Thursday, January 26, 2006

Early Recaps

First, click above for TotesUmbrellas very insightful recap. Remember Katey is the one who identified Austin's fabric a week ago!

Then, here is aj's promised recap:

And it begins…

Ooooh! I LOVE Nick’s sunglasses! I so want to go shopping with this man.

Anyway, we go almost immediately into the walk off. Rachel is not a happy camper. She looks truly shocked, and who could blame her?

“It’s a mother f**kin’ walk off!” I love that Daniel V. says this complete with his cheerleader hair.

Andrae makes the most priceless facial expressions! Case in point:

This totally counts too:

So Rachel is Nick’s new model…I don’t know that anybody quite expected it to go down like that.

Well now that this drama is over, we move on to the Michael Kors Studio, where our designers find themselves being given yet another package. We open it and…

…cameras. Nice. At least it wasn’t ugly spandex and floofy pink shirts again. Oh, and the lack of a creepy mailman helped too. It’s a scavenger hunt b*tches! Oh, just kidding…it’s inspiration time b*tches.

I still love Nick’s sunglasses.
Fabulous, no?

So I took notes to remind myself what was especially worth noting while I watched last night, and I wrote down here that “Daniel V. is wonderful!” I don’t remember why, but he really is wonderful. Obligatory eye candy to prove my point:

So our designers take pictures of inspiration and Nick is getting sad. Poor Nick.

Hooray! Tim is here! Ooooh…it’s tough love time. And apparently Tim has been listening, saying that the designers have been lackluster. I’d say the challenges have been lackluster, hence the designers becoming lackluster by default, but whatever.

Tim says Chloe needs more depth. I’m thinking he’s inadvertently referring to her tendency toward turquoise…but that’s just me.

Nick is still making me sad. Like seriously.

And now we’re at Mood. DV is picking a stretch tweed fabric. I like it already. We get another shot of Santino’s inspiration picture along with his fabric. Santino’s inspiration & Austin Scarlett’s Grammy Dress. Happy or creepy coincidence? You decide.

So apparently Tim just heard what went down at the “mother f**kin’ walk-off” and he’s clearly put-off by it. A stretched out marshmallow, huh? Could that have anything to do with the fact that Rachel might be a tad pasty? There is nothing wrong with pasty blondes, Tim Gunn! We’re people too…

Okay, I have to say that Daniel V. giving Nick a pep talk is the most adorable thing to happen so far. Hold on, back up! Did DV just call Nick “babe”? If there is any making out involved this season, they had BETTER catch that on tape. Hold on, back up! “I love you”?! I think we all know that there is a battle going on in 35D for Daniel V’s affections and Nick is clearly beating the pack on this…

Well hell, our designers are eating! They aren’t cutting, sewing robots after all. Zulema is being anti-social and “sheisty”. Honey, I know sheisty and you are far passed that.

So, Santino doing his Timpression is by far the funniest thing to happen. Thank god for TiVo because my mom and I rewound it & watched it over twice! I literally thought Tim was talking to Daniel for a hot second until they showed Santino. Tears were in my eyes I was laughing so hard. It’s SPOT ON!

Tim’s revenge: The Santino Effect. Taking over the world faster then Global Warming.

Dang, Daniel V is turning into quite the sailor. Eff this and eff that. I kind of like it.

“For a minute, I wanted to cut her.” Let the ghetto out, Nick!

Daniel V and I will be your cheerleaders!

Tarah is in interview…and is STUNNING! She does NOT want to be with Zu now. Rachel is excited to be teamed with Nick. Hold on, back up! Uncle Nick is back! There is so much model love for him.

Onto the runway…

Andrae’s dress is first. And it’s gorgeous! I love it. It seriously looks like his picture but so much more beautiful then anything I could have imagined it turning out like.

Kara- seriously boring. It’s like “Caution, I have an STD.” That would be the only good reason I see to wear Caution Tape around your midsection.

Santino- Not his best and compared to Austin’s…not too good at all. At least he toned down the Santino Effect.

Daniel V- She looks like a flower! That would be the point, no? It’s wonderful!

Chloe- Not her best either. And it reminds me of Jay’s Chrysler Building dress, but not as good. Sorry folks…

Nick- Hello! Go Rachel! The top is gorgeous too. The detailing is stunning.

Zu- Blah, boring and uninspired. Poor Tarah :(

Okay, can we talk about the fact that any time they show a shot of Grace and Chloe next to each other I die a little inside from laughter? Hilarious!

Okay, Andrae is SO the dark horse of this competition. He could make final three so easy right now.

Everyone agrees that Zu and Kara were both uninspired but since Zu’s was ugly and unfinished, she’s dunzo. Peace out!

“I’m a full Dan Fan.”- Michael Kors. Like I said before. I want to start a teeny-bopper fan club, cuz hell, I’m a Full Dan Fan too!

Next week we have Flower Power, Tarah almost surely getting screwed out of this competition and Tim Gunn catches Santino doing a Timpression (thank goodness for a good sense of humor).


Tbone said...

Great job aj! Grace and Chloe truly are the odd couple...

Anonymous said...

designers get it together.

andrae is the love of my life..alright designers...

come out come out where ever you are andrae..andrae i know your in here. just come out and let me untie you..
-santino as tim gunn