collection to engage in such things. But the other designers seem so electronically available and/or courting attention for their ??? minutes of fame that I doubt we can count on media "shyness" as a clue to who is in the final 3. Fine with me. I would never have predicted Jay to win Season 1, but his underdog victory and vision won me over and made me come back for Season 2.

Laura says: I wish I knew how to contact Daniel V...anyone?...and I do not see his media shyness as any indication of whether he made it to the top three or not. I have sensed that the contestants are very careful not to reveal anything about the outcome of the show - but besides that, they are fairly available and open.

(2) Jay as judge. So glad AMG brought this up. I was thrilled at the conclusion of last week's show to find out he will be back as a judge this week, especially given the so-so designs of the last two episodes and the fact that we (I) know approximately nothing about this week's amorphous "Inspiration" challenge. (I see that you, dear Laura, make appearances on many other PR sites, so I thank you for being our scout and bring back the good stuff.) As much as I have warmed to Nina Garcia and Michael Kors this year (politically incorrect or not, Michael's "bare-foot Applachian Barbie" was dead-on and funny, IMO), Jay's sound-bite that the dress simply doesn't match the talk sounds refreshingly blunt and to the point . . . enough to get Santino's attention? It will be interesting to see.

Laura says: I'd love to see an exchange between Jay and Santino, but I don't think we are going to get it. And Jay better not pick on Chloe!

(3) Jay as Jay. I was stunned when I found out he'd given up the $ and BR "mentorship," but glad in a way. (Is BR a club any PR designer would want to be a part of even if BR would have them?) Not sure if Jay is sticking with his guns, trying to become "more accessible," or if he was simply overwhelmed by last season's win. Talk about a designer's evolution, on or off camera . . . a lot can happen in a year. In any case, I look forward to "Project Jay" but also hope that the rest of Season 2 will not end up paling in comparison. I also see Jay has finally updated his website, and we will be happy to hear any more you can dig up, Laura, as his air date draws near (guess the rumors of that 12-episode "Project Jay" were nothing more, eh?).

Laura says: Project Jay is scheduled for February 22nd - same night as the PR Reunion show - should be a great night!

(4) Santino as . . . ??? As egotistical and abrasive as he has come across in some of the editing, and as repetitive, over-the-top and "not aesthetically pleasing" as some of his designs have been so far, I think the guy has a sense of humor. "Lighten up it's just fashion" and his "it looks like a baboon's ass exploded out of her backside" imitation cracked me up. His website now features a version of "The Last Supper" with this season's cast that I find absolutely hysterical, although it may not be to everyone's taste (PG or not).

Laura says: I love it when Santino sings or does his Timpressions. He's not ALWAYS a jerk : )

(5) Tim. Ah, Tim. I have ultimate (not penultimate) respect for him, and I love his blogs. Designers may come and go, but Tim will always be Tim. Alas, it is a great disappointment of my life that I am unable to get his podcasts on my antiquated system. I would love to know more about what he has to say . . . if you or anyone else would care to pass along anything more than the infamous 90-minute tirade . . .

Laura says: Done! (Thanks to my readers!)



Matthew said...

"Laura says: I love it when Santino sings or does his Timpressions."

I think Santino was doing an impression of Michael Kors.

LauraK said...

The Mickael Kors impression is okay, but the Tim Gunn impression is killer.

Anonymous said...

If you are a Friendster member, you can email Daniel V. through his email link on his profile. He checks his profile pretty regularly -- or at least he did recently -- so it may be worth a shot.

Thoughtful comments, S.R. I am with you on Santino. I think he's a riot.

Matthew said...

"The Mickael Kors impression is okay, but the Tim Gunn impression is killer."

When did Santino do Tim? I must have missed it.

Anonymous said...

The only Tim impression I recall is from one of the online bonus videos for episode 3. It was Santino doing Tim's talk to Kara Saun about the shoe fiasco for the Fashion Week show. I like Santino's options more than Tim's, though.

LauraK said...

Okay, the first one is in the bonus video, then there's one where he says "I'm sh*tting myself" at the end of it. Who remembers where that was? There are more. This is like a game... "Identify the Timpressions...."

Anonymous said...

I think all the bonus videos are great - especially the ones with Santino - I especially like the two for the last episode - where Santino and Andrae sing "Don't let Emmett on the serger" - and the one where Santino is asked if he has seen Nina and he says well he talked to her but says it was in his head and she hated everything - check the videos out