Wednesday, January 25, 2006

More Mail!

You all know I have a soft spot for students...and teachers... Anyway, here's a note from a young man named Josh:

Hello Laura. My name is Josh Wilson. I adore your blog of
my favorite show, of course Project Runway. I am also from Arizona,
Chandler actually which is probably like 10 minutes from Scottsdale.
Anyhow I am wanting to be in the fashion industry.........Also I
was wondering if you by any chance knew what sunglasses Zulema wears on
the show it reminds me of Roberto Cavalli but I don't know. I think I've
seen Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas wearing something very similar. I wanted
to know if you knew of the designer or of sunglasses similar to hers.
Thanks a lot. Hope to be reading more of your blog!

So, I went to the source (as I always do) and asked Zulema about the sunglasses. Here is her response!

All of my sunglasses are vintage and I never pay more than $2 for any pair of glasses. I shop at vintage stores in the
outer boroughs of New York.



AJ said...

Does Zu have names for these stores?! Me wants!!!!

AJ said...

ps- Since I have an affinity for large sunglasses as well, I thought I'd share my sources in case Josh is interested...

Firsty is Torrid, which is a plus size store, but they have fabulous designer knockoff sunglasses and the price is right $10-12!

Also has some decent ones :)

ABC said...

Bravo to Zulema for not paying hundreds of dollars for designer sunglasses!

I always thought the high cost of something you usually leave in a bathroom or restaurant was ridiculous.